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Since it was founded in 1961, WWF has become one of the world's largest and most effective independent organizations dedicated to the conservation of nature. It has reached this status through a constant record of conservation achievements. WWF now operates in around 100 countries, supported by nearly five million people worldwide.

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  • The Tamaraw Is Under Threat: Heres How We Can Help Save

    The Tamaraw Is Under Threat: Heres How We Can Help Save

    Up in the mountainous regions of Mindoro, a magnificent creature dwells. Upon first glance, it could be mistaken as a carabao, but look closer and you'll notice how its horns are a different shape, how it's a tad less bulky and bit more gray, and how it canters off into hiding when it detects human presence.

    This creature is called the Tamaraw.

    About the Tamaraw

    Found exclusively in the Philippines, particularly in the island of Mindoro, this elusive creature is the only endemic bovine in the country. Although fossil evidences suggest that it was once widespread in the archipelago, th ...

  • Sharks: Going, Going, Gone?

    Sharks: Going, Going, Gone?

    Described as a "highly feared apex predator of the sea," sharks have been on this planet for some 400 million years. They possess replaceable razor-sharp teeth that grow in tens of thousands over a lifetime. Purely designed for killing and eating.

    Sharks help maintain the delicate balance of marine ecosystems. "They are top predators," says Dr. Arnel "AA" Yaptinchay, founder and director of Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines.

    "Sharks maintain healthy ecosystems by keeping fish populations in check. They remove weak individuals, keeping fish stocks robust," he adds.

    Extinction lo ...

  • Protecting Our Seas

    Protecting Our Seas

    Being one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world, there is no question that the Philippine seas are blessed with rich marine life.

    Department of Environment and Natural Resources Biodiversity Management Bureau (DENR-BMB) Director Cristina Marlene P. Rodriguez pointed out during the "Partners" Forum: People and the Sea in Davao City on October 9 at the Ritz Hotel at Garden Oases that the country is home to one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world.

    "In our marine waters, we can find the global epicenter of marine shorefish biodiversity, the Verde Island Passage. We have ...

  • Largest Dive Expo In PH Opens In Manila

    The Diving Resort and Travel (DRT) Show 2018, dubbed as the largest dive exposition in the Philippines, opened at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall on Friday.

    The DRT Show is held in seven cities every year and is considered as the "most important event" in the Philippine diving industry, which is making its mark as an ideal dive destination in Asia.

    "This is in line with the Department of Tourism's (DOT) vision to develop and promote the Philippines as a premier diving and business hub in Asia," DOT Undersecretary Arturo Boncato Jr. said during his keynote speech.

    In an interview, he to ...

  • Donsol Attracts The Philippines Largest Whale Sharks

    Donsol Attracts The Philippines Largest Whale Sharks

    A new scientific study by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines and Large Marine Vertebrate Research Institute Philippines (LAMAVE) has revealed that whale sharks in Donsol, Philippines are uncharacteristically larger than those found elsewhere in the Philippines. The study, which describes the population dynamics and strong site fidelity of adult whale sharks to the coastal waters of Donsol, has been published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science and represents the longest dataset on whale sharks in the country.

    Up until the late 90s, targeted whale shark fisheries existe ...

  • How The Fight Vs Plastic Pollution Can Begin In The Classroom

    How The Fight Vs Plastic Pollution Can Begin In The Classroom

    'We like to start with the children so it'll be embedded in their minds already,' says World Wide Fund environment officer Kimberly Anne Marcelo.

    Can you use a math problem to teach children about saving the environment?

    Conservation group World Wide Fund (WWF) believes this is possible, as the fight against plastic pollution can begin in the classroom.

    "Hindi lang science 'yung dapat magturo sa bata nu'ng pag-aalaga sa kalikasan. We train teachers from different subject areas to integrate, even in small ways. For example, if you're a math teacher, 'yung binibigay 'nyong word problems ...