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  • Sardine Run, Moalboal, Cebu: Diving The Philippines

    Sardine Run, Moalboal, Cebu: Diving The Philippines

    Fancy swimming with millions of sardines? Feet Do Travel head to Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines for the sardine run. Unlike the South Africa sardine run, you can snorkel and scuba dive with a giant sardine ball every day of the year at Panagsama Beach!

  • Island-hopping And Sardine Run In The Waters Of Moalboal Cebu

    Island-hopping And Sardine Run In The Waters Of Moalboal Cebu

    In a way, I think climbing mountains is kinda akin to going island-hopping. Just as no mountain climbing or hiking experience is the same, each island-hopping experience has something unique to offer. So don't go out there and be like oh, I think I'll pass on going out into the water today, because it's pretty much the same as that time I went island-hopping in so-and-so because that's. just. rubbish. (I know someone who has that mentality and I seriously pity him.)

  • Carousing In Moalboal

    Carousing In Moalboal

    It was a quick decision to revisit one of my favorite destination in Cebu province, initially we were aiming for an offbeat town in Southern Leyte but unfortunately, the lone local dive shop was fully booked for that weekend. We made quick arrangements on our favorite hostel and dive shop in Moalboal but then again, all were fully booked. We ignored the hindrances though, coming to this favorite town southwest of Cebu was a joy. My last visit was yet in June 2014!

  • Swimming With Sardines In Moalboal

    Swimming With Sardines In Moalboal

    Swoosh! Swoosh! Swishing and swarming around us is an endless wave of sardines, moving as one to avoid circling predators like tuna and mackerel.

    Im with underwater photographer Danny Ocampo and were diving in Moalboal, known for its sardine run where millions of sardines aggregate just meters from shore.

    Beneath us, hungry mackerel swoop down like dive-bombers. In an instant, dozens of hapless sardines are gone. The rest swoosh on and the bubbling free-for-all continues, floating silver scales all thats remaining of the departed.


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  • Sardine Run At Moalboal Cebu Philippines

    Moalboal attracts scuba divers, underwater photographers and freedivers for one simple reason the easy access to excellent coral reef for diving right from the shore. The big attraction and star here are the huge sardines shoals.

  • Sardine Point an Unexpected Wild Encounter Under The Sea

    Sardine Point an Unexpected Wild Encounter Under The Sea

    Aquariums, zoos, marine parks, and certain tourist attractions have allowed people to interact with rare wildlife. Amazing as these attractions are, we cannot deny the fact that these animals are housed and presented in a controlled, if not artificial, environment. Their behavior and habits are far from natural. That is why we favor adventuring in the wilderness. We just love the spontaneity, excitement, and magic of a wild encounter. And that is exactly what we got when we dived in Sardine Point in Panagsama, Moalboal in southern Cebu, Philippines.