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  • South Cot And Gen San Birding

    South Cot And Gen San Birding

    Adri and I still had the full weekend ahead of us after Friday's Tacurong Bird Festival and our day birding at the Baras Bird Sanctuary. SOX is a great place for some quick target birding, and Felix already had it all planned out for us.

  • Some Orchids From The Mount Kalatungan Range Natural Park Bukidnon Mindanao

    Some Orchids From The Mount Kalatungan Range Natural Park Bukidnon Mindanao

    It was October 31, 2016, when the first author made his first trip to the Mount Kalatungan Range Natural Park (MKRNP), which is situated in the central portion of the province of Bukidnon, on Mindanao. It is considered to be the 5th highest mountain in the Philippines with a maximum elevation of about 2,907 metres. It is characterized by steep to rolling terrain, with a sizeable stand of primary forest combined with some secondary growth forest. As a young botanist and a mountaineer, the mountain was the perfect place to explore due to the fact that it supports diverse vegetation types. The ...

  • A Day In The Forests Of Central Luzon Philippines

    A Day In The Forests Of Central Luzon Philippines

    The morning was crisp and clear and our expectations were high. Its not every day that we get the chance to go into the forest with a very experienced field botanist, Dr. Ed de Vogel, from the Netherlands.

    Dr. De Vogel was able to spare a couple of days to join us in a survey of the orchid flora of a small area of Central Luzon.

    This area is at about 1,500 meters elevation with some of the surrounding mountains reaching heights of over 2,000 meters.

    The higher elevations are mainly stunted trees, seldom over a couple of meters tall. This region is also very wind swept but this does no ...

  • The Curious Case Of Phalaenopsis Schilleriana And Phalaenopsis Stuartiana

    The Curious Case Of Phalaenopsis Schilleriana And Phalaenopsis Stuartiana

    Phalaenopsis schilleriana and Phalaenopsis stuartiana are very well known orchid species, both in their homeland and in orchid collections, and botanic gardens, world-wide. They are frequently seen in gardens around the provinces of the Philippines, especially at slightly higher elevations, and usually on the east coast of the archipelago. Both of these wonderful orchid species are a sight to behold, when in full bloom, because of their free-flowering habit, especially when well-grown.

    Stretching from central to southern Luzon, by far the majority of Phalaenopsis schilleriana are to be foun ...

  • The Appeal Of Appendicula Species

    The Appeal Of Appendicula Species

    It seems that the majority of orchid lovers like to look at big flowers. This makes sense as these large flowers are very easy to observe. But we need to take the time to look at the miniature flowers too, because these blooms are just as lovely as their larger relatives. In this article, we want to introduce you to some of the smaller flowered species. None of the flowers mentioned here is bigger than 6 mm across the widest point of the flower.

    The genus Appendicula was established by Dr. Carl Blume, in 1825, in his Bijdragen from plants collected in Java. The generic name is from the Lati ...

  • The Single-flowered Paphiopedilum Species

    The Single-flowered Paphiopedilum Species

    Members of the genus Paphiopedilum are very popular plants in horticulture world-wide. Some of the species have brightly coloured flowers, which last in good condition for a number of weeks. The flowers are also quite large, and their variation is delightful. Another reason for their popularity is that it is quite possible to collect a complete collection of all the species. Even better nowadays is that most of the species are available from seed-grown plants. The mottled foliage of the following species is also most attractive.

    The genus Paphiopedilum was first described by Ernst Pfitzer i ...