Philippine Eagle Foundation

The Philippine Eagle Foundation focuses on the great Philippine Eagle not only to recover its dwindling populations but also to protect its forest habitats and ensure the sustainable use of the forests' bounties for the people.

Along with saving the eagle and the many animals that share its forest home, the Foundation looks forward to helping fulfill the dreams and aspirations of th ...

e millions of marginal income families who also rely on the forest to survive.

Philippine Eagle Foundation News

  • Loaning Out Philippine Eagles Abroad Mulled To Protect Endangered Bird From Extinction

    Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) executive director Dennis Salvador said they plan to loan out Philippine eagles abroad as a safety net to protect the population of the endangered birds should catastrophic events occur in the country.

    Salvador told MindaNews Tuesday that this is technically a breeding loan program that allows the host country to keep and breed? the Philippine eagles to protect the gene pool against the potential catastrophic events such as natural calamities or disease outbreaks that can potentially wipe out their population in the wild.

    He said they are hoping the plan ...

  • Philippines Needs More Raptor Researchers

    Philippines Needs More Raptor Researchers

    The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) expressed concern on the countrys lack of people involved in raptor conservation and research.

    Rai Kristie Gomez, education administrator of the Philippine Eagle Foundation, said in an interview on Monday, October 9, that the country only has about 13 researchers who are actively conducting raptor studies.

    Gomez stressed that while the countrys national bird, the Philippine eagle, draws a lot of attention among researchers, all other raptors are somehow being disregarded.

    Right now we have a lot of research for the Philippine Eagle also because of ...

  • Bulut Vows For Intensified Forest Protection

    Bulut Vows For Intensified Forest Protection

    Governor Elias C. Bulut, Jr. mandated an intensified environmental protection of Apayaos remaining forest dubbed as Last Forest Frontier in the North and tapped the Philippine Eagle Foundation to train locals on their significant role in conserving the biodiversity and in protecting the Philippine Eagle found in the province.

    The Provincial Government of Apayao under the Environment and Natural Resources Division initiated training on biodiversity conservation of twenty (20) local green guards from four (4) barangays on August 23-25 at Brgy. Marag here.

    Gov. Bulut challenged the particip ...

  • In The Aerie Of The Philippine Eagle

    In The Aerie Of The Philippine Eagle

    It was the same grueling routine, but of course Neil Rettig was a senior citizen now at 63, a good three decades older than he was in 1977, when he first climbed into the tops of 100-foot trees in the Mindanao jungle to photograph the Great Philippine Eagle.

  • A Million Feathers More

    A Million Feathers More

    Its no secret that the Wharf Hotels has a love affair with the Philippine eagle. Step into any of the Marco Polo Hotels in Hong Kong, China and the Philippines, and the Niccolo Hotels in China and Hong Kong and chances are theres the mighty raptors image that will catch your attention.

    Why not the panda, someone suggested to Philippe Carreti, Vice President for Operations of Wharf Hotels, since the company is China-based. The good man though opted to focus the groups fundraising efforts to aid in the conservation of the Philippine eagle. Perhaps, he felt the eagle needed more help.

    It w ...

  • Bird Flu A Concern In Fight To Save Philippine Eagle Finance Chief

    Bird Flu A Concern In Fight To Save Philippine Eagle Finance Chief

    Exposing the endangered Philippine Eagle to bird flu is a "big risk," Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez said Tuesday, as the government moved to contain the outbreak in 3 Luzon towns.

    Dominguez hails from Davao City, home to the a conservation center for the monkey-eating raptor. He is also former chairman of the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

    "You know what really my concern is with the bird flu? Its the Philippine Eagle. If the bird flu goes there, we may have to kill all the eagles," Dominguez said.

    Hundreds of thousands of chickens, ducks and other birds have been slaughtered in th ...