Coastal Underwater Resource Management Actions aims to cross barriers ??" meaning teach how we are all spirit souls in different bodies. Our lives are intertwined not only with other people but also with other living entities such as plants, birds, fish, and others. What we do affects others so we need to see the bigger picture of who we are and how we should live.

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  • CURMA Sea Turtle Conservation And Protection Seminar For ISM Students

    CURMA Sea Turtle Conservation And Protection Seminar For ISM Students

    The International School of Manila 8th Grade students participated the Basic CURMA Sea Turtle Conservation and Protection Seminar-Workshop on February 6, 2018 in San Juan, La Union. They were able to listen to inspiring stories on how CURMA volunteers perform their duties in monitoring the sea turtle nesting grounds along the coastline of San Juan.

    They also took part of simulation activities on how to transfer a sea turtles natural nest to a hatchery and understanding the responsibilities of a coastal patroller. Lastly, the students learned that sea turtles are keystone species that limits ...

  • 420 Sea Turtle Hatchlings Released In One Day

    420 Sea Turtle Hatchlings Released In One Day

    Turtle hatching season is in full swing with a total of eight nests hatching over the past ten days, four of which came out last Thursday. It was a turtle Thursday to remember! Executive Assistant V of the Office of the Provincial Governor (OPG) Ms. Geraldine Joy R. Ortega and Mayor, Arturo Valdriz were among those who came to witness the baby turtles, make their way safely to the ocean.

    Only 1% of turtle hatchlings survive to adulthood. A large percent of the mortality rate occurs during their trek from the nest to the ocean. From birds, to crabs and poachers, these hatchlings face a battl ...

  • CURMAs 2nd Nest In 4 Days Found In Bacnotan

    CURMAs 2nd Nest In 4 Days Found In Bacnotan

    Another chilly January morning brought in another turtle nest, in the quiet cove dividing Tammocalao and Cabarsican in Bacnotan, La Union which was the second nest in the last four days. The high surf this morning helped the mother turtles make their way up the beach to lay their eggs.

    Representatives from both barangays, D.E.N.R, Bacnotan and the PNP came to grace the natural wonder. To their surprise, we got everyone including the locals and tourists to help transfer the nest to safer grounds. Everyone was taught how to handle the turtle eggs and keep the same orientation of the egg, as l ...

  • Another Sea Turtle Nest Found By SIFCare CURMA

    Another Sea Turtle Nest Found By SIFCare CURMA

    In the morning of November 20, 2017 our veteran CURMA Patroller Marte Magat found sea turtle tracks on the shore of Baroro, Bacnotan La Union around 4:30 in the morning. According to Marte, he had a very difficult time finding the nest of this intelligent mother pawikan, which took him almost one hour.

    Fortunately, he later on found tracks approximately 27 inches wide and saw its nest with 94 eggs. This is the first nest Marte has found this season and stated that fewer pawikans are laying eggs here in La Union. Marte has been a patroller for six years. He works as a caretaker but he still ...

  • CURMA Releases 2nd Rescued Sea Turtle

    CURMA Releases 2nd Rescued Sea Turtle

    A female green sea turtle was released recently by CURMA, which was found and rescued by a fisherman in Taboc, San Juan, La Union last October 24.

    The sea turtle was accidentally entangled in his fishing net, and the local fisherman reported the incident to CURMA immediately. The rescued green sea turtle has a stunningly beautiful shell, measuring 57cm long and 54 cm wide. After checking her medical condition, she was tagged PH 1622-I and released back to the waters by CURMA volunteers.

    The population of sea turtle around the world has been seriously impacted due to human activities such ...

  • First Sea Turtle Sighting For 2017

    First Sea Turtle Sighting For 2017

    Theyre here! The first sea turtle sighting was reported today October 2, 2017 off the shore of Taboc, La Union, a known feeding area for sea turtles. The 70 cm adult female olive ridley sea turtle was found struggling in fishing nets by fishermen who quickly jumped in the water and saved her from impending suffocation and exhaustion. She was then brought to the CURMA hatchery where she was examined and tagged on her left front flipper. Shortly after, she was released back into the ocean.

    CURMA volunteer, Dixie Palmos, urges everyone to help protect olive ridley sea turtles because they help ...