Coral Triangle


The CORAL TRIANGLE is the underwater equivalent of the Amazon. It encompasses an area half the size of the United States & harbours more marine species than anywhere else on the planet. But it could be gone in a matter of decades. Help us protect it.

The Coral Triangle News

  • PH Wants Tubbataha Named Sensitive Area

    The Philippines has implemented all measures to protect the world-renowned Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park to keep the biodiversity and ecological sensitivity of the area from the threats of international shipping.

    The country recently filed an application to the International Maritime Organization's Marine Environment Protection Committee (IMO-MEPC) to designate Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park and World Heritage Site as a Particular Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA).

    The application was submitted by Permanent Representative to the IMO Gilberto G.B. Asuque at the plenary meeting of the 69th session of ...

  • The Ancient Sea People Of Palawan

    The coral islands of Palawan were once home to the first human settlements in Southeast Asia. In ancient caves hidden within jungle-clad limestone cliffs, archeologists have discovered 47,000-year-old artifacts which can be traced through time to today's island cultures.

    Notes in old Chinese record books Palawan refer to as "Pa-lao-yu", meaning a place of bounty and safe harbor. Nowadays it is a Unesco Biosphere Reserve and is revered as a global model of sustainable relationships between man and natural world.

    For thousands of years, Palawan was a place almost forgotten by time. Palawe ...