There are several species of eels in the Philippines including the Philippine mottled eel (Anguilla luzonensis) which is known from the Pinacanauan River system on Luzon Island. The eels spend most of their lives in freshwater but migrate to the ocean to breed.

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  • Scuba Balicasag Island Philippines Clownfish Snake Puffer Eel Turtle Frogfish More

    Scuba diving trip to the Philippines, on 11/04/16 we went out to Balicasag Island off the coast of Bohol. We stayed at Dive Thru Resort and the trip to the island took approximately 35 minutes. They only allow 100 divers per day to the island and you have to pay a small conservation fee.

    Everything was worth it. This is the most active, healthy, and beautiful reef I have ever seen. This video is some of the highlights from our three dives on the island. We saw clownfish, sea turtles, snakes, frogfish, eels, anemone fish, coral, triggerfish, puffer fish and much more.

    I used a GoPro Her ...

  • Surigao Scuba Diving In Mabua

    Surigao Scuba Diving In Mabua

    The Philippines, being an archipelagic country at the heart of the Coral Triangle, never really runs out of underwater surprises. They come in a form of offbeat dive site, the less touristy and non-commercialized ones yet overflowing with potentials. In chase of these hidden gems of Philippine depths, Ate Claudia and I set foot in Surigao City to explore its underwater treasures.

    Surigao lies on the north-easternmost coast of mainland Mindanao, surrounded with bodies of waters that are known to be rich in biodiversity. One of the city's famous spots is Mabua Pebble Beach, known for its kilo ...

  • Guide To Canding Falls Or Kanding Falls In San Clemente Tarlac

    Guide To Canding Falls Or Kanding Falls In San Clemente Tarlac

    On my last post, we were late to discover that there was a waterfall at Barangay Maasin. Now let me share our experience going to this waterfall the day after our swim at Canding River. The adventure started at 9 o'clock in the morning, an hour earlier than Canding River visit due to the fact that we will have to walk. We also don't have the idea about the path to take. The kid who informed us that there's a waterfall at Canding lives close to the river with his family so, we will just have to ask direction from there.

    The trekking started 10 A.M. We traversed the river bank where a path ...

  • Tubbataha Raptures Of The Deep First Of Two Parts

    Tubbataha Raptures Of The Deep First Of Two Parts

    A Booby bird the size of a duck outfitted with an extra wide wingspan hovered close to the water a few yards from our speed boat.

    For a moment, everyone onboard dropped what they were doing and stared at the bird that resembled a pterodactyl. It then turned its head and stared back at us in midair.

    "Watch out for your eyeballs!" somebody shouted, as the booby pointed its 12-inch-long beak in our direction. We watched in awe as it swept over our heads and glided towards the direction of Bird Islet half a mile away. Boobies prey on fish by diving into the sea and pursuing their prey underw ...

  • BFAR Releases 100 000 Elvers In Cagayan River

    BFAR Releases 100 000 Elvers In Cagayan River

    The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) recently seeded the Cagayan River and its tributaries with at least 100,000 elvers to increase the dwindling population of eels in the region.

    Aaron Mayor, BFAR Focal Person for Stock Enhancement of Elvers program, said they continuously seeded the Cagayan River and communal water bodies with stocks like elvers and tilapia fingerlings to save their depleted population due to overfishing.

    This year, he said the bureau identified the towns of Gattaran and Baggao in Cagayan; San Mariano, Angadanan, San Guillermo, and San Pablo i ...

  • Eel Sanctuaries In Cagayan Identified

    Eel Sanctuaries In Cagayan Identified

    In a move to protect and harness fishermen's livelihood, a London-based organization recently installed demarcation lines in various identified eel sanctuaries in the Cagayan Valley region.

    The regional Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) here said the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), through the Darwin Eel Project, have established two eel sanctuaries in PeƱablanca, three in Baggao, and two in Gattaran in the province of Cagayan, while two were installed in Quirino province and three in the province of Isabela.

    Launched in collaboration with Zoological Society of London ...