Spinner dolphin

The spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris) is a small dolphin found in off-shore tropical waters around the world. It is famous for its acrobatic displays in which it spins along its longitudinal axis as it leaps through the air. It is a member of the family Delphinidae of toothed whales.

Spinner dolphin Stenella longirostris News

  • Dumaguete And Negros Oriental Travel Guide

    Dumaguete And Negros Oriental Travel Guide

    Finally we've set our foot on The City of Gentle People, Dumaguete City!

    Dumaguete City is the capital of Negros Oriental and a popular gateway to exciting tourist destination and adventure. It is named "Best Place to Retire in the Philippines for 2018" by Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA). Factors weighed in are cost of living, the friendliness of people, peace and order, health care services and many others. Unsurprisingly, that?s the reason why there are lot of foreign nationals who settled in this city and its neighboring towns.

  • Born To Be Wild: Ocean World: Dolphin, The Charming Predator

    Aside from their playful attitude, dolphins are also well-known for their hunting techniques to capture their preys. Know more about the ocean's 'charming predator' in this video.

  • Philippine Seas A Documentary By Atom Araullo Full Episode

    Tinuturing ang Pilipinas bilang center of marine biodiversity sa buong mundo. Ngunit sa likod ng hindi matatawarang yaman ng ating karagatan, samu't saring problema rin ang kinakaharap nito. Samahan si Atom Araullo na sisirin ang mga karagatan sa Pilipinas upang alamin ang kasalukuyang estado nito.

  • Environmental Defenders Score Big SC Ruling For Tanon Strait Cetaceans

    Environmental Defenders Score Big SC Ruling For Tanon Strait Cetaceans

    Foundation for the Philippine Environment (FPE) Chair and CEO Atty. Rose Liza E. Osorio, together with fellow environmental lawyers, Atty. Gloria Estenzo-Ramos (Oceana vice president) and Atty. Benjamin Cabrido, Jr., recently earned a critical Supreme Court (SC) ruling on behalf of the dolphins and other resident cetaceans of Tañon Strait, thus protecting them and their natural habitat from further "oil exploration, development, and exploitation of petroleum resources" by Japan Petroleum Exploration Co. Ltd. (JAPEX).

    On April 21, 2015, the high court made a decision on the case labeled Res ...

  • Tanon Strait LGUs Stakeholders Strengthen Enforcement Plan

    Tanon Strait LGUs Stakeholders Strengthen Enforcement Plan

    Concerned government agencies, local government units (LGUs), and fishing industry stakeholders, including civil society organizations (CSOs), recently gathered in Cebu to review and strengthen the enforcement plan to protect Tañon Strait from commercial, illegal, and destructive fishing operations.

    The "Tañon Strait Protected Seascape (TSPS) Enforcement summit" was attended by more than 120 participants who reviewed and identified gaps to strengthen the Tañon Strait enforcement plan, and forge their respective commitments to strongly implement the plan in the next several years.

    "The ...

  • Bais City Dolphin Watching And Manjuyod White Sandbar

    Enjoying the calm waters of Bais bay while watching the Dolphins swims freely and appreciating the pristine beauty of Manjuyod White Sandbar.