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  • 7 Best Things To Do In Cebu

    7 Best Things To Do In Cebu

    Linked to the rest of the archipelago and across the world through a modern international airport, Cebu makes for the perfect gateway to Philippines. One can find a great mix of metropolitan areas steeped in history, quick nature escapes (as beaches and mountains are never too far away) and, of course, lip-smacking food. Before you scoot off elsewhere, this booming paradise most definitely has lots to offer. While things come and go in this progressive province, I?ve listed down the classic must-dos when you come to visit.

  • Massive Sardine School In Cebu Philippines

    30 feet off shore on the island of Cebu in the Philippines waits thousands upon thousands of sardines at the edge of the coral drop off.

  • Saving The Lowly Sardines

    Saving The Lowly Sardines

    They may not be the most popular, but sardines are the most abundant of all fish species, and they have been part of the human diet for a long time. Because of their abundance, they are a very important family of epipelagic fish among the most commonly caught fish in the Philippines.

    Rich or poor, people eat sardines. A good source of protein, sardines are delicious, easy to cook and very affordable. In fact, they may be the most undervalued fish.

    In the Philippines a kilo of fresh sardine costs P80 to P180. Smoked sardines cost around P5 to P10 a piece, depending on the size. In cans, w ...

  • Swimming With The Mysterious Sardine Disco Balls Of The Philippines

    Swimming With The Mysterious Sardine Disco Balls Of The Philippines

    Thousands to millions of sardines emerge from a coral wall in cobalt waters just a few yards from the shores of Cebu Island in the Philippines. They move in a single undulating cloud of silver that twists, turns, shrinks, expands and wraps itself around any object that gets in its way. At times, it becomes a thundercloud, blocking out the sun or clapping violently as it suddenly flips its formation to evade a predator.

    "The morning sun strikes them, and they shimmer," said Julius Santos, the founder of an adventure tour company called Island Hopping Adventure Philippines, who dived with the ...

  • Solo Diary Sardine Run And Osmena Peak The Highest Mountain In Cebu Philippines

    EP 4

    This is how I spent my last day in Moalboal! Sardine dive in the morning and hiking Osmena Peak the highest mountain in Cebu to catch the sunset. Make sure you bring a cardi when you head to Osmena Peak... you'll be surprise how cold it can get even in this kinda tropical heat!

    If you need a tour guide to Osmena Peak or Dive contact JustAdventures below! Featuring in my video is Miko. They are AMAZING and also now my friends. Speaks fluent English (well..Miko somehow has an American accent-ish), fun and decently priced!

    What else is there to do in Cebu/Marboal? Check these out: ...

  • Diving Moalboal Malapascua Cebu Philippines October 2016

    Diving Moalboal and Malapascua (Cebu - Philippines) from October 6th to 14th with Cebu Dive Center & French Kiss Divers.