Philippine Eagle Foundation

The Philippine Eagle Foundation focuses on the great Philippine Eagle not only to recover its dwindling populations but also to protect its forest habitats and ensure the sustainable use of the forests' bounties for the people.

Along with saving the eagle and the many animals that share its forest home, the Foundation looks forward to helping fulfill the dreams and aspirations of th ...

e millions of marginal income families who also rely on the forest to survive.

Philippine Eagle Foundation News

  • Philippine Eagle Foundation Leads Planting Of 15,000 New Trees

    Philippine Eagle Foundation Leads Planting Of 15,000 New Trees

    Some 15,000 trees will be planted at the Carbon Forest Project in Bago Gallera, Davao City for reforestation of the six-hectare open space forest.

    The event was funded by the Ayala Land Corporation and organized by the the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF).

    One of the PEF project coordinators explained that the project started last year but assessment about the area was made to make sure that the open space will be filled with trees that could contribute to provide the wildlife a habitat suited for them.

    "We are now up to planting and transplanting since there are available wildings i ...

  • Philippine Eagle Nesting Site Spotted In Bukidnon

    Philippine Eagle Nesting Site Spotted In Bukidnon

    The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) has announced on Wednesday it has caught sight of a 10 to 11-month old Philippine Eagle was spotted nesting in the highlands of Bukidnon province.

    In a statement, PEF confirmed the discovery of a new nesting site of the young eaglet and its parent in the said province.

    The discovery came after a two-week expedition was conducted in the area, the group added.

    "We look forward to working with the Talaandig community who has called PEF's attention to their longtime eagle neighbor," the statement said.

    PEF operates a facility here in Davao for cons ...

  • Viral Thread Urges People To Save The Philippine Eagle

    Viral Thread Urges People To Save The Philippine Eagle

    In efforts to save the iconic Philippine eagle - a national treasure symbolizing the Philippine identity, netizens from all around the Philippines initiated a move to protect the Phlippine eagle, which is now considered as an endangered species.

    Started by a twitter thread by Isiah Beltrano, he urged the netizens to help him in spreading awareness about the Philippine eagle's critical condition in the biosphere, challenging them to fight for its survival, just like how they campaigned for the protection of pandas in China.

    In a span of five days, this simple post has reached thousands ...

  • Saving The Agila

    Saving The Agila

    Where are we in our goal to increase our national bird's - Philippine Eagle - population?

    "Very far. A lot of work has to be done."

    These were the exact words of Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) executive director Dennis Joseph I. Salvador.

    The Philippine Eagle was declared the country's national bird, replacing the Maya, in 1995 by former president Fidel Ramos. The world's largest bird of prey was considered endangered species in 1965 and was later classified "critically endangered" by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

    For the Philippine Eagle be off the li ...

  • Apayao Eyes UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Title To Save PH Eagles

    Apayao Eyes UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Title To Save PH Eagles

    he province of Apayao is hoping to be declared as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Biodiversity and Protected Area soon to further protect the Philippine eagles thriving in the province, Governor Elias Bulut Jr. said on Wednesday.

    "We are in the legwork for the inscription of the province of Apayao as the fourth UNESCO biosphere reserve of the Philippines," Bulut said during the Kapihan sa Baguio press forum.

    UNESCO has declared Puerto Galera (1977), Palawan (1990) and Albay (2016) as biosphere reserves.

    Bulut said pending the UNESCO declarat ...

  • Rare Video Shows Endangered Philippine Eagle Chick Grow Up

    The Bagobo Tagabawa people, who live at the foot of Mount Apo in the Philippines, tell the story of a banog, or great eagle, that snatched a man and carried him away to its aerie. The banog had an eaglet, and that eaglet befriended the man. When the it grew up, it freed the man, returning him to the village the same way he'd come. The man named his son, who founded the first Bagobo Tagabawa villages, after the young banog out of gratitude the title Datu Banog is still given to leaders of exceptional courage and wisdom.

    Today, the Philippine eagle, one of the largest eagle species in the wor ...