Haribon is the Philippines pioneer environmental organization. Haribon practically gave birth to the Philippine environmental movement. Hatched in 1972, the organization, and the individuals it trained and nurtured were instrumental in the formation of other environmental organizations in the country.

Haribon Foundation News

  • Marine Turtles On The Brink Of Extinction

    Marine Turtles On The Brink Of Extinction

    It's not just tawilis, lapu-lapu, sharks, and giant clams that are fast vanishing in the country's waters. The Switzerland-based International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has also included marine or sea turtles in its red list classification.

    Of the seven marine turtle species known to man, five of them are found in the Philippines and all of them are considered "threatened species," according to IUCN. This means they are vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered.

    IUCN, the leading organization in determining if a species can be considered threatened or not, uses th ...

  • Trials And Triumphs Of A Bantay Dagat

    Trials And Triumphs Of A Bantay Dagat

    Being one of the protectors of the environment is never an easy feat. The crusade is paved with enormous challenges and sometimes threats from people and groups intending to advance their self-interest.

    For Vicente "Enteng" Mahinay, the cause of protecting the seas and its precious resources as a Bantay Dagat (sea patrol) for over two decades has proven to be as demanding and audacious, however, rewarding after all the toiling come into fruition.

    Enteng is a resident of Barangay Nurcia in Lanuza, Surigao del Sur, and started his advocacy to protect the Marine Protected Area (MPA) in 1997 ...

  • Biodiversity On Wheels Goes To Tandag, Surigao Del Sur

    Biodiversity On Wheels Goes To Tandag, Surigao Del Sur

    Because province faces the mighty Pacific Ocean, surf-worthy waves pound the shorelines of Surigao del Sur all year round. For many, this becomes a good reason to get stoked in the province. Conversely, the gift Mother Nature brings to this sea doesn't end there. Beneath the mammoth swells hides an underwater gem teeming with some of the healthiest coral reef in the country.

    This fact, however, comes with a shadow of peril. Studies have shown that the wealthy marine system found under the waters of Hinatuan stretching to Lanuza Bay, can all disappear within a few years if no actions are tak ...

  • Our Precious Forests More Than Just A Bunch Of Trees

    Our Precious Forests More Than Just A Bunch Of Trees

    The current state of Philippine forests leaves a lot to be desired. Despite its importance to national economic, environmental, and social well-being, forests cover only 22.8 percent of the country's land area.

    The growing demand for goods and services will place more stress on an integral part of our environment that needs proper management now more than ever. Despite efforts for conservation by different sectors, illegal deforestation, weak enforcement of relevant laws, and improper forestry practices continue to offset any successes by said campaigns.

    Forest Resources Bill

    The Fore ...

  • Youth Leaders Join Talks On Forest Management

    Youth Leaders Join Talks On Forest Management

    Student-leaders from different regions across the country actively took part in discussions on forest conservation during the first national Filipino Youth Summit held at De La Salle University, Manila last August 31.

    The Filipino Youth Summit is an advocacy-based national conference where student-leaders from all over the Philippines gather to join a review of local and national initiatives and undertake collaborative projects geared toward addressing various issues in the society.

    Facilitated by the Haribon Foundation, the environmental talk gave a glimpse of the current condition of P ...

  • Working For Mindoros Biodiversity (1st Of Two Parts)

    It is almost 15 years now when I first visited the island of Mindoro, a name derived from "Mina de Oro". I am glad that until today, I still have the opportunity to participate in working for its biodiversity conservation. I was then the consultant of the Haribon Foundation for its Integrating Forest Conservation with Local Governance Project, of which I facilitated the forest management planning of the Mount Siburan in the municipality of Sablayan in Occidental Mindoro province.

    It was an interesting engagement, because Mt. Siburan is known as the largest intact lowland forest in the islan ...