Katala Foundation


Katala Foundation, Inc., a non-profit, non-stock, non-governmental organization, has been active in protecting and conserving wildlife, particularly the Philippine cockatoo and other threatened endemic wildlife in Palawan.

Members of the current Katala Foundation successfully implemented the Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Program since 1998 on Rasa Island, Narra, Palawan.

Katala Foundation's niche developed over years of researches, advocacy and development works in order to protect and conserve the biological diversity along with people. Its vision is to effect conservation of biological resources through active community involvement - conserving with people. To attain this vision, Katala Foundation employs participatory and ecosystemic approaches to all its programs and activities.

Katala Foundation News

  • Iwahig, 10 Villages Commit Anew To Conserve 'Katala'

    Iwahig, 10 Villages Commit Anew To Conserve 'Katala'

    The Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm (IPPF) and 10 villages in Puerto Princesa City signed Friday a new agreement for the fourth year of implementation of the biodiversity conservation of the Philippine cockatoo or "katala."

    The conservation pact for 2019 is a renewal of commitment of the IPPF and the barangays to conserve, protect, manage, and preserve the known nesting and foraging grounds of the critically endangered katala (Cacatua haematuropygia).

    Indira Dayang Lacerna-Widmann, chief operations officer of the Katala Foundation, Inc. (KFI), explained the signing of the memorandum of agre ...

  • Crafts For The Conservation And More

    Crafts For The Conservation And More

    On my last post, I wrote about the Ashy-fronted Bulbul outside Mel's and my shared bedroom window. So why were we in Puerto Princesa in March?

  • Wild Expeditions Palawan: Promoting Leave No Trace Tourism

    Wild Expeditions Palawan: Promoting Leave No Trace Tourism

    The number of travel and tour retailers in this capital city of Palawan, now at more than 100, continues to increase - undeniably because tourism is a major contributor to the province's economy.

    Travel and tour operators have mushroomed in the city, but more so in the global computer network, including fraudulent ones, offering a multiplicity of information about what could be an itinerant's dream travel in Puerto Princesa and the province.

    A lot of them, but not all, offer matchmaking tour services to let travelers express what they truly want to do, for instance, explore the unbeaten ...

  • Scientists Hatch Egg Of Rare Palawan Turtle

    Scientists Hatch Egg Of Rare Palawan Turtle

    The critically endangered Palawan forest turtle has successfully hatched under human care, conservationists said on Sunday, raising hopes that its dwindling population can be reversed.

    Illegal wildlife trade and destruction of Palawan's forests had diminished the population of the forest turtles (Siebenrockiella leytensis) to at least 6,000 in the province as of 2015.

    "The recent breeding success is a true milestone in the conservation of this important species, and gives us hope that we can turn things around even for lesser known species in this region," Dr. Sonja Luz of the Wildlife R ...

  • Success Seen In Katala Conservation Efforts

    Success Seen In Katala Conservation Efforts

    A non-government organization that has conducted decades of conservation work on the Palawan Cockatoo or Katala, a critically endangered bird species found only in Palawan, has expressed optimism they will be able to have the bird finally removed from the international list of critically endangered birds this year.

    Indira Widdman, chief operations officer of Katala Foundation, Inc. (KFI), said during Wednesday's 12th Katala Festival held in Narra, Palawan they will conduct next year an assessment of the bird's population, together with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature ...

  • Palawan Pangolin Habitat Eyed For Conservation

    Palawan Pangolin Habitat Eyed For Conservation

    The establishment of critical habitats is part of the 25-year strategy designed to safeguard the future of the species.

    The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) will conduct a study that will identify the population strongholds of the Palawan pangolin (Manis culionensis), in a bid to declare the areas as critical habitats of the critically endangered species.

    Levita Lagrada, a zoologist with the PCSD Staff (PCSDS), said the establishment of critical habitats for pangolins would help the entire conservation community to focus protection efforts on these areas.

    "We have to ...