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Since it was founded in 1961, WWF has become one of the world's largest and most effective independent organizations dedicated to the conservation of nature. It has reached this status through a constant record of conservation achievements. WWF now operates in around 100 countries, supported by nearly five million people worldwide.

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  • The Greener Way Is Not A Compromise

    The Greener Way Is Not A Compromise

    It must be our breathtaking beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, premium shopping malls, or famed warmth and hospitality thats drawing tourists in droves. According to the Department of Tourism, the Philippines welcomed 2,882,737 international visitors between January and May 2017 a 14.43 percent increase from the same period of the previous year.

    Interestingly, Filipinos themselves are just as eager to explore their home turf. Results from a Household Survey on Domestic Visitors conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority revealed that three out of five Pinoys 15 years old and over travele ...

  • Green Wanderer Travel Fair Eco-tourism Is In YStyle

    Green Wanderer Travel Fair Eco-tourism Is In YStyle

    Depending on who you ask, theres no such thing as too much travel. The travel industry contributes around nine percent of the countrys total GDP, one out of 11 jobs are related to tourism and travel, and I dont think its dropping anytime soon and so are the effects of climate change and wasteful consumption.

    But that doesnt mean we have to stop flying. Nikki Huang, one of eight young Filipinos in WWFs National Youth Council, has always practiced sustainable travel with her family. The daughter of Store Specialists Inc. Group president Anton Huang, WWF and SSI both have a special place in he ...

  • Tubbataha And Cagayancillo Protecting The Sea For People

    How an effectively-managed MPA such as the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park has provided benefits to the people of Cagayancillo and inspired stronger local involvement in natural resource protection and management in the entire municipality. ? WWF-Philippines.

  • Sustainable Tourism Is The Way To Go SSI And WWF Join Hands

    Sustainable Tourism Is The Way To Go SSI And WWF Join Hands

    Travel and tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world, contributing about 9 percent to the global GDP. In recent years, travel has also become one of the biggest joys of Filipinos, young and old alike, with the advent of budget airlines and other affordable travel options.

    The way people travel, however, has had great impact on the environment and the visited communities. Does that mean people ought to park their suitcases and never leave their yards altogether?

    While that might seem like the obvious answer, World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines president and CEO Joel P ...

  • Leave Only Footprints

    Leave Only Footprints

    Let?s face it. Planet earth is deteriorating, and there?s no one else to blame but us. It?s something we?ve inherited from the people before us, and if left without action, something we?ll pass over to the next generation. But pointing fingers will not do anything?what we need, according to WWF-Philippines president and CEO Joel Palma, is awareness and collective action. Which is why to further extend the reach of their calls, WWF-Philippines has created a Millennial branch of its organization?WWF-Philippines? first and only National Youth Council. This is a green-driven team of eight young ad ...

  • The CSI-style Of Protecting Endangered Species

    The CSI-style Of Protecting Endangered Species

    ?Would you like to buy a green sea turtle? You can buy a whole live one, or just the shell if you prefer. How about an elephant tusk? Or manta ray gills, perhaps? They?re supposed to cure everything.?

    Anyone who has lived through the ?90s and early 2000s would know that if you went to just the right area in what was once the grim, dark, but oh-so-charming Virra Mall in Greenhills, you?d be greeted by one word uttered several times in succession, usually in clipped pairs. ?DVD, DVD.?

    That used to be the way for you to get your own copy of that rare classic movie, or that popular TV series ...