Turtle Island Sanctuary Lawi

Jordan, Guimaras

Turtle Island Lawi Beach Marine Reserve Area is located in Lawi, Jordan, Guimaras, get up close and personal with the resident pawikan (sea turtle). Turtle Island, as the locals call it, is not an island but a former turtle sanctuary located in Lawi, Jordan, Guimaras, with a resident pawikan waiting for visitors on the shore.

The small cove with its rock formations and marine sanct ...

uaries is worth the walk. The beach faces Ave Maria and Baras islets. Delight in the corals and fish during low tide, when you can walk all the way to one of the islets.

Turtle Island Sanctuary Lawi Beach Marine Reserve News

  • Guimaras: A Travel Guide To 5 Must See Places Things To Do

    Guimaras: A Travel Guide To 5 Must See Places Things To Do

    Guimaras is one of the smallest island provinces in the Philippines, next to the lovely Siquijor and the enchanting Camiguin. Just like the other two, this little island has a number of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. While it is known to most people as the land of the sweetest mangoes in the world, the beaches and its other wonders should not be overlooked. Allow me to show you how this beautiful island captivates and tell you 5 must do things to make your quick visit worthwhile.

  • Island-Hopping At Guimaras

    Island-Hopping At Guimaras

    Everything had gone smoothly during our visit to Guimaras. Until this time. We had just boarded a boat at Alubihod Beach for our island-hopping trip. Despite having rained the previous days ??" it was the southwest monsoon or habagat season ??" the sun was up and the waters of the Panay Gulf unusually calm. Our first destination was easily visible on the horizon and, from what we knew, just 15 minutes away. Our motorized outrigger started its engine and we waited for the boat to speed up. So far, so good. We waited… and waited… and waited.

    We must have waited for more than 5 minutes but ...

  • 12 Things To Do In Guimaras Island On Your First Visit

    12 Things To Do In Guimaras Island On Your First Visit

    This is one of the destinations that has long been a part of my must-visit places in the Philippines. Been visiting Iloilo City for business meetings but it was only last year that I was able to cross from Iloilo City to Guimaras Island unconventionally via jetski.

    Guimaras is the agri-tourism capital of the Western Visayas and is known as the Mango Capital of the Philippines. It used to be part of Iloilo until it became independent province last May 22, 1992. The land area is top 5 smallest in the Philippines. But being small doesn't mean it has nothing to offer to travellers like me.


  • Take Your Time Theres No Need To Hurry When In Turtle Island

    Take Your Time Theres No Need To Hurry When In Turtle Island

    Explore the turtle sanctuary of Guimaras Island.

    Guimaras Island is known for its sweetest mangoes and white sand beaches similar to Boracay Island. The pristine water surrounding the island is a come-on for domestic and foreign tourists.

    Guimaras is located southeast of Panay and northwest of Negros Islands in Western Visayas, Guimaras was a sub-province of Iloilo until it was made an independent province on May 22, 1992.

    Tourists usually visit the island every summer and during Holy Week. One of the main attractions in this province is the Turtle Island in Lawi, Jordan, Guimaras.


  • Island Hopping In Guimaras Pristine Beaches

    Island Hopping In Guimaras Pristine Beaches

    The Philippine archipelago comprises of 7,107 wonderful islands, one of which is Guimaras. Located in the Western Visayas region, Guimaras island is a favored destination by both local and foreign tourists because of its bountiful marine life and pristine beaches.

    My previous blog, Half Day Tour in Guimaras will tell you about how to get to Guimaras and getting around the island. This blog will tell you more about island hopping.

    Months after we visited Guimaras for a half day land tour, we revisited the island to witness the beauty of its untouched beaches. We rented a multicab to deli ...

  • Pawikans freed in Guimaras

    Pawikans freed in Guimaras

    Thirty-nine sea turtles, also called pawikans, were lined 5 meters away from the sea. At a signal, human fingers released their grip and flippers began inaudibly clapping as they made their way across the sand.

    For the 37 hatchlings, it was the very first time they would be entering the sea kingdom. For the other two, it was a sweet homecoming.

    It should not be a surprise that among all of them, it was the green sea turtle that won the race to the sea. Perhaps, it was its bigger flippers that made it very fast (in turtle standards). Or perhaps, it was its profound longing, being kept in ...