Haribon is the Philippines pioneer environmental organization. Haribon practically gave birth to the Philippine environmental movement. Hatched in 1972, the organization, and the individuals it trained and nurtured were instrumental in the formation of other environmental organizations in the country.

Haribon Foundation News

  • Conservation Protection Of Endangered PH Eagle Pushed

    Conservation Protection Of Endangered PH Eagle Pushed

    The Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) is calling for more multi-sector collaboration on conserving and protecting the critically endangered Philippine eagle (scientific name 'Pithecophaga jefferyi') -- the country's national bird and an indicator of ecological health.

    During BMB's celebration of the 2018 Philippine Eagle Week (PEW) on Saturday, BMB Director Crisanta Rodriguez said the collaboration will help build upon previous conservation and protection successes, such as the increase in Philippine eagle's population.

    "Collaborative conservation and protection of the Philippine eagl ...

  • Journey To Meet Gab-E Ecijas Haring Ibon

    Declared as the national bird, the Philippine Eagle is listed among the world's rarest avian creatures and remains in the roster of critically endangered species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

    I was among the members of Haribon Foundation who volunteered for a five-day expedition in the central Sierra Madre mountain range to conduct a field observation of the Haring Ibon (Pithecophaga jefferyi).

    Below is a detailed account of my journey in meeting Luzon's King of Birds - more fondly known in the local community as Gab-E (Gabaldon Eagle):

    Day 0 - Meet and travel ...

  • Iloilo Holds National Mangrove Conference

    Iloilo Holds National Mangrove Conference

    The 3rd National Mangrove Conference with theme "Mangroves and Beach Forests for Building Coastal Resilience in a Changing Climate" was held in Iloilo city.

    Organized by the Zoological Society of London-Philippines and partner organizations, the three-day conference highlighted mangrove restoration projects and their importance in building the resilience of coastal communities.

    Various experts in mangrove restoration reported on their projects including results, challenges encountered and recommendations. During the discussion, the participants highlighted the importance of mangrove fore ...

  • Globe Hineleban Foundation Lead Advocacy To Replenish Remaining 15% Primary Rainforests In Philippines

    Globe Hineleban Foundation Lead Advocacy To Replenish Remaining 15% Primary Rainforests In Philippines

    The Philippines is blessed with natural resources the rest of the world could only marvel at. Our flora and fauna could be seen anywhere, under our pristine seas, among the highest peaks of our mountains, even deep inside our thick rainforests.

    Considered as a melting pot of plant and animal species, the Philippines does not shy away from the various mentions of historians, scientists, and biologists of yore, on how this country of many islands in the South East have been favored with many natural gifts.

    National Forest Management Bureau shows that forest cover in the Philippines decline ...

  • Nation Observes 20th Philippine Eagle Week

    Nation Observes 20th Philippine Eagle Week

    The country celebrates the 20th Philippine Eagle Week (PEW) beginning today until June 10 with the theme: "Ipagdiwang ang Pagkakaisa para sa Malayang Agila".

    Every year, we celebrate the ecological importance and social significance of the Philippine eagle through this observance. Twenty years after Presidential Proclamation No. 79 was signed into law declaring the observance of the PEW, we reflect back on these years of continued collaboration with fellow champions in Philippine eagle conservation.

    From its humble beginnings, conservation of Philippine eagles commenced with the Monkey-E ...

  • Earth Day 2018 Aims To End Plastic Pollution

    Earth Day 2018 Aims To End Plastic Pollution

    The Philippines ranks third among the highest contributors of plastic wastes in the global waters, according to a report by the Ocean Conservancy in 2015. The group also noted that 80% of the recorded ocean pollution has accumulated on land, which ends up into the different bodies of water.

    Proper waste management remains a major challenge in the Philippines, particularly in the metro. The Senate Economic Planning Office has identified improper waste disposal, inefficient waste collection and lack of disposal facilities as major waste management problems that, if not addressed, would lead t ...