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  • Mararison Island Little Batanes Of Antique

    Mararison Island Little Batanes Of Antique

    White sand beach, stunning sandbar, crystal clear waters, rolling hills, such were the main highlights of our day-trip to this island paradise. Just 15-20 minutes boat ride from Culasi mainland, Mararison Island (also called Malalison) was put under tourism spotlight due to its massive beauty, accessibility, and hospitable community.

  • Visiting Antique Tourist Spots Our 3-Day DIY Itinerary

    Visiting Antique Tourist Spots Our 3-Day DIY Itinerary

    Mararison Island thats one of the reasons why my friend and I would love to go to Culasi, Antique. Of course, we came from Cebu City and we would like to make the most of our Antique trip so we then decided to visit the renowned Kawa Bath and Bugtong Bato Falls in Tibiao and Naranjo Waterpark in Pandan. Read on to get more details of our 3 Day DIY itinerary trip to Antique, located in western Panay Island.

  • Mt Guiting-Guiting Day Hike

    Mt Guiting-Guiting Day Hike

    In the heart of Sibuyan Island lies the majestic Mt. Guiting-Guiting. Its daunting saw-toothed peaks, technical trails, and verdant forests made it a noteworthy adventure spot in the country. Popularly known as "G2", Mt. Guiting-Guiting is one of the most difficult mountains to climb in the Philippines with a rating of 9/9. I was only expecting a longer hike and just a few difficult sections when I first set foot on this mountain, but my expectations weren't met when the trails surprised us with cliffs, sharp jagged rocks, and unforgiving assaults that wore me out. I haven't experienced this k ...

  • Smith Volcano Mt Pokis In Babuyan

    Smith Volcano Mt Pokis In Babuyan

    Continued from Hiking matters #546: From Calayan Island we proceeded to Babuyan Island to formally commence our series of volcano hikes. Babuyan Island ??" one of the most fascinating in the country ??" is home to the Ibatan tribe (not to be confused with the Ivatans of Batanes with a v, although they are culturally and linguistically related), who hold title to the entire island as their ancestral domain.

    In our approach to the island we were welcomed by the green-brown conical Smith Volcano (Mt. Pokis) ??" in my opinion second only to Mayon in beauty among the country's volcanoes. Behind ...

  • Exploring Panay Capiz Ilo-ilo Guimaras Antique Aklan Part 3

    Exploring Panay Capiz Ilo-ilo Guimaras Antique Aklan Part 3

    The region of Panay is a beautiful place brimming with splendid-looking beaches, amazingly rich culture and good-natured people all over. My trip there with my good kaladkarin friends made up for one very enjoyable trip! Join me as I recall our trip to this Western Visayas region.

    Our trip lasted for five (5) days covering the whole region of Western.


    The fourth province that we visited in the Western Visayas region is Antique. Antique covers a total area of 2, 729.17 sq.km and is located at the western side of the Panay Island, bounded by Aklan in the northeast, Capiz on ...

  • Culasi Antique Mararison Island

    Culasi Antique Mararison Island

    Coming from Tibiao Antique, I took a 30-min. bus bound for Culasi. Fare is 20 php. You can, however, take any north bound bus as they will all pass by Culasi. From the bus terminal, you may opt to ride a trike going to Culasi baywalk for 9 php but to be honest, it's absolutely walkable. The boat going to Mararison Island only takes 15 minutes and can accommodate up to 8 passengers. It costs 750 php for a round trip. (Note: the waves can get rough in the afternoon so I suggest to go there early in the morning). Although homestays are available if you choose to stay overnight, it's absolutely p ...