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  • A Walk Through A Vanishing Eden

    Our rented kitong-kitong bounced and shook violently as it negotiated the rough road that sliced through the forest, with the driver having this unnerving habit of not slowing down even on steep bends and abrupt dips punctuated by streams. The kitong-kitong, a refurbished tricycle with an open-top sidecar, is used to transport goods but is rather uncomfortable for passenger use, and the removable wooden seat on the sidecar gives little comfort to the passenger when the vehicle is traveling over rough roads- particularly if the same vehicle is being driven by a manic driver who seemed to care l ...

  • Road Improvement Helps Spur Economic Development In IP Communities

    Residents here used to travel for more than an hour on rough road going up and down, traversing river boulders overlooking deep ravines and cliffs.

    During rainy season, they have difficulty going out to buy necessities in the neighboring town's commercial center as passing through the rugged terrain may cause disaster in the landslide-prone road.

    A number of hanging bridges abound in the area not for adventure but for necessity. They are most important when the Bolo river swells during prolonged rainy weather.

    In early 2014, the Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Department of Public ...

  • FPE Selects Kalbario Patapat Natural Park as Site Focused Area Consults Stakeholders

    FPE Selects Kalbario Patapat Natural Park as Site Focused Area Consults Stakeholders

    The Foundation for the Philippine Environment (FPE) Luzon Regional Unit (LRU) gathered stakeholders of the Kalbario ??" Patapat Natural Park (KPNP) in a joint meeting, as it declared its support for KPNP as one of FPE's site-focused areas last June 22, 2016 in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte.

    FPE's site-focused area support to KPNP involves formulating its Conservation Management Plan (CMP), and building formal partnerships with stakeholders to support the conservation initiatives of the plan. FPE will also engage and support peoples organizations and indigenous peoples organizations (POs/IPOs) in ...

  • Chinese Sparrowhawk Kettle April 19 2015 Pagudpud Ilocos Norte

    The direction of flight for the Chinese Sparrowhawks is invariably Northwest . The Chinese Sparrowhawks come from the southeast, south and the southwest of the Patapat.

    Great flocks were also observed coming from the Kalbario Mountains east of the watch heading towards Pico de Loro.

    This video belongs to Alex Tiongco and Marts Cervero of the WBCP Raptor Watch Group

  • Greyfaced Buzzard Kettle Thermaling

    For the northeast flyers, Grey-faced Buzzards were seen coming from behind the Patapat Mountains mostly from the southwest flying northeast.

    Spring Migration 2015This video belongs to Alex Tiongco and Tere Cervero of the WBCP Raptor Watch Group.

  • Adams Ilocos Norte

    Adams Ilocos Norte

    Not everybody deserves a second chance. But Adams does. Definitely, positively, Adams does.

    Rarely do I go back to the same place twice. But there is something so naturally enchanting and poetic about this place, that I promised myself I will return, given the chance. And I did, in less than a week. Adams is simply that irresistible.

    But let me begin this story with my first solo adventure to Adams. It took me almost four years-worth of courage to finally visit the secret paradise of the North, only armed with excitement, my gadgets, and good stories I heard first-hand from friends about ...