Rissos dolphin

Risso's dolphin (Grampus griseus) is the only species of dolphin in the genus Grampus. Their preferred environment is just off the continental shelf on steep banks, with water depths varying from 400??"1,000m and water temperatures at least 10C.

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  • A Tale Of Two Dolphins

    A Tale Of Two Dolphins

    A week ago, two dolphins suffered different fates, their stark contrast reiterating the role of community involvement in conservation.

    Thursday, the 10th of January. A Risso's dolphin is found floundering off the coast of Playa La Caleta resort in Morong, Bataan. Scratch marks and a sizeable wound cover its gray body, inflicted during an encounter with a shark. Action was swift, and soon the local coast guard, the Philippine National Police and Bantay Dagat rangers had the dolphin off on its way to rehabilitation. "Courage," they named it.

    "[In cases such as this], community participatio ...

  • Locals Govt Authorities Rescue Seriously Injured Dolphin In Bataan

    Locals Govt Authorities Rescue Seriously Injured Dolphin In Bataan

    A six-foot seriously injured dolphin, seeking refuge off the waters of a beach resort in Bataan, was rescued by locals and personnel from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Morong on Thursday.

    In a series of photos from the management of the Playa La Caleta beach resort, a dolphin could be seen resting in the shallow waters bearing a lot of scratches and what appeared to be a shark-bite wound in its body.

    A fishing line or hook could also be seen caught around its tail and fin, causing it to worsen the wounds it has sustained.

    Upon sighting the dolphin seeki ...

  • Sugatang Dolphin Natagpuan Sa Dalampasigan

    Isang Rissos Dolphin natagpuan sa baybayin ng Brgy. Milawid sa lungsod ng Quezon.

  • PCG BFAR Rescue Stranded Dolphin In Sual

    PCG BFAR Rescue Stranded Dolphin In Sual

    The Philippine Coast Guard and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) in Sual successfully rescued a stranded dolphin at vicinity waters of Barangay Tobuan, Labrador, Pangasinan yesterday, July 31.

    A certain Mr. Roman Ferrer reported the incident at Coast Guard Station (CGS) Sual informing that a dolphin was sighted and was believed to be stranded.

    Subsequently, joint team of CGS Sual, Marine Environmental Protection Unit-Northwestern Luzon conducted rescue operation to the reported incident and positively confirmed the said reports. Immediately, CGS Sual made coordination to B ...

  • Stranded Rissos Dolphin Rescued In Puerto Princesa

    A wounded Risso?s dolphin (Grampus griseus) that got stranded in a coastal area here was reported Friday morning to have been rescued by environment authorities.

    A rescue official who refused to be named said the dolphin was found and saved on July 19 along the coast of Sitio Tagbarungis, Barangay Inagawan, in the outskirts of Puerto Princesa.

    The dolphin measured three meters (290 cm), and was estimated to be between three to four years old.

    The aquatic mammal?s body was reportedly weak and has wounds all over when it was found. But rescuers cannot say where it got them.

    It was f ...

  • Dolphin Nailigtas Ng Mga Mangingisda Sa Camarines Sur

    Dolphin Nailigtas Ng Mga Mangingisda Sa Camarines Sur

    Isang dolphin ang nailigtas ng mga mangingisda sa dagay ng Barangay Pasay sa bayan ng Del Gallego, Camarines Sur Martes ng umaga.

    Ayon sa rescue team, unang nakita ang dolphin na lumalangoy sa mababaw na bahagi ng dagat bandang 5:00 ng umaga.

    Napansin rin ang panghihina nito, kaya agad na ipinagbigay alam ang insidente sa Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR).

    Lumalabas sa pagsusuri na isang Risso's dolphin ang nakita ng mga mangingisda. May sugat ito sa may ulo na posibleng rason ng panghihina nito.

    Agad naman itong nabigyan ng lunas at dinala sa mas malalim na bahagi n ...