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  • Road Map Gives Sharks Rays Conservation A Boost

    People who crave for exotic food find sharks and rays as special treats. The meat of these rare fish species are discreetly sold in the market, unlike the ordinary fish caught in the ocean.

    Sharks and rays are feared because of their sheer size and appearance. This, however, does not stop fishers from targeting these species because of the demand for meat and, lately, body parts, which are believed to have high medicinal properties.

    Cooked in vinegar, locally called paksiw, the demand is especially high for baby sharks. Rays are especially cooked with coconut milk, or gata, and turned in ...

  • PCSD Palawan Council For Sustainable Development Shark Ray Identification Training Conducted

    A training on shark and ray identification was organized on February 11 at the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) Office to capacitate the enforcers and other technical staff of the PCSD and its partner agencies.

    Debra Abercrombie, a marine biologist from Stony Brook University and Abercrombie & Fish, who has been studying sharks for more than 15 years, shared the tools she has helped develop for implementing the new Appendix II shark and ray listings of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

    Abercrombie specifically t ...

  • Marine Wildlife Watch Of The Philippines Formally Joins The DENR As Conservation Partner

    Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines becomes the latest conservation partner of DENR in the protection of Philippine endangered marine life. Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines or MWWP is a non-profit, non-stock organization that aims to foster a better appreciation of the marine environment, its ecological processes and how it affects us all through information dissemination, education, campaigns, training, research, and other related activities. The organization focuses on long-lived marine animals such as dolphins, whales, dugong, sharks, rays and marine turtles: iconic species of ...

  • Top Gear Crossed With Science And National Geographic Nathan Ledger

    I joined the LAMAVE BRUV Project sometime near the end of March after a friend (out here on the Otter Project) messaged me on Facebook telling me of a last minute space on the project if I was interested, it took all of 2 seconds to make up my mind so I quit my job and in 2 weeks just about managed to get myself ready for the biggest and most spontaneous trip of my life so far.

    The BRUV survey is not just unique to LAMAVE, we are conducting an assessment of the shark and ray population across the Philippines and the data collected also goes towards the Global Fin Print's assessment of shark ...

  • Osmena Throws Support For Protection Of Sharks Rays

    With Cebu City as an important landing and trading area for fish products, Mayor Tomas Osmeña issued yesterday an executive order (EO) calling for the protection of sharks, rays and chimaeras species.

    The signing followed the Festive Shark Parade held yesterday from the Pasil Fish Market, the city's largest fisheries trading area, to City Hall.

    Participated by more than a hundred advocates, members of nongovernment organizations and fisherfolk, the activity called for the City Government's commitment in protecting all shark species.

    The EO prohibits the fishing, possessing, transport ...

  • Seazoned Freediving Apo Reef II Part 1

    We lived in an island for 3 days with no electricity, no cellphone signal, no decent toilet, very limited supply of fresh water (we used rain water to bathe) and slept on concrete floor on our last day because of sudden rain pour. Do you think we enjoyed it? Our answer is HELL YES!

    This is our second run in Apo reef and we must say, its EPIC. Clients became friends, friends became family. We would like to thank everyone who made this trip possible. You know who you are :) Till our next dives!

    Part II of our Apo Reef video coming soon.

    Like us on facebook.com/seazonedph for more dive t ...