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Since it was founded in 1961, WWF has become one of the world's largest and most effective independent organizations dedicated to the conservation of nature. It has reached this status through a constant record of conservation achievements. WWF now operates in around 100 countries, supported by nearly five million people worldwide.

WWF Philippines News

  • A Tale Of Two Dolphins

    A Tale Of Two Dolphins

    A week ago, two dolphins suffered different fates, their stark contrast reiterating the role of community involvement in conservation.

    Thursday, the 10th of January. A Risso's dolphin is found floundering off the coast of Playa La Caleta resort in Morong, Bataan. Scratch marks and a sizeable wound cover its gray body, inflicted during an encounter with a shark. Action was swift, and soon the local coast guard, the Philippine National Police and Bantay Dagat rangers had the dolphin off on its way to rehabilitation. "Courage," they named it.

    "[In cases such as this], community participatio ...

  • Reef Makes A Pledge For Cleaner Beaches

    Reef Makes A Pledge For Cleaner Beaches

    Dedicated to making sure beaches stay clean and healthy, international beach apparel brand Reef pledges to use the fun, freedom and spirit of the beach to champion a better life for people and planet.

    To achieve this, Reef is targeting to accomplish 1,500 beach cleanups, remove 150,000 lbs of trash and engage 30,000 volunteers around the world this year, in the hopes that their industry and communities play an equally big role in enacting meaningful change for the planet.

    Globally, Reef partnered with Surfrider and has cleaned up 840 beaches and collected 206,871 lbs of trash which is be ...

  • Resort Guests Rescue Sea Turtle In Pangasinan

    Resort Guests Rescue Sea Turtle In Pangasinan

    Visitors to a resort at the Pangasinan town of Dasol got a rare treat when a sea turtle visited them on Friday night (Dec. 28).

    The sea turtle, measuring about 60 centimeters (cm) wide and 45 cm long, was discovered clambering along the Tambobong Beach at about 9 p.m., according to former provincial administrator Rafael Baraan, owner of the Marianne Family Beach Resort.

    The rescuers do not know that type of turtle they had rescued. But olive ridley turtles have been known to nest at the shorelines of the neighboring Burgos town.

    According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), seven differ ...

  • Summit Still And Sparkling Continue Sustainability Discussions For El Nido, Palawan

    Summit Still And Sparkling Continue Sustainability Discussions For El Nido, Palawan

    Through its locally-produced premium water in 100% recyclable glass bottles, Asia Brewery Inc.'s (ABI) Summit Still and Sparkling Water strengthen its support and foster the culture of sustainable tourism with El Nido at its forefront now backed by its potential and current environmental condition.

    Featured in international magazine Travel+Leisure as 6th out of the 15 Best Beach Destinations, deemed as the alternative to the popular Bali (in Indonesia) by The Venue Report that also encouraged its readers to pay the island a visit, and having concluded 2017 with 200,000 tourist visitors - El ...

  • The Tamaraw Is Under Threat: Heres How We Can Help Save

    The Tamaraw Is Under Threat: Heres How We Can Help Save

    Up in the mountainous regions of Mindoro, a magnificent creature dwells. Upon first glance, it could be mistaken as a carabao, but look closer and you'll notice how its horns are a different shape, how it's a tad less bulky and bit more gray, and how it canters off into hiding when it detects human presence.

    This creature is called the Tamaraw.

    About the Tamaraw

    Found exclusively in the Philippines, particularly in the island of Mindoro, this elusive creature is the only endemic bovine in the country. Although fossil evidences suggest that it was once widespread in the archipelago, th ...

  • Sharks: Going, Going, Gone?

    Sharks: Going, Going, Gone?

    Described as a "highly feared apex predator of the sea," sharks have been on this planet for some 400 million years. They possess replaceable razor-sharp teeth that grow in tens of thousands over a lifetime. Purely designed for killing and eating.

    Sharks help maintain the delicate balance of marine ecosystems. "They are top predators," says Dr. Arnel "AA" Yaptinchay, founder and director of Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines.

    "Sharks maintain healthy ecosystems by keeping fish populations in check. They remove weak individuals, keeping fish stocks robust," he adds.

    Extinction lo ...