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  • Protecting The Greenbelt Of Quirino

    Protecting The Greenbelt Of Quirino

    On the nation's most populous island of Luzon, inhabited by over 48 million people, spans the largest remaining tract of old-growth tropical rainforest in the entire country ??" the Quirino Protected Landscape. It is highly valued for its watershed, carbon storage and biodiversity.

    Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range, within an important biodiversity corridor, the Quirino Protected Landscape protects 67% of the Quirino province. This vast forest sustains the local people by supplying drinking water, flood protection and water for major irrigation systems. It also pro ...

  • Saturday Morning At The LPPCHEA

    Saturday Morning At The LPPCHEA

    I was happy to be back at the LPPCHEA (Las Piñas-Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area) for a bit of Saturday morning birding with some members of the WBCP.

    I had not been back for a few years and I was curious to see the beach we once dubbed as "rubber slipper beach" when I was just starting out birding. All sorts of trash littered the beach, from your usual plastic packaging to styrofoam boxes, discarded nets and rope, furniture, handbags, clothes, toys... ANYTHING you can think up, including A LOT of rubber slippers. Well, there was still a LOT of the city's trash washed up o ...

  • OWD To Plant Trees In Tala Watershed Area

    OWD To Plant Trees In Tala Watershed Area

    For its 5th year of reforestation project, the Orani Water District (OWD) will plant tree seedlings in the Barangay Tala watershed area, this town, on Saturday, August 13. The meeting place of the planting activity is 6am at OWD Office.

    Earlier, OWD General Manager Benni Andres said they will be planting another 10,000 seedlings or even more to the watershed area this year. OWD has already planted 39,000 tree seedlings in the Tala watershed area for the last 4 years.

    The water district is nurturing 28 hectares watershed area, which is part of Bataan National Park.

    In celebrating its a ...

  • Culion Palawan Road Less Traveled

    Culion Palawan Road Less Traveled

    It was more than 15 hours ship ride from Manila to Coron. I know it is one grueling trip, but I'm excited to know what Culion has for us. We left the port of Manila, 1PM of Holy Tuesday and arrived at Coron, Palawan around 5am the next day.

    Excitement is in me as it has been years already since I last visited Coron. Coron is actually not our escapade that Holy Week, although part of our itinerary is to spend the weekend there. Our main destination is Culion, a far flung island almost forgotten for many years.

    A ferry ships passengers everyday from Coron to Culion at 2PM. Travel time is a ...

  • Unbelievable Glowing In The Dark Tree In Bohol

    Unbelievable Glowing In The Dark Tree In Bohol

    Deep in the silent forest in Bohol, beside the river stands this majestic tree that is unbelievably glowing in the dark. You may call this unreal, but its super real! There is actually a growing in the dark tree in Bohol.

    You can watch it, you can take pictures of it (flash is prohibited), but you can never go into it because you will disturb the tree and it won't glow in one area anymore.

    Just like in the movies, this destination is so magical.

    The reason why this tree, the "Pagat-pat" tree is glowing is that, there are actually hundreds or thousand of fireflies flying around and res ...

  • An Eye Opening Lesson On Native Trees

    An Eye Opening Lesson On Native Trees

    What is biodiversity? It has been a question that lingered ever since the first few teasers were posted in the S&P Global office in Silver City 2, Pasig. Every year, S&P Global chooses a foundation to sponsor for a project they call 'Community Impact Month' (CIM).

    Haribon Foundation was one of the chosen institutions this year because the project leaders felt the need to increase awareness on matters concerning our home planet.

    Biodiversity, by definition, is the variety of life in an ecosystem. A forum was held to expound more about it where Haribon facilitators, Arlie Jo Endonila and J ...