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  • Swimming With Sardines In Moalboal

    Swimming With Sardines In Moalboal

    Swoosh! Swoosh! Swishing and swarming around us is an endless wave of sardines, moving as one to avoid circling predators like tuna and mackerel.

    Im with underwater photographer Danny Ocampo and were diving in Moalboal, known for its sardine run where millions of sardines aggregate just meters from shore.

    Beneath us, hungry mackerel swoop down like dive-bombers. In an instant, dozens of hapless sardines are gone. The rest swoosh on and the bubbling free-for-all continues, floating silver scales all thats remaining of the departed.


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  • Sardine Run At Moalboal Cebu Philippines

    Moalboal attracts scuba divers, underwater photographers and freedivers for one simple reason the easy access to excellent coral reef for diving right from the shore. The big attraction and star here are the huge sardines shoals.

  • Sardine Point an Unexpected Wild Encounter Under The Sea

    Sardine Point an Unexpected Wild Encounter Under The Sea

    Aquariums, zoos, marine parks, and certain tourist attractions have allowed people to interact with rare wildlife. Amazing as these attractions are, we cannot deny the fact that these animals are housed and presented in a controlled, if not artificial, environment. Their behavior and habits are far from natural. That is why we favor adventuring in the wilderness. We just love the spontaneity, excitement, and magic of a wild encounter. And that is exactly what we got when we dived in Sardine Point in Panagsama, Moalboal in southern Cebu, Philippines.

  • Panglao Islands Very Own Sardine Run Is Back And We Couldnt Be Happier

    Panglao Islands Very Own Sardine Run Is Back And We Couldnt Be Happier

    Greetings from windy Panglao island! Its been a while since the last blog post due to summer holidays (we travelled back home to Finland, Als post coming later), but now its time to get back to island routines. Panglao gets pretty quiet during summer months with almost everyone who live here permanently taking their holidays this time of the year. Many of the diving instructors leave elsewhere else to work, some return later to Panglao, some not. You can definitely find plenty of tourists wondering on the streets, although Alona beach is definitely quieter than normally. Well lets put it this ...

  • 7 Best Things To Do In Cebu

    7 Best Things To Do In Cebu

    Linked to the rest of the archipelago and across the world through a modern international airport, Cebu makes for the perfect gateway to Philippines. One can find a great mix of metropolitan areas steeped in history, quick nature escapes (as beaches and mountains are never too far away) and, of course, lip-smacking food. Before you scoot off elsewhere, this booming paradise most definitely has lots to offer. While things come and go in this progressive province, I?ve listed down the classic must-dos when you come to visit.

  • Massive Sardine School In Cebu Philippines

    30 feet off shore on the island of Cebu in the Philippines waits thousands upon thousands of sardines at the edge of the coral drop off.