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  • New Wax Plant Named After Inday Sara

    New Wax Plant Named After Inday Sara

    A team of experts in biodiversity named a species of the Philippine Hoya found in the province of Dinagat Islands in Caraga region after City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.

    In an interview on Thursday, Milton Norman Medina, Director of Biodiversity and Environment Institute of the University of Mindanao, said they discovered the plant species on April 23, 2017, while doing a research in Central Dinagat Islands.

    Medina said they found out that one of the plant specimens they collected near a mining area was new.

    The new specimen, later named Hoya indaysarae, was tested by other experts and ...

  • New Checklist Catalogs Every Vascular Plant In The Americas

    New Checklist Catalogs Every Vascular Plant In The Americas

    Scientists have compiled a list of every known vascular plant found in North and South America, providing a new tool to understand how species are distributed throughout the two continents.

  • Ylang-ylang To Boost Farm Tourism Travel And Tourism

    Ylang-ylang To Boost Farm Tourism Travel And Tourism

    An ylang-ylang nursery in Barangay Bueno is looking to become a farm tourism destination.

    The nursery, which hosts thousands of ylang-ylang seedlings, started two years ago with the aim of giving a group of about 10 out-of-school youths something to work on.

    Pangasinan second district Rep. Leopoldo Bataoil, in a simple Christmas gathering with the nursery workers last week, said he has big plans for the nursery.

    "If there is a sunflower maze in Tayug (Pangasinan), we will have an ylang-ylang republic in Barangay Bueno," Bataoil, who conceptualized the project as part of the government ...

  • The Idyllic Talaingod

    The Idyllic Talaingod

    Our generation has a serious case of wanderlust and the presence of social media definitely makes it much worse.

    When we open Instagram, we crave to book flights and see how there is so much to learn about other countries culture- yes those elephants in Thailand are so adorable and Indonesia's Boho-themed hotel suites fronting pristine beaches look so good. But as we dream of going to faraway places, we often overlook how wonderful our own land is- that we too have sights some foreigners crave and we would realize it's a shame not seeing our own.

    So, during holiday break earlier this yea ...

  • Bacolods Sweet Scenes And Treats

    Bacolods Sweet Scenes And Treats

    Sweets are the first thing that comes to my mind when 'Bacolod' is mentioned. The sweet smiles of the locals, sweet time from partying at the Masskara Festival, and sweet goodies from home-grown businesses and family secret recipes. The province of Negros Occidental is known for its sugarcane plantations as well, and most of the affluent businessmen who thrived from the sugar industry are said to reside in Bacolod. My main mission the first time I went there was to witness the colorful Masskara Festival, but I would be stupid to miss some of the city's popular foodie delights.

    Before piggin ...

  • The Exquisite Flower Farm In Sirao Cebu

    The Exquisite Flower Farm In Sirao Cebu

    It's the time of the year again when people flock to visit the most famous and visited flower-farm in Cebu where we could see and feel what spring could possibly be. Last year it went viral and people were ecstatic in sharing their own photos and flaunt them to their social medias.

    Celosia Argentea usually grows in China and India during mid-spring to summer. No wonder Cebuanos gather and take pleasure from the beautiful scenery.

    How to get there:

    1.You can go by private vehicle.
    2. Habal ??" habal . Habal2x is a Cebuano Term for a motorcycle ride towards your area of destination. Th ...