Haribon is the Philippines pioneer environmental organization. Haribon practically gave birth to the Philippine environmental movement. Hatched in 1972, the organization, and the individuals it trained and nurtured were instrumental in the formation of other environmental organizations in the country.

Haribon Foundation News

  • International Year Of The Reef Begins

    International Year Of The Reef Begins

    In the midst of the olympics, another global event is underway but with far less pomp and pageantry than it deserves.

    International Year of the Reef 2018 or IYOR 2018 launched officially in the Philippines last February 12 in Mandaluyong. Initiated by the 60+ country member International Coral Reef Initiative or ICRI.

    View photos from the event on Haribon's Facebook page here.

    DENR Secretary Roy Cimatu was one of the speakers during the IYOR 2018 launch, citing the large contribution of coral reefs to the country.

    "Millions of Filipinos depend on coral reefs and other marine ecosys ...

  • Volunteer Write-up When In Doubt Dont Throw It Out

    Volunteer Write-up When In Doubt Dont Throw It Out

    Some places have implemented laws to prevent the improper throwing of garbage. Others have imposed fines over the throwing of a simple candy wrapper on the street. Unfortunately many might view this as an over-exaggeration; as if such fines were too much over a simple wrapper. But we have to think deeply about how being mindful of our waste like this can actually make us better people.

    Trying to understand the issues behind throwing small things away wherever we walk is futile to most of us. It is just one piece of plastic, most would say. To the eyes of many, it will not hurt anyone to thr ...

  • Conservation And Cooperation Behind Sablayans Tourism

    Conservation And Cooperation Behind Sablayans Tourism

    Sablayenos celebrate 116 years, with conservation taking an invisible role in its history.

    The municipality of Sablayan in Occidental Mindoro celebrates unity in nature conservation during the "Dugoy Festival" held on its 116th founding anniversary last week.

    "Dugoy" means pagkakaisa or unity, a term from the local Tao-buid people of Mindoro.

    During the festivities, nature enthusiasts and environmental groups such as the Haribon Foundation took part in celebrating Sablayans conservation successes.

    According to the foundation, conservation is key behind many tourism initiatives in S ...

  • Philippine Reef Status Calls For Urgent Attention

    Philippine Reef Status Calls For Urgent Attention

    he Great Barrier Reefs condition is worsening, while Philippine coral reefs are bound to the same fate unless something is done.

    Over recent decades, divers and scientists have witnessed firsthand the alarming damage to reefs vital to the health of Philippine seas.

    Last year, a team of divers and marine biologists recorded the occurrence of coral bleaching on the reefs at 19 marine protected areas (MPAs) in Lanuza Bay, Surigao del Sur.

    "Corals were bleaching between depths of three to 30 meters, left and right," Haribon Foundation said.

    The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administra ...

  • Haribon Leads Quest For The Endangered Black-faced Spoonbill

    Haribon Leads Quest For The Endangered Black-faced Spoonbill

    Environmental group Haribon Foundation marked its first birdwatching activity this year in search for the endangered Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor) in the wetlands of Candaba, Pampanga.

    The Black-faced Spoonbill is a long-legged wading migratory bird with a white plumage, black face and an elongated spoon-shaped bill. The IUCN red list estimates less than 4,000 Black-faced Spoonbills in 2017 worldwide. They are recorded as Endangered due to foreseen rapid population decline over the next years because of habitat loss.

    "The Black-faced spoonbill has been seen many times in Candaba ...

  • An Eco-Teens Blog: The Chosen Ones

    An Eco-Teens Blog: The Chosen Ones

    Do you know Maila (played by Kathryn Bernardo) of the TV drama, La Luna Sangre? Do you remember the episode when she realized she was the "itinakda" or the destined one to save the world from vampires?

    She felt so honored even if she is faced with a big duty.

    That is how I feel being chosen as one of the Eco-Rangers that will help save the environment and our endangered wildlife!

    It all started in August of last year when we were invited by the Haribon Foundation to join a learning activity about the environment. I remembered it was a happy morning because we got to receive freebies a ...