Ambakan Falls

Jordan, Guimaras

Ambakan Falls is located in Municapality of Jordan, Island Province of Guimaras, in Western Visayas Region. The falls is not that high but it has its own unique beauty.The ferns surrounding the area enhanced the beauty of Ambakan Falls. This place is perfect for adventure, nature tripping, and photo walks.

Ambakan Falls News

  • Day Trip Travel To Guimaras Things To Do

    Day Trip Travel To Guimaras Things To Do

    This island-paradise is known to many as home of the sweetest mango in the world. Other than that, there is not much information about Guimaras which is why it is oftenly neglected by tourist visiting in Panay Island. Not to mention, Guimaras is just 15 minutes ferry ride from Iloilo.

    We arrived in Iloilo past 12 midnight and stayed in a hostel (City Corporate Inn) near Ortiz Wharf which is the jump off point to Guimaras. The following day, we took the earliest trip to Guimaras so that we can cover/visit as many tourist destination as possible since we wont be spending the night in the isla ...

  • Top Places To Visit In Guimaras

    Top Places To Visit In Guimaras

    Guimaras Island is the home of the sweetest mango, and also known for its rich marine resources and beautiful beaches. It is also known as the home of "Pagtaltal", the re-enactment of the Passion of Christ. If you are planning to visit Guimaras Island, here the top places to visit, i strongly recommend this beautiful places where i enjoy my stay.

    This post about the top places to visit in Jordan is arranged based on location form Jordan wharf to Nueva Valencia.

    From Iloilo City, you can ride a pumpboat from Ortiz wharf to Jordan Wharf. In the town proper, you can visit the Saint John the ...

  • Ambakan Falls Jordan Guimaras

    Ambakan Falls Jordan Guimaras

    Last May 26, 2012 we had another Photo Shoot Practicum at Ambakan Falls Jordan Guimaras in our Photography Class.

    Ambakan Falls is located about 3 kilometers from Jordan Wharf you can ride a tricycle going to the drop off point for Php8 each person when you come in group.

    It was an exciting adventure trekking and taking pictures along the way. From the drop off point, you will be trekking into a muddy and slippery trail, passing some hanging bridge made of bamboos, and pass through running creeks. This is my first time visiting the place although i was expecting that the falls is kinda h ...

  • Showdown Sa Ambakan Falls

    Ambakan Falls is located in Municapality of Jordan, Island Province of Guimaras,