The Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc. (MBCFI) was formed as a non-government organization purposely to implement conservation initiatives in Mindoro Island, which is recognized as one of the global biodiversity conservation priority areas, particularly in terms of the number of endemic species, diversity of habitats and degrees of threats. MBCFI was organized through the efforts o ...

f the Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Program (PBCP), formerly administered by the Fauna and Flora International (FFI) and now by the Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc. (PBCFI). MBCFI receives core funding support from the Malampaya Joint Venture Partners.

Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation MBCFI News

  • Close Encounter With Kalibasib

    Close Encounter With Kalibasib

    His left eye has turned cloudy, a condition that veterinarians at first thought was caused by cataract.

    Recently, a wildlife specialist who saw Kalibasib said the cloudiness was due to a scratch in the eye. The animal still reacts to light, he said, and is thus not blind. Not just yet.


    At 19, Kalibasib is already old (the average life span of the rare buffalos is up to 20 to 25 years), and it might take a while for his eye to heal, said Teresita David, coordinator for the Tamaraw Conservation Project (TCP), a program under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

  • Working For Mindoro's Biodiversity (Last Of Two Parts)

    Mindoro is not only biologically important, it is also an island where numerous tribes of indigenous people, collectively known as Mangyan, are living, making it a cultural site, too. Most of the sites considered as Key Biodiversity Areas in the island are known as well as ancestral domains of the IPs.

    The Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park in Oriental Mindoro province is the remaining stronghold of the Tamaraw, and yet there are also Mangyan groups that are claiming ancestral rights over it. Within this site, there is still a tribe of Mangyan that remains isolated and continues to live and pra ...

  • Saving Naujan Lake

    Saving Naujan Lake

    Biodiversity advocates on Mindoro Island are pushing for the enactment of a law that will strengthen the protection of the Naujan Lake National Park (NLNP), one of the first national parks in the Philippines.

    The Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. (MBCFI) is working closely with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in support of the move to have the NLNP declared a full-pledged protected area under Republic Act 7586, or the National Integrated Protected Areas System (Nipas) Act of 1992, and its amended version, RA 11038, or the Expanded Nipas Act that wa ...

  • Communities In Protected Areas (1st Of Two Parts)

    Twenty-six years this June since the passage of the National Integrated Protected Areas System Act of 1992, or Republic Act 7586, it is unfortunate that I still encountered persons who have notions that communities shall be displaced once the site where they are occupying is declared as a protected area.

    Probably, it is because of the word "protected", which denotes a certain level of protection, and most likely, the interpretation is protection from settlement and other activities of the people. So far, I did not hear any dislocation of communities resulting in the declaration and manageme ...

  • Fewer Birds Counted But New Species Seen At Mindoro Lake

    Fewer Birds Counted But New Species Seen At Mindoro Lake

    While the number of migratory birds seen at the Naujan Lake National Park (NLNP) in Oriental Mindoro province was down this year, conservationists have noted the presence of two new species of ducks in the lake.

    Results of the Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) held on Jan. 18 showed 5,523 birds at the 8,125-hectare NLNP, which were fewer than the 6,907 counted in 2017.

    The census, conducted in time for the World Wetlands Day on Feb. 2, was participated in by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. (MBCFI).

    Tufted ducks

  • Conserving Our Lakes, Marshes

    During the past months, I was able to visit several lakes and marshes in the country, and I was surely fascinated by their aesthetic values.

    More than the captivating features of these lakes and marshes that are vital when it comes to tourism, they offer numerous economic and social benefits if only they will be effectively managed from destructive activities. These ecosystem types have numerous ecological services, and they are also critical habitats to a good number of flora and fauna, including endemic and migratory species.

    The Naujan Lake in Oriental Mindoro, one of the Seven Wetlan ...