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Vanda sanderiana is a flower of the orchid family. It is commonly called Waling-waling in the Philippines and is also called Sander's Vanda. The orchid is considered to be the "Queen of Philippine flowers" and is worshiped as a diwata by the indigenous Bagobo people.

Vanda sanderiana is endemic to Mindanao in the provinces of Davao, Cotabato, and Zamboanga where it is found on the t ...

runks of dipterocarp trees at elevations below 500 meters. Over-collected, the plant is considered rare in nature.  Wiki

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  • Waling-waling Eyed To Replace Sampaguita As Natl Flower

    Waling-waling Eyed To Replace Sampaguita As Natl Flower

    The House Committee on Basic Education and Culture has approved a bill seeking to declare waling-waling as the national flower of the Philippines.

    The House panel, chaired by Cebu Rep. Ramon Durano VI approved House Bill 1561, to replace the sampaguita as the national flower.

    The bill was filed by Deputy Speaker and Davao City Rep. Mylene Garcia-Albano.

    "If waling-waling shall be saved, protected, regulated and its industry developed, it could be the single biggest dollar earner for the country and would contribute to the economic growth of the Filipinos," Garcia-Albano said.

    Walin ...

  • Waling Waling Orchid Vanda Sanderiana New Philippines National Flower

    Waling Waling Orchid Vanda Sanderiana New Philippines National Flower

    Why should Waling-waling orchid be declared as a national flower in the Philippines?

    Waling-waling is not only indigenous but also endemic to the Philippines compared to the Sampaguita, a native plant from India and Arabia.

    Over thousand of orchids species thrive in the Philippines. They're known for their exotic beauty.

    Waling-waling is known as the best orchid variety in the Philippines. It usually lives in the tropical forest of Mount Apo in Davao and Zamboanga del Sur.

    Waling-waling is described as the "Queen of Philippine Orchids". It's the most beautiful and the rarest orchi ...

  • 2016 Philippine Orchid Society Midyear Garden Show

    2016 Philippine Orchid Society Midyear Garden Show

    The Philippine Orchid Society celebrated its 70th anniversary last August 26 to September 5 2016 at the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak (Flower Garden area), Quezon Memorial Circle, Diliman, Quezon City. The site was once again transformed into a colorful display of orchid landscapes, decorated with the lovely blooms of the Queen of all Orchids, the Waling Waling or the Vanda sanderiana. This year's theme was "Building Bridges Through Orchids".

    Orchid lovers, collectors, plant aficionados, orchid growers and plant traders joined once again and showcased their prized orchid and plant collecti ...

  • Garden People Youd Love To Meet In Davao

    Garden People Youd Love To Meet In Davao

    A couple of weeks ago we were invited to cover the Kadayawan Farm and Agri-trade Fair in Davao City which is actually a garden show where horticultural exhibits are staged and where commercial as well as hobby gardeners sell their products. The show is ongoing and will end on August 31.

    The ornamental horticulture industry is very much alive in Davao City and beyond. At the garden show no less than 400 gardeners and traders are offering their goods to the public. These include a lot of orchids, all kinds of flowering and foliage ornamental plants as well garden supplies.

    At the garden sh ...

  • Orchids For Show And Grow

    Orchids For Show And Grow

    The months of August and September are the blooming season of the world famous Waling-Waling. Scientifically known as Vanda sanderiana, the waling-waling is renowned world wide as the Queen of all Orchids because it has greatly influenced the breeding of modern day vandas that are very popular in the orchid cut-flower and potted orchid trade. It is a Philippine endemic species, particularly from Mindanao, that is responsible for giving the large saucer size blooms to its off springs. And, because of this very desirable trait, the waling-waling has been heavily gathered from the wild and is now ...

  • Waling Waling Takes Center Stage

    Waling Waling Takes Center Stage

    In keeping with tradition, the ongoing Midyear Orchid and Garden Show of the Philippine Orchid Society (POS) trains the spotlight on the waling-waling (Vanda sanderiana), considered by many as the queen of Philippine flowers and reportedly described by Dr. Domingo Madulid, senior botanist of the National Museum, "as the best orchid variety of the country".

    The show, said POS officers, has been scheduled to coincide with the blooming of the orchid, as a way to put the exotic flower, a true Philippine treasure, on center stage.

    The prized flowering plant, Madulid said, has all but disappea ...