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An independent movement organized by individuals from different fields of expertise, united by the passion to stop the abuse & destruction of our precious marine resources thru legal discourse & social media. The state of our marine biodiversity is in grave danger -- the victim of years of wanton destruction and pollution. Join us in saving the Philippine Seas!

Save Philippine Seas News

  • From Sawang To The US Kennys Advocacy Shines

    From Sawang To The US Kennys Advocacy Shines

    Twenty-four-year-old Kenny Glenn Silud has always been interested in marine conservation, starting with small projects in their coastal community in Barangay Sawang Calero, Cebu City when he was still a Sangguniang Kabataan chairman there.

    He started with My Little Seahouse, a mini library that he set up in their barangay hall where kids aged six to 10 years old can learn about the ocean and marine animals.

    My Little Seahouse is among 19 marine conservation projects by young Filipinos that were funded by the United States Embassy. The projects were conceptualized during the Sea Camp, a s ...

  • UP Mountaineer Jeshua Sales, Hikers Should Be Culturally Sensitive

    UP Mountaineer Jeshua Sales, Hikers Should Be Culturally Sensitive

    In a recent speech, Jeshua Sales of the UP Mountaineers urged fellow hikers to be sensitive to the culture of the places theyre visiting. Its important to respect not just the environment, but also the locals, he said. In an interview with Pinoy Mountaineer, he cited various examples, such as Mt. Mantalingajan in Palawan where some indigenous communities had to relocate due to the presence of hikers. Hiking is a privilege, not a right. We should realize that we are just visitors, and respect the people for whom the mountain is home.

    How cam a hiker be culturally sensitive. Its all about lis ...

  • Student Leaders Draft Environmental Initiatives

    Student government officers from four tertiary institutions in Cebu drafted environmental resolutions during the first Poli-SEA Defenders Campaign at the Cebu City Social Hall on Wednesday.

    Sibonga Community College and the University of the Philippines (UP)-Cebu presented their draft resolutions for comprehensive solid waste management projects in their schools, while Mandaue City College opted for a widened campus awareness of their "Clean as you go" policy.

    Meanwhile, the Cebu Institute of Technology-University (CIT-U) drafted a resolution providing a two-peso discount on drinks if th ...

  • 10 Environmental Organizations You Can Join

    10 Environmental Organizations You Can Join

    We can take the next step and join these organizations that go the extra mile in saving the only Earth that we have.

  • Game Changers

    Game Changers

    Change is often feared rather than embraced. We fear change because we are afraid of failure and loss. Change has become too big a word that we shy away from it, hindering us from reaching our potential growth.

    Change is inevitable, which is why we should not resist it. Let's stop feeding our brains with its negative associations and let's look at change from a different perspective instead.

    Change paves way to development, and, yes, it can be for the better. The beauty of change is that not only can we make a better version of ourselves, we can significantly change the lives of people ...

  • Road Map Gives Sharks Rays Conservation A Boost

    Road Map Gives Sharks Rays Conservation A Boost

    People who crave for exotic food find sharks and rays as special treats. The meat of these rare fish species are discreetly sold in the market, unlike the ordinary fish caught in the ocean.

    Sharks and rays are feared because of their sheer size and appearance. This, however, does not stop fishers from targeting these species because of the demand for meat and, lately, body parts, which are believed to have high medicinal properties.

    Cooked in vinegar, locally called paksiw, the demand is especially high for baby sharks. Rays are especially cooked with coconut milk, or gata, and turned in ...