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  • Uttuh Falls My Kind Of Rainbow After The Rain

    Uttuh Falls My Kind Of Rainbow After The Rain

    Natagpuan ko na ang falls ng mga uto-uto sa pag-ibig: Uttuh Falls.

    I was tired from the climb and all the mishaps I encountered. My guide asked me if I still wanted to visit the falls nearby. At first, I was like, no, I'm dead tired already and wanted to go home(Manila), I think it is pretty normal thinking after you got lost in a mountain with just a guide with you, well, at least, I'm not alone. But you guys seeing this post means I continue my way to the falls.

    I've mentioned on my first post and my arrival in Ifugao that they have activity during Easter Sunday. Yeah, my unforgettable ...

  • First Solo Hike In Mount Kapugan

    First Solo Hike In Mount Kapugan

    I am thrilled for this climb because it will serve as my first solo hike and my first hike in the north. The night before my hike gave me so much mishaps and I hope nothing worst will happened on my climb.

    We were supposed to meet by 5:30 am at Barangay Ambabag but there are so much dogs that blocks my way, I know, this is too funny because I end up meeting her by 6 am. That's the time I get to cross those dogs. HAHA!

    Moving on, we stop by this house because my guide will borrow a bolo to be use to cut some grass for the trail. But it seems that there are no people there so we end up emp ...

  • Open Air Museum In Ifugao Presents Culture And Sustains Native Rice Planting

    Open Air Museum In Ifugao Presents Culture And Sustains Native Rice Planting

    There is an Open Air Museum here which presents a landscape of Ifugao culture to visitors, as well as provides a venue to sustain the traditional rice growing culture of the locals.

    Opened in 2014, the Open Air Museum at the Nagacadan Rice Terraces has attracted more than the usual number of tourists in this part of the Cordillera Region, making tourism a major source of the town's income, next to agriculture.

    The Nagacadan Rice Terraces is the fifth World Heritage Site in the Cordillera Region, declared by the UNESCO in 1995 as an outstanding example of living cultural landscapes.

    Th ...

  • IFUGAO Kiangan Nagacadan Rice Terraces

    IFUGAO Kiangan Nagacadan Rice Terraces

    It was our last day in Ifugao and I'm having a major hang-over. The night before was a whirlwind of hotel rooms, jumping over the next one as soon as the booze and stories ran out. After the nth room, my vision swirled, I lied down on someone's bed and promptly passed out.

    I awoke in my own room with only a few minutes left to pack up, take a bath, rush up, have breakfast and run to our bus. I didn't make it, the bus left without us. Luckily only to town, they'd be back again for the long haul to Ifugao's oldest town, Kiangan.

    I slept most of the way over, opening my eyes only as our bus ...

  • Kiangan Ifugao Where The Mountains And The Clouds Collide

    Kiangan Ifugao Where The Mountains And The Clouds Collide

    It is a foggy morning and we are here standing on top of a historic edifice watching the jaw-dropping scenery of Kiangan. The clouds rendezvous with the jungle-clad mountains and emerald green rice fields below.

    Apparently, the building where we are now ??" which crowns the town center ??" akin to an Ifugao house is also historic. It is called Kiangan Shrine which also earned the moniker "Yamashita Shrine", because the place was where the Commander of the Japanese Imperil Army surrendered back in 1945. Fronting it is an Ifugao Museum draped by intricate Ifugao carvings. A noticeable artwork ...

  • Ifugao Kiangan Travel Guide

    Ifugao Kiangan Travel Guide

    Unraveling Kiangan is like unveiling culture and history. This unassuming town though largely overshadowed by its more famous neighbors Banaue and Batad in the past has carved out its own identity recently. Unknown to most tourists, Kiangan is the oldest town in Ifugao and is supposedly the birthplace of Ifugao culture. The name itself speaks volume about ancient beliefs here, rooted in the word "Kiyyangan" which is believed to be the dwelling of Wigan and Bugan, legendary ancestors in Ifugao folklore.

    How to get to Kiangan, Ifugao

    Manila to Kiangan, Ifugao
    Ohayami Bus in Sampaloc, Mani ...