Hapao Rice Terraces

Hungduan, Ifugao

The Hapao Rice Terraces is actually one of the 5 clusters that is inscribed as part of the Rice Terraces of the Cordilleras in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 199.

These 5 clusters are the Rice Terraces located in Batad, Bangaan, Mayoyao, Hungduan and Nagacadan, all of which are located in the Ifugao Province.

Hapao Rice Terraces News

  • Get Lost In Sagada And Banaue

    Get lost in Sagada And Banaue.

    1, Pongas Falls
    2, Sagada Pottery
    3, Hapao Rice Terraces

  • Mountain Province Maligcong Rice Terraces A Traverse

    Mountain Province Maligcong Rice Terraces A Traverse

    It was inevitable. We had to do something while in Maligcong. It was on our third day of doing nothing and the pressure was building. Guests at the homestay were coming and going, and us, we were still sitting our asses off, alternating between cold beer and hot mountain coffee in between meals at the veranda. Our host was already harried, wanting to guide us herself to the peaks of Mount Kupapey for the sunrise and Mount Fato for the sunset. We were unfazed. But yes, we have to at least do something while in Maligcong.

    And so it was that one morning as the rain finally abated to a very lig ...

  • Hiking The Rice Terraces Of Banaue Philippines

    Hiking The Rice Terraces Of Banaue Philippines

    Join me as I make my way through the amazing rice terraces around Banaue, Philippines. I explore the small neighboring villages and beautiful scenery that make this one of the most unique areas in the world.

    Have you ever seen images of the rice terraces in Banaue Philippines? They are awe inspiring to say the least. Believe it or not, they are also some of the most spectacular places to hike. Banaue is about 8 hours north of Manila. This place is world renowned for their beautiful rice terraces. It actually consists of multiple villages with different terraces in the area.

    Banaue is a v ...

  • Northern Philippine Series In Ifugao

    Northern Philippine Series In Ifugao

    The night has fallen all over the chilly Baguiosphere.

    After a very quick dinner at 50's diner, we hurriedly made our way out to catch our 9 PM trip to Banaue via Ohayami bus transport.

    After roaming around for a good ten minutes, we spotted the Japanese-sounding bus waiting in front of Burnham park bound to our next northern Philippines destination.

    It was pretty cramped inside with little leg room. For travelers going for a little over a week of backpacking adventure, what to bring is really a challenge especially if it involves a lot of hiking and most of the time your valuables ar ...

  • Ultimate Guide To The Banaue Rice Terraces

    Ultimate Guide To The Banaue Rice Terraces

    For years I've dreamed of visiting the famed Banaue rice terraces of Ifugao in the Philippines. These rice terraces are commonly known as the 8th wonder of the world but when we started researching our trip, stories of deterioration due to climate change, irresponsible tourism and the migration of the young people made us hesitant to make the long and inconvenient journey.

    However since we were going to be in the Philippines anyway we decided to go and see for ourselves. After all if these spectacular collaborations between man and nature were in fact in danger of disappearing then that alo ...

  • A Trip To Hungduan Ifugao

    Hapao Hungduan Ifugao is about 14 kms away from Banaue. Easily accessible with its concrete road. There you can find different rice terraces landscape.