Daliran Cave

Buenavista, Guimaras

Daliran Cave is located in Buenavista in Guimaras. Daliran Cave is a splendid place to explore and spend your summer vacation. You can feast your eyes on the beautiful rock formations as sparkling stalactites and stalagmites lit up this marvelous place located at Old Poblacion, Buenavista in Guimaras.

Daliran Cave News

  • BIG Bacolod Iloilo Guimaras Trip

    BIG Bacolod Iloilo Guimaras Trip

    My BIG trip with Taty and Verjo was one of the most spontaneous trips I ever had. We literally have no itineraries and scheduled plans. We opt to be as spontaneous as possible.

    DAY 1

    The first thing we did when we arrived at Bacolod was eat haha. Chicken inasal in Bacolod is absolutely the best grilled chicken I ever tasted. It's best to eat at the Manokan Country. It is a strip of karinderia styled restos across the parking lot of SM Bacolod. They offer original Chicken inasal Bacolod for only P75.

    We would like to also visit the neighboring provinces of Bacolod City, Iloilo and Gui ...

  • The Huge Bacolod-Iloilo-Guimaras Weekend

    The Huge Bacolod-Iloilo-Guimaras Weekend

    Oh Yes we did that. Bacolod. Iloilo. Guimaras. First tip to keynote this one: Yes prepare an itinerary, but be sure to anticipate some bends along the way. This isn't your typical tourist's route so thumbs up for the real Hiligaynon culture experience along the way.

    DAY 1 - Friday

    My Tiger Airs RT tickets to Bacolod-Silay are booked not withstanding any itinerary in mind. If in any case you're eyeing for the BIG trip, i'll recommend a Manila-Bacolod and Iloilo-Manila tickets (or vice versa whichever you prefer). Oh well, that's what i have so that's what i'll make the most of.

    6.30 ...

  • Buenavista town takes steps to boost tourism

    Buenavista town takes steps to boost tourism

    The local government of Buenavista in the island province of Guimaras has taken steps to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitude of its front liners in tourism.

    Some 180 of these frontliners composed of pump boat crew, owners and porters in Buenavista attended the seminar organized by the local government in collaboration with the regional office of the Department of Tourism in Western Visayas held at the municipal building's Tumandok Hall from August 27 to 28.

    Mayor Eugenio Reyes said the seminar complemented by a value formation aimed to provide participants with greater awareness o ...

  • Spelunking in Guimaras Caves

    Spelunking in Guimaras Caves

    A good number of amazing caves and interesting natural rock formations can be found in Guimaras Province where visitors can enjoy and explore natures hidden wonders. The caves vary in size, complexity and accesibility so explorers of all kinds can find caves that will surely pique their interests.

    Biri Cave, Poblacion, Jordan, Guimaras
    It can be reached at the side of the mountain. Its entrance is low and narrow and can be accessed by crawling.

    Bucoy Cave, Balcon Maravilla, Jordan, Guimaras
    Its entry passage is so low that one has to crawl to enter. Inside in the semi-darkness, one ...

  • Daliran Cave and Roca Encantada

    Daliran Cave and Roca Encantada

    Our next stopover (3:30 PM) was at the Villa Fe Summer Resort, in Brgy. Old Poblacion, Buenavista, a 5-min. hike from the wharf. Frank and his family, together with a local guide, decided to go spelunking and explore the resort's Daliran Cave, the most accessible cave in Guimaras, and its cold fresh water spring and stalactites. The rest, including me and my family, just waited outside. Inside, they got down and dirty with guano (bat droppings) as they communed with its denizens of the dark.

    Our final sightseeing stop (5 PM) was Roca Encantada (Enchanted Rock), the summer vacation home ...