Philippine Eagle Foundation

The Philippine Eagle Foundation focuses on the great Philippine Eagle not only to recover its dwindling populations but also to protect its forest habitats and ensure the sustainable use of the forests' bounties for the people.

Along with saving the eagle and the many animals that share its forest home, the Foundation looks forward to helping fulfill the dreams and aspirations of th ...

e millions of marginal income families who also rely on the forest to survive.

Philippine Eagle Foundation News

  • Philippine Eagle Feather Mites Suggest Species Prehistoric Existence-Study

    Philippine Eagle Feather Mites Suggest Species Prehistoric Existence-Study

    The Philippine eagle, the country's national bird, may have been living among other prehistoric animals like whales, marine turtles and crocodiles.

    The evidence, according to a group of Filipino, German and Russian scientists, were discovered in the eagles themselves the mites, the prehistoric feather mites that coevolved with the revered king of all birds of prey in the Philippines.

    Jayson Ibanez, the director for Research and Conservation of the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF), said the recent discovery of feather mites on two captive Philippine raptors including three specimens of t ...

  • Conservation Protection Of Endangered PH Eagle Pushed

    Conservation Protection Of Endangered PH Eagle Pushed

    The Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) is calling for more multi-sector collaboration on conserving and protecting the critically endangered Philippine eagle (scientific name 'Pithecophaga jefferyi') -- the country's national bird and an indicator of ecological health.

    During BMB's celebration of the 2018 Philippine Eagle Week (PEW) on Saturday, BMB Director Crisanta Rodriguez said the collaboration will help build upon previous conservation and protection successes, such as the increase in Philippine eagle's population.

    "Collaborative conservation and protection of the Philippine eagl ...

  • Nation Observes 20th Philippine Eagle Week

    Nation Observes 20th Philippine Eagle Week

    The country celebrates the 20th Philippine Eagle Week (PEW) beginning today until June 10 with the theme: "Ipagdiwang ang Pagkakaisa para sa Malayang Agila".

    Every year, we celebrate the ecological importance and social significance of the Philippine eagle through this observance. Twenty years after Presidential Proclamation No. 79 was signed into law declaring the observance of the PEW, we reflect back on these years of continued collaboration with fellow champions in Philippine eagle conservation.

    From its humble beginnings, conservation of Philippine eagles commenced with the Monkey-E ...

  • Philippine Eagle Soaring High A Sign Of Balanced Ecology

    Philippine Eagle Soaring High A Sign Of Balanced Ecology

    The iconic Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi) is the most revered bird of prey in the Philippines.

    Also known as the monkey-eating eagle, this endemic eagle is the largest extant eagles in the world in terms of length and wing surface.

    It's sheer size and ability to fly and soar high in the sky in search of prey within its territory or range makes it the most fearsome among all birds of prey in the Philippines.

    Several laws provide the legal basis to protect the Philippine eagle against all threats particularly illegal wildlife trade, hunting or the destruction of their habitats ...

  • Up Close And Personal With Imbulog

    Up Close And Personal With Imbulog

    he mere sight of the huge Philippine eagle moved one of the lady staffers of Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Amanda Gorely to tears.

    "I'm feeling emotional about this," the lady staffer said as Imbulog stood majestically perched on his handler Bongbong's arm.

    With a span of over seven feet and standing nearly four feet tall, Imbulog, which means "to soar," is a captive eagle at the Philippine Eagle Center in Barangay Malagos here.

    The staff member also shared how Imbulog's eyes, which has a tinge of blue in the middle, seemed to pierce right through her, as if the large bird ...

  • Bukidnon Town Wants To Be Known As Philippine Eagle Sanctuary

    A town located in the heart of Mindanao will be celebrating Philippine Eagle Week next month by way of crafting a resolution declaring itself as a sanctuary for the critically endangered species.

    In an exclusive interview with Manila Bulletin, Manolo Fortich town mayor Clive Quino said they were working on crafting a resolution that will seek to promote awareness about the conservation of Philippine eagle.

    Ceremonies for the passage of the resolution is slated onon June 6, to coincide with the celebration of Philippine Eagle Week, which is celebrated annually from June 4 to 10 by virtue ...