Negros warty pig

Negros warty pig (Sus cebifrons negrinus). There are two separate remaining populations of S. c. negrinus ??" on the islands of Negros and Panay, respectively. Both populations have been physically and genetically isolated since the last ice age (c. 12,000 yrs).

The current conservation program for S. c. negrinus includes successful breeding programs at the Rotterdam Zoo for pigs o ...

f Negros origin, and at the San Diego Zoo for pigs of Panay origin. Although it is believed that S. cebifrons can now only be found in Negros and Panay, some studies report of the possibility that a small population exists on the island of Masbate.

Negros warty pig Sus cebifrons negrinus News

  • 4 Warty Pigs Born In Captivity

    Four warty pigs were born recently at the Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation animal sanctuary at the South Capitol Road in Bacolod City, NFEFI president Paul Trebol Lizares said yesterday.

    The warty pig, also known as baboy talunon and Suscebifrons, is considered the most threatened wild pig species in the world, he said.

    They are extinct in Cebu, Guimaras and probably Masbate, and are now found only on the remaining forest patches in Negros and Panay, he added.

    Unique among wild pigs, they grow a long, floppy coarse mane during breeding season and shed it when breeding season i ...