The tamaraw or Mindoro dwarf buffalo, Bubalus mindorensis, is a small, hoofed mammal belonging to the family Bovidae. It is endemic to the island of Mindoro in the Philippines, and is the only endemic Philippine bovine. The tamaraw was originally found all over Mindoro, from sea level up to the mountains, but because of human habitation, hunting, and logging, it is now restricted to only a few rem ...

ote grassy plains and is now an endangered species.  Wiki

Tamaraw Bubalus mindorensis News

  • House Panel Declares Tamaraw As The National Land Animal

    House Panel Declares Tamaraw As The National Land Animal

    The House Committee on Basic Education and Culture has approved a bill declaring the "tamaraw" or the Mindoro dwarf buffalo as the national land animal of the Philippines.

    The panel, chaired by Cebu Rep. Ramon (Red) Durano VI approved House Bill 4606, filed by Oriental Mindoro Rep. Paulino Salvador (Doy) Leachon.

    Leachon stated that the House panels passage of the bill and its corresponding committee report would help promote awareness and support of one of the countrys endangered species.

    In the 1990s , the Maya, then the national bird was replaced by the Philippine eagle or the ...

  • FEU Celebrates Tamaraw Month With WWF-Philippines

    FEU Celebrates Tamaraw Month With WWF-Philippines

    Far Eastern University (FEU) Manila, a long-term partner of WWF-Philippines, mounted an event celebrating Tamaraw Month at the FEU Manila campus last October 26. Said event is the launch of a series of month-long activities to be held at different FEU campuses (Silang, Cavite, Makati, Diliman, and Roosevelt College Inc. branches), which showcases sets of activities concerning the protection and conservation of the Tamaraw, one of the world?s most endangered species.

    The kickoff event at the main campus featured a talk for the youth organized by WWF-Philippines Environmental Education unit, ...

  • DENR Mulls Over Use Of Satellite Telemetry To Monitor Endangered Philippine Tamaraw

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is eyeing to employ satellite tracking device to improve its monitoring of the critically endangered Philippine tamaraw on Mindoro island.

    We plan to use a satellite-tracking device to 20 sample tamaraws to monitor their movements. That way, we will have an idea of where our tamaraws are lurking, Rodel Boyles, the community environment and natural resources officer (Cenro) of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro, told the BusinessMirror in an interview.

    Also called the Mindoro dwarf buffalo, the tamaraw can only be found on Mindoro islan ...

  • Tamaraw, Other Endemic Species

    October is the month of the Tamaraw in the Philippines. It is a species of mammal that can only be found in the island of Mindoro and nowhere else in the world, the reason why it is given paramount importance. It was first recorded in the island in 1888.

    Scientifically, the Tamaraw is known as Bubalusmindorensis, and considered as the largest wild animal in the country. It is a closest relative of water buffalo found in Southern Asia, from which the domestic carabao is descended, as described by the late William Oliver, a British biologist who spent more than two decades of his life in the ...

  • A Journey With Mindoros Tau Buid Mangyan

    A Journey With Mindoros Tau Buid Mangyan

    It is raining heavily in the Iglit-Baco National Park and we are hunkered in a thatched hut in the forest.

    Inside we sit with three ancient Fufu-amas, elders of the Taw Buid, a tribe from Mindoro.

    They are clad in loincloths while smoking a mysterious herb in wooden bak to pipes. It is supposedly tobacco, but smells like something else.

    I was last here in 2012 to photograph the tamaraw, a critically-endangered buffalo WWF is working to conserve. I have returned to learn more about the Taw Buid, an indigenous tribe helping to protect the tamaraw.

    They wish to visit our village tomor ...

  • Visit Of Our Scientific And Project Partners In The Philippines October 25 November 2

    Visit Of Our Scientific And Project Partners In The Philippines October 25 November 2

    The Foundation was welcoming Dr. James Burton, Chair of IUCN SSC Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group and Dr. Barney Long, Director of Species Conservation, Global Wildlife Conservation, during a week visit to the Philippines to better discover our actions, discuss about our "Mangyan ??" Tamaraw Driven Landscape Program" and other issues regarding endangered species.

    Their journey was complemented by several meetings with local stakeholders and partners and a field visit to the Mts Iglit-Baco National Park on Mindoro with observation of the elusive Tamaraw.

    This visit ends up with promisin ...