Giant Grouper

The giant grouper (Epinephelus lanceolatus), also known as the brindlebass, brown spotted cod, or bumblebee grouper, is the largest bony fish found in coral reefs. It reaches up to 2.7m in length and 400kg in weight, unconfirmed reports of it growing much bigger exist.

Giant groupers feed on a variety of marine life, including small sharks and juvenile sea turtles. Due to overfishin ...

g, this species has declined drastically in many regions, and as of the mid-1990s, it is considered Vulnerable by the IUCN.  Wiki

Giant Grouper Epinephelus lanceolatus News

  • Lapu-lapu Na Halos Sinlaki Ng Tao Nahuli Sa Surigao City

    Lapu-lapu na mahigit 130 kilos nahuli ng mangingisda sa Surigao City.

  • Giant Lapu-Lapu Spawners Freed Into Sarangani Bay

    Giant Lapu-Lapu Spawners Freed Into Sarangani Bay

    Sarangani Bay is now the home of five king grouper spawners donated by Finfish Hatcheries Inc., the largest commercial fishing hatchery in the Philippines.

    Locally known as ?lapu-lapu? or ?kugtong,? the giant groupers were released into Sarangani Bay from the jetty of the Sarangani Energy Corp's 210-megawatt power plant during the province?s Ocean Month Celebration recently to help replenish the grouper population in the area.

    According to Genia Genosa, production superintendent for the Sarangani-based Finfish Hatcheries?the first fry hatchery in the Philippines?a giant lapu-lapu?s weigh ...

  • Five Giant Lapu-lapu Breeders Freed Into Sarangani Bay

    Five Giant Lapu-lapu Breeders Freed Into Sarangani Bay

    Five giant "lapu-lapu" (grouper) spawners were released into the protected Sarangani Bay in a bid to boost the livelihood of thousands of small fishermen as well as spur tourism in the area, officials said.

    Genia Genosa, production superintendent for Finfish Hatcheries Inc., said the giant lapu-lapus, which weigh from 80 kilograms to more than 100 kilograms each, were released recently into Sarangani Bay to help replenish the grouper population in the area.

    "One giant grouper can spawn 20 per cent of its own body weight in eggs, meaning one of the spawning groupers can lay between 16 kil ...

  • Young Tawi Tawi Scientist Out To Save Sea Of Childhood

    Young Tawi Tawi Scientist Out To Save Sea Of Childhood

    The sea, with its diverse marine life, and the pristine beaches of his hometown Sibutu Island in Tawi-Tawi were Richard Muallil's playground as a child.

    Now, as a 35-year-old marine scientist, Muallil is hoping to transform his old playground into a marine sanctuary, preserving its biodiversity and promoting sustainable fishing.

    "Because there are not many programs (either private or government) … on coastal resource management there (Sibutu), the threat from overfishing and habitat destruction is high," said Muallil in an interview with the Inquirer.

    Muallil was named one of 12 new ...

  • A Plea To Go Easy On Lapu-Lapu

    A Plea To Go Easy On Lapu-Lapu

    Visit a local Chinese restaurant and you will most likely see an aquarium filled with live lapu-lapu, waiting for a diner's beckoning. Popular for its mild sweet flavor, lapu-lapu??"whether steamed, fried or sautéed??"is a staple in these restaurants' menus.

    Unfortunately, this fish and its family is slowly diminishing.

    In a recently published study by Haribon Foundation and Newcastle University UK under the Darwin Initiative Project 19-020, "Responding to Fish Extirpations in the Global Marine Epicenter of Shorefish Diversity", the Giant Grouper (Epinephelus lanceolatus) locally known ...

  • Scuba Diving In Mindoro

    Scuba Diving In Mindoro

    I recently had the chance to dive in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro and Pandan Island, Occidental Mindoro. This was my second time to dive in Puerto Galera and, while the place has many dive shops, I was not particularly impressed with the general set-up, particularly in light of sewer pipes discharging liquid effluent directly into the bay. That said, my recent dives indicate that the marine life (at least in the vicinity of Sabang Bay) are somewhat protected.

    Just below one of the floating bars fronting Sabang Bay is a school of sardines meandering in and out of the shade and sunlight. N ...