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  • An Underwater Tryst

    An Underwater Tryst

    The sun has just touched the line separating the sky and ocean when we boarded the boat. The horizon was showing off with a majestic mix of orange, pink, violet and blue. It was almost dark when we descended with only torches as our source of light.

    I took a deep breath from my regulator and pressed deflate, and slowly, I was down to about 8 meters below, seeing only a wreckage of hard corals. It was not how I expected it to be but I still tried to enjoy the dive.

    Two minutes passed and our dive guide signaled for us to stay in a portion of the reef, about 10 meters below the surface. H ...

  • Philippines Twilight Zone Reefs Reveal New Species Human Pollution Below 60 Metres

    Philippines Twilight Zone Reefs Reveal New Species Human Pollution Below 60 Metres

    The so called Twilight Zone - between 60 & 150 metres - is one of the least explored areas of the ocean. A recent research trip by the California Academy of Sciences to the Philippines reveals its unique reef systems are home to many as yet undiscovered species - and sadly pollution too.

    The California Academy of Sciences' Hope for Reefs initiative is an ambitious project aimed at advancing coral reef science through a series of trailblazing expeditions. The mission to explore the so called "Twilight Zone" regions of the world's oceans is among their most exciting projects - shedding light ...

  • Surprise Distinctive New Surgeonfish Species Makes An Improbable Debut

    Surprise Distinctive New Surgeonfish Species Makes An Improbable Debut

    Sometimes there's just no telling what will turn up at the local market.

    Fish biologist Jeff Williams of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History and colleagues were stunned recently to find a large and vibrantly colored new species of surgeonfish being sold at fish markets in the northeastern Philippines. Surgeonfish, particularly of the genus Acanthurus to which this one belongs, have been closely studied and collected in the Philippines by scientists for decades. They have a distinctive appearance and are well-known there.

    Sporting a prominent white band under its chin and ...

  • Look And SEA

    Look And SEA

    My sister Berta and her husband Ting are avid divers. They have a dive house in Anilao that they regularly go to. So, when I was approached by the California Academy of Sciences to do something for marine biodiversity, the first persons I thought of were them.

    That was five years ago - since then, the idea has blossomed into what is now known as the SEA Institute, which they are finally launching.

    We are such an amazingly gorgeous country gifted with rich agricultural land, breathtaking beauty, spectacular marine life, and exquisitely charming people.

    With swelling pride, I present to ...

  • Deep From Underneath The Water

    Deep From Underneath The Water

    Photos should be able to make people appreciate the beauty and richness of our marine resources to raise their awareness which could translate into them taking action to help protect these valuable resources.'- Danny Ocampo.

    Imagine what happens when a person not only becomes a photographer but also chooses to immerse himself in an underwater world. Danny Ocampo chose this for himself early on when he became a certified scuba diver. He already was into photography using a Kodak Instamatic with disposable flash cubes. He soon graduated to the venerable Nikonos III. The photos were "not spect ...

  • Night Dive At Kalipayan Its More Fun In The Philippines

    Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines
    January 20, 2017
    Superb underwater nightlife!
    Rare black batfish, bandtooth conger and big spanish dancer seaslug were among cool things I met. Very nice night dive at Kalipayan spot. Seaquest Dive Center Panglao.