In the Philippines, over thirty species of whales and dolphins can be observed around Central Visayas, Davao Gulf, the northern coast of the province-island Palawan, and in Batanes.

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  • BFAR Nagpaandam Sa Maga-ihaw Kag Magakaon Sang Dolphin Kag Balyena

    BFAR Nagpaandam Sa Maga-ihaw Kag Magakaon Sang Dolphin Kag Balyena

    Nagpaandam ang Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources ukon BFAR sa sin-o man nga magtandog sa dolphin kag balyena nga endangered species sa kagadatan.

    Ini ang kasunod sang pagkapadpad sang isa ka species sang dolphin sa Purok Mahigugmaon, Barangay Pahanocoy, ciudad sang Bacolod kahapon sang hapon.

    Suno kay Arlan Merambel sang BFAR Negros Occidental nga amo ang nagresponde sa lugar kahapon, ginbalik na sa tubig ang dolphin.

    Makapila kuntani ka beses nga gindul-ong ini sang mga mangingisda sa madalom nga bahin sang baybayon apang nagabalik sa higad amo gani nga gindul-ong ini sa mas ...

  • Whale Found In Florence Ville Pahanocoy Bacolod City

    Whale Found In Florence Ville Pahanocoy Bacolod City

    A big fish landed at the seashore of Purok Mahigugmaon, Florence Ville, Brgy. Pahanocoy Bacolod City. Residents of the place believed that the big fish landed on their seashore belongs to the family of a whale species.

    According to Kagawad Boyet Nessia the length of a whale is about 10 feet, and about 2 meters width and estimated about 350 kilos.

    There are wounds found in different parts of the whale?s body, expert believes that the wounds are the reason the whale landed in their area of responsibility.

    Barangay officials are waiting from the Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources to ...

  • Queen City Of The South Part 2 Tour

    Queen City Of The South Part 2 Tour

    DAY 4 ??" OCTOBER 18, 2016

    On our 2nd day, we chose to do some South Cebu activities.

    Since It's 3-4 hours road trip going to Oslob, we left at ALT at around 4 in the morning and just caught up on some sleep during the ride. But our driver woke us up to see this beautiful sunrise.

    We also passed by at Oslob's old Cuartel and the old church near it (almost just across it), the Nuestra SeƱora de la Immaculada Conception church, which is one of the oldest churches in Cebu, to have some photos.


    We arrived at the Oslob Whaleshark Encounter location by aro ...

  • Stand Out From The Crowd

    Stand Out From The Crowd

    The fifth and final in the series of five films championing sustainable marine wildlife tourism in the Philippines. This film stars cetaceans (dolphins and whales) and demonstrates how to avoid overcrowding animals, by making our own path, rather than simply following the crowd. The message is brought to you by the community of Pamilacan Island, Bohol.

    This version of the film is in English, but you can also find a Bisaya (local dialect) version on our YouTube Channel.

    Their Future Our Future is a video campaign to support Sustainable Marine Wildlife Tourism ...

  • Dont Throw Garbage Into Tubbataha

    The management office of the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park called on residents and visitors of Palawan to educate themselves against throwing garbage and other debris into the sea as they threaten its health.

    The Tubbataha Management Office made the appeal Wednesday because they continue to collect garbage in the world famous reefs and dive spot.

    Angelique Songco of the TMO said despite incessant pleas to the public, they continue to collect marine wastes and debris in the Tubbataha Reefs that threaten the health of its corals and marine life.

    Just a few weeks ago, Songco said they dis ...

  • Wildlife Conservation In The Philippines Global 3000

    The Tanon Strait lies between the Philippine islands of Negros and Cebus. It is a resting ground for whales, dolphins and home to rare marine plants. As biodiversity comes under threat, locals are getting involved in its protection.