Wild boar

The wild boar (Sus scrofa), also known as the wild swine or Eurasian wild pig is a suid native to much of Eurasia, North Africa, and the Greater Sunda Islands. Human intervention has spread its range further, making the species one of the widest-ranging mammals in the world, as well as the most widely spread suiform.

MtDNA studies indicate that the wild boar originated from islands ...

in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and the Philippines, and subsequently spread onto mainland Eurasia and North Africa.

Wild boar Sus scrofa News

  • Palawan Towns Urged To Identify Flagship Species To Protect

    Palawan Towns Urged To Identify Flagship Species To Protect

    The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) is urging municipalities in the province to identify their flagship wildlife species to protect them against the threats of illegal trading.

    Jovic Fabello, information officer of the PCSD Staff, said on Tuesday that there is already a resolution that was passed in December 2017 by the Council regarding the guidelines in the selection and management of flagship species by local government units.

    These guidelines can be the basis of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan in passing a provincial ordinance that would strengthen the implementation ...

  • Climbing The Mighty Mt Halcon

    Climbing The Mighty Mt Halcon

    Hi everyone! I just got back from my longest and most difficult (Yup, Mt. Amuyao has been replaced) hike in Mindoro, the mighty Sialdang or more popularly known as Mt. Halcon ??" my 48th mountain.

    Mountain Stats
    Elevation: 2580+ MASL
    Location: Baco, Oriental, Mindoro
    Difficulty: 9/9, Major Climb
    Trek to Summit: 19-20 hours

  • Backpacking Sorsogon Island Hopping In Matnog

    Backpacking Sorsogon Island Hopping In Matnog

    Down in the South tip of Luzon lies an adventure that awaits. Matnog Island still undeciphered for at least in most Tourist maps. Matnog is a 4 hours drive from city of Legazpi, you can ride a public bus or a van going to Bulan, Sorsogon. Tell the driver to drop you off at the Matnog and Bulan Intersection (landmark is the Lion Clubs moument, this is the intersection between Bulan and Matnog). There are 3 options to drop you off at the port,you can ride a bus or jeepney going to Matnog or take a tricycle. We choose the latter and most expensive due to our limited time (Php200).

    Near Matnog ...

  • 3 Places In Ilocos To Unwind This Halloween

    3 Places In Ilocos To Unwind This Halloween

    Ilocos is the place to be if you want have a great long weekend near the end of October. The people from the North take their Halloween seriously. There is also the somber panag-aatang or atang when food is offered to the departed to show respect and remembrance.

    If you and your friends are heading to Ilocos for a vacation this weekend, there are many places you can go to. Here are 3 places in the far north worth visiting during the Undas.

    1. Bauang ??" This is the town in La Union before San Fernando City. Its name (bauang means garlic) already makes it anti-aswang, but no problem. For ...

  • Kids Share Wildlife Lesson Through Bird Find

    Kids Share Wildlife Lesson Through Bird Find

    A group of elementary pupils rescued a serpent eagle that it found while the children were on their way home in Magpet town, North Cotabato province, eliciting praises from town officials who said they marveled at how the children cared more for the environment than adults.

    Amores Roque, a senior staffer of the Magpet local government, said the children were walking home when they saw the serpent eagle near the Bayuhan River, which is near a forested area.

    Roque said that instead of harming the bird or playing with it, the children, whose identities were not made available, turned over t ...

  • Hidden Beauty Of Nature

    Hidden Beauty Of Nature

    The upper towns are characterized by towering mountain peaks and plateaus. They serve as haven for wildlife, including the rare Philippine eagle, which was recently sighted in the forests of Calanasan in the past several months.

    Calanasan Mayor Elisas Bulut, Sr. said logging companies tried to enter the area several times in the past but the Isnegs warned them to keep out and lowlanders, who get inside the forest, were told: "no hunting, no cutting of trees."

    He said Isnegs have no guns but they are armed with spears, arrows and long knives and they have installed warning systems and tra ...