Philippine flying lemur

The Philippine flying lemur is endemic to the southern Philippines. Its population is concentrated in the Mindanao region and Bohol. Colugos live in heavily forested areas, living mainly high up in the trees in lowland and mountainous forests or sometimes in coconut and rubber plantations, rarely coming down to the ground. The types of forests they inhabit are mainly primary and secondary forests. ...


Philippine flying lemur Cynocephalus volans News

  • 5 Incredible Animals Found Only In The Philippines

    5 Incredible Animals Found Only In The Philippines

    With its land and seas teeming with various endemic species of animals, the Philippines is a field biologists wonderland.

    Hailed by researchers as home to the highest concentration of unique species per unit area in the world, roughly 33 percent of the countrys plants, 75 percent of its amphibians, 70 percent of its reptiles, and 44 percent of its birds can be found only here in the Philippines.

    Luzon alone has the highest concentration of endemic mammals in the world, besting England and Madagascar which are bigger than Luzons 103,000 sq. km area. Filipino and American researchers from ...

  • Fauna Found In Bohol

    Fauna Found In Bohol

    These are the fauna or animals found in Bohol. Bohol has various animals that are very unique just like the Tarsier.The fauna on Bohol is almost identical to that on Mindanao, Samar, and Leyte, but not that on nearby Negros. Scientists believe that the floral and faunal biodiversity unique to the Philippines is caused by the Ice Age. They also believe that the country has the most severely endangered plant and animal communities on earth. In this page, you will find the origin,conservation status ,ecological role and economic value of each Fauna found in Bohol.

    Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta)


  • The Philippines Birding Bohol May 20-22 2016

    The Philippines Birding Bohol May 20-22 2016

    We started our Philippines trip on the island of Palawan, followed by some time on Cebu, then Negros and then, thanks to a ferry to Bohol being sold out, we spent a night on the island of Siquijor. The final leg of our Philippines adventure (well at least my final leg), was the island of Bohol. Bohol is located within the Visayas, a term used to describe one of the principle geographic regions in the Philippines. (Since the country is made up of over 7,000 islands, it would be silly not to have the islands broken up into different regions. The Visayas describes the islands surrounding the Visa ...

  • Philippine Flying Lemur Demystifying The Kagwang

    Philippine Flying Lemur Demystifying The Kagwang

    Arecent social-media post that went viral showed a frightened Philippine flying lemur being restrained by its captors.

    Mistaken for aswang, a mythical evil creature, it is being blamed for the mysterious death of livestock.

    While it is commonly called as kagwang, the Philippine flying lemur is not your aswang that feeds on human or animal flesh and internal organs, as the local folklore says. It neither sucks blood, nor destroys crops.

    The flying lemur is also not, as many believed it to be, a bad omen or one that brings bad luck.

    In fact, the Philippine flying lemur is considered ...

  • Mount Tagub Kampalili ICCA Philippines

    Mount Tagub Kampalili ICCA Philippines

    Mount Tagub-Kampalili ICCA is a proposed Philippine Eagle Critical Habitat, or Nanganganib na tirahan ng mga Agila, in Mindanao Island, Philippines. The ICCA was established in partnership with the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) in 2009, and is governed by the Mandaya indigenous people. The Madaya live in four villages, and number around 800 people. The communities govern their ICCA through a Local Community Governing Council and Indigenous People's Organisation, and have established the Mandaya Association of Taocanga Tribal Council, Inc. The PEF initiative assisted the communities in inst ...

  • Pangangalaga Sa Mt Balatukan Range

    Isinusulong ni Senator Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada ang pangangalaga sa napakagandang Mount Balatukan Range sa bahagi ng Misamis Oriental, partikular sa lungsod ng Gingoog at mga munisipalidad ng Claveria, Medina at Balingasag, at may lawak na humigit-kumulang na 30,965 ektarya.

    Aniya sa iniakdang Senate Bill 1643, "The Mt. Bala­tukan Range is home to a diverse species of flora and fauna including the Philippine Eagle, Mindanao Lorikeet bird, Tarsier, Giant Fruit Bat, Monitor Lizard, Flying Lemur, and six species of bats, four of which are endemic. The Mindanao endemic Ptenochirus minor and th ...