Haribon is the Philippines pioneer environmental organization. Haribon practically gave birth to the Philippine environmental movement. Hatched in 1972, the organization, and the individuals it trained and nurtured were instrumental in the formation of other environmental organizations in the country.

Haribon Foundation News

  • BirdLife International Visits PHs Forest Of Hope

    Country representatives of BirdLife International, the world's largest nature conservation partnership, visited Haribon Foundation's Forest of Hope site in Mts. Irid-Angelo located on the boundary of General Nakar and Infanta, Quezon.

    Led by Philippine environmental group Haribon Foundation, BirdLife International partners from Burung Indonesia, the University of Papua New Guinea Center for International Development, and BirdLife Secretariat from Asia Region and Cambridge explored the hundred-thousand-hectare old-growth forest that is home to threatened species such as the Philippine Eagle, ...

  • Bringing Back Mangrove Forest In Infanta Quezon

    Mangroves not only provide additional protection against typhoons and storm surges, but they are also home to a wide array of biodiversity which can be a viable and sustainable resource for surrounding communities if managed properly.

    Haribon Forester Thaddeus Martinez shares more about this project in Infanta, Quezon province where communities are working together to bring back their mangroves.

    This project was made possible with support from RICOH International Ltd. and BirdLife International.

  • Former Drug Users Turn Conservationists To Save The Philippine Eagle

    Former drug users, indigenous people and conservationists form an unlikely team for the noblest of causes: restore the forest where the Haring Ibon lives. And it's a success.

    Drug addicts, members of the Dumagat ethnic group, and local conservationists. It is rather eclectic, this bunch of people crossing the River Dupinga. The locals know the river all too well, and fear it. It brings water and fish, life really, if the weather is good. But with copious rains it quickly turns into a merciless killer with flash-floods and mudslides.

    We are in Luzon, the largest and most intensely populat ...

  • Restoration Of Mangrove Forest In Infanta Quezon

    Mangroves are a vital component of coastal and marine ecosystems, and they serve as barriers from storm surges, waves, tides and current.

    When Typhoon Winnie hit Quezon province in 2004, 1,500 lives were lost due to land slides and flashfloods that submerged the region with an estimated 3 to 6 meters in height. 10 years later, Haribon now works with the Maralitang Mangingisda ng Munting Sabang Association (MMMSA), the Municipal Government of Infanta and the Sangguniang Barangay of Dinahican to restore their mangrove forest, strengthening these natural barriers from storms as well as enhance ...

  • Women Farmers Nurture New Trees For Mt Banahaw

    Through Haribon's ROAD to 2020 movement, the association takes part in the rehabilitation of more than 42 hectares of depleted forest lands in San Pablo City, Laguna. Nestled between the provinces of Laguna and Quezon, the protected site covering almost 11,000 hectares is home to more than 300 species of trees and 90 species of birds, with some classified as endangered or rare.

    On a typical day, the women members of the San Cristobal Farmers Association are seen working in agricultural farms in order to support their families' basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and education. Amids ...

  • Mindoro Students Teachers Unite To Protect Naujan Watersheds

    Student leaders and high school teachers in Oriental Mindoro have teamed up to carry out conservation projects in their schools and communities in an effort to help protect the threatened sub-watersheds of Naujan Lake National Park, program organizer Haribon Foundation said.

    The Eco Guardians and Eco Rangers training program by environmental group Haribon Foundation implemented conservation programs geared towards the reduction of threats to the environment, restoration of forests and the sustainable use of resources, the group explained.

    Seventeen participating schools in the communitie ...