Hungduan Rice Terraces

Hungduan, Ifugao

Hungduan Rice Terraces is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a cultural Landscape. Right so, as it is magnificent and just breathtaking ??" literally and figuratively.

Those who have been there swear that all the sweat to get there was all worth it. After all, the terraces look like stairways to heaven and the fog (especially in the afternoon) almost make it a walk in t ...

he clouds experience.

Hungduan Rice Terraces News

  • Batad And Hungduan Rice Terraces

    Batad And Hungduan Rice Terraces

    Believe it or not, I've never been on a date since Valentine's day existed or since I've acknowledged it's existence! LOL! That's why we decided (me, my cousin and friends) to celebrate last year's Valentines day at the Amphitheater-like-stone-walled BATAD RICE TERRACES.It is one of the five clusters of rice terraces in the Ifugao Province that are inscribed in the Unesco World Heritage site list since 1995. A two thousand years old man-made rice terraces is definitely worth trekking.

    I planned for everything a month before our travel date, from our accommodation, bus tickets, itinerary, bu ...

  • Hungduan Rice Terraces And An Ifugao Festival

    Hungduan Rice Terraces And An Ifugao Festival

    Most tourists that venture up to the Ifugao Rice Terraces of North Luzon in the Philippines typically visit the terraces of Banaue, the hub for the area, and Batad, a small village a few kilometers away. However, with a little more effort you can see jawdropping terraces and villages that see comparatively few tourists. If you are lucky, as we were, you might even happen on a local festival. We visited the rice terraces of Hungduan to the northwest of Banaue.

    Where did we go and how did we get there?

    Laura can never get enough rice terraces! Our overnight bus back to Manila was leaving a ...

  • A Trip To Hungduan Ifugao

    Hapao Hungduan Ifugao is about 14 kms away from Banaue. Easily accessible with its concrete road. There you can find different rice terraces landscape.

  • Hungduan eyes tourism boom with community based project

    Hungduan eyes tourism boom with community based project

    This laidback majestic town with its whole rice terraces declared a heritage site of the Ifugao Rice Terraces launched last week a community-based tour package that emphasizes on respect for culture and terraces preservation.

    The project, backed by town officials led by Mayor Hilario Bumangabang got the support of the Department of Tourism and partners from the private sector such as travel and tour operators from Northern Luzon.

    DOT Usec. Maria Victoria Jasmin, who trekked with participants, expressed confidence the project will succeed with the support of the local government units fro ...

  • Batad Hungduan And Banaue Trip last June 2015

    Batad Hungduan And Banaue Trip last June 2015

    Originally, our plan was just to visit Batad and some viewpoints of Banaue Rice Terraces but destiny had other plans for us as we also went to Hungduan. Together with Lai of and Kuya Dane, my brother, it was a perfect vacation with imperfect logistics and imperfect events.

    Two weeks before the trip Kuya Dane was asking me to provide the itinerary and budget for our travel, unfortunately, for the past months I have been too busy to create our budget and itinerary. All I can say that time was the budget was 5,000 Pesos per person and we are leaving on the night of June 11 ...

  • How About a Rice Terraces Mountain Adventure

    How About a Rice Terraces Mountain Adventure

    It's officially summer, with temperatures hitting the mid-30s. Many will most likely be heading to the beaches, as we have some of the best in the world. But how about going to higher ground instead to explore the Cordillera Mountains, site of our world-famous rice terraces.

    Built by hand by our Ifugao ancestors more than 2,000 years ago, the terraces cover the province of Ifugao like a spider web. While terraces can be found in many parts of the world, ours were built on steeper slopes at higher altitudes. The careful carving along the natural contours of hills and mountains to make the st ...