Imbayah Festival

Banaue, Ifugao

Imbayah Festival is part of the Ifugaos' cultural pride. Celebrated every 3 years in Banaue, Ifugao, since 1979, it is based on an old ritual celebrating the ascendancy of a commoner and his family to the ranks of Kadangyans or the Banaue elite. The word imbayah itself comes from the Ifugao word bayah, or rice wine, which signifies nobility and high stature in the community.

Imbayah Festival News

  • Celebrating Ifugao Culture

    Celebrating Ifugao Culture

    "Imbayah" was once a lavish rite of passage in this home of the world-renowned rice terraces. It used to mark the elevation of a commoner and his family to the "kadangyan" (nobility).

    But in December 1979, Imbayah referred to a celebration by the Ifugao of their culture and how they fought to preserve a lifestyle slowly being overshadowed by modern ways.

    Coming from the root word "baya" (rice wine), Imbayah of the olden days was a feast for the gods, always overflowing with wine aged in heritage jars, and filled with the chanting of the "hudhud" (epic), while community members danced


  • Banaue Celebrates Imbayah Festival

    Banaue Celebrates Imbayah Festival

    Banaue celebrates Imbayah Festival on Friday, April 27, with a cultural parade participated by 12 barangays clustered in five units garbed in their native attire.

    On Friday, 12 participating barangays garbed in their native paraded along the town's main thoroughfare while performing indigenous dance.

    This weekend, community parade will be held with presentation of native dances, "munpaot" (woodcarving) competition, wooden scooter race and Imbayah sewing competition.

    Imbayah refers to a noble people feast and considered as one of the biggest cultural celebration of Banaue in Ifugao.


  • 2 Foreigners Pledge Love For Ifugao

    2 Foreigners Pledge Love For Ifugao

    Two foreign tourists garbed in Ifugao native attire joined the local tribes in the Ethnic Parade celebration of the Imbayah Festival in this town, home of UNESCO's seventh wonder of the world ??" Banaue Rice Terraces.

    Barry Taylor, 50, of Texas, USA, has been visiting the province for over five years, coming back to document and interview locals on age old tradition "We have to document this before it disappears. In a few years, all this will be gone."

    Taylor is married to Solly Tamayo, from Barangay Bangaan, Banaue, site of one of the many rice terraces recognized by UNESCO in this prov ...

  • Ifugao Celebrates Imbayah Festival

    Ifugao Celebrates Imbayah Festival

    Locals paraded the streets as the province celebrates Imbayah festival.

    Four contingents grouped together comprised of merged villages here participated in a short parade in celebration of the Imbayah Festival.

    Contingents were composed of barangays Poblacion and Bocos in the first cluster, Cluster 2 saw the merging of Bangan, Banao, Anaba and Dukligan villages, Cluster 3 comprised of Cambulo, Batad and Kinakin areas while Cluster 4 had San Fernando, Viewpoint, Uhaj and Gohang villages with a theme "An Institution of greatness, a festival of life."

    The three??"day celebration was hig ...

  • More Fun In Banaue Sa Imbayah Festival

    More Fun In Banaue Sa Imbayah Festival

    Bukod sa mga pamosong man-made rice terraces na dinadayo ng mga lokal at dayuhang turista sa Banaue at sa iba pang lugar sa lalawigan ng Ifugao, kinasasabikan din na masaksihan ang masayang selebrasyon ng Imbayah Festival.

    Pinagyayaman ang kultura at tradisyon ng Banauenians sa pamamagitan ng presentasyon sa mga bisita at kasabay ang pagpapasigla ng turismo kaakibat ang masasayang indigenous games.

    Ang Banaue ang gateaway o drop point ng mga foreign tourist na karamihan ay nagmula sa Europian countries, para tunghayan ang Batad at Banga-an Rice Terraces na parehong UNESCO Heritage sites. ...

  • Mga Scooter Na Gawa Sa Pine Wood At Kamagong Tampok Sa Imbayah Festival

    One of the favorite features of Banaue Imbayah Festival is the amazing wooden Scooter race.