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The Philippine crocodile, Crocodylus mindorensis, also known as the Mindoro crocodile or the Philippine freshwater crocodile, is one of two species of crocodile that are found in the Philippines, the other is the larger Indo-Pacific crocodile or saltwater crocodile. The Philippine crocodile, the species endemic only to the country, became data deficient to critically endangered in 2008 from exploi ...

tation and unsustainable fishing methods, such as dynamite fishing.  Wiki

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  • NGO Launches Info Drive On Croc Conservation

    NGO Launches Info Drive On Croc Conservation

    The Crocodylus Porosus Philippines, Inc. (CPPI) launched early this week its information drive to protect saltwater and freshwater crocodiles in Brooke's Point town.

    Mellie Corvera, research assistant of CPPI said, "Our mission is to open mind of the community about the importance of the crocodile to a balanced ecosystem, develop and implement management programs to re-establish viable wild populations of the Indo-Pacific Crocodile or Crocodylus Porosus or the saltwater crocodile, specially the Philippine crocodile also known as the Crocodylus Mindorensis or freshwater crocodile which is no ...

  • PH Crocs Shy Secretive And Soon Gone

    PH Crocs Shy Secretive And Soon Gone

    National scientist Dr. Angel Alcala and fellow experts have raised the call for more drastic measures to protect and conserve the Philippine crocodile (Crocodylus mindorensis), saying the species is nearing extinction.

    "In the first place, there are just too few of them left in the wild. The wild population should be protected and should be a priority as the number of the Philippine crocodile is fast declining," said Alcala, considered one of the leading experts on amphibian and reptile research.

    "Our Philippine crocodile is unique compared to other crocodilian species in the world. Our ...

  • Crocodile Conservation Hub Expected To Rise In Isabela State University

    Crocodile Conservation Hub Expected To Rise In Isabela State University

    The protection and conservation of the endangered Philippine crocodile in Cagayan Valley will be getting the much-needed boost.

    There are two species of crocodiles found in the Philippines the freshwater crocodile and the more aggressive saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus).

    The Philippine crocodile (Crocodylus mindorensis) is a freshwater crocodile found only in the Philippines.

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has recently forged ties with the local government unit of San Mariano, Isabela State University (ISU) and Mabuwaya Foundation Inc. for the estab ...

  • Pangangalaga Sa Philippine Crocodile Tampok Sa Pista

    Pangangalaga Sa Philippine Crocodile Tampok Sa Pista

    Katulad ng buwaya na sala sa init, sala sa lamig, hindi nagpapigil sa sama ng panahon ang mga estudyante ng San Mariano, Isabela.

    Suot ang mga costume na buwaya, pumarada sila sa Poblacion para sa Croc Festival ng bayan.

    Hango ang Croc Festival sa Philippine Crocodile na pinangangalagaan ng Mabuwaya Foundation ng San Mariano.

    Ayon kay Bernard Tarun na Species Conservation Specialist ng Mabuwaya Foundation, mayroon na silang 71 na buwayang pinakawalan at may 72 pang inaalagaan sa kanilang pasilidad.

    Layon nilang paramihin pa ang mga buwayang ito dahil kabilang sila sa Critically End ...

  • Crocodile Conservation CPPI Releasing C. Mindorensis In Pilar Siargao Island

    Crocodylus Porosus Philippines, Inc. releasing C. Mindorensis in Barangay Jaboy, Pilar, Siargao Island.

  • Look 11 Foot Philippine Crocodile Captured In Mindanao

    Look 11 Foot Philippine Crocodile Captured In Mindanao

    An 11-foot female crocodile identified by experts as a Crocodylus Mindorensis, also known as Philippine Crocodile, was captured in Barangay Cuyapon, Kabacan, North Cotabato.

    The crocodile named "Kanluran" was living in the Liguasan Marsh.

    Fisherman Mamangkas Mangatong, 70, said he had to capture the reptile because it was destroying their fishnets and cages.

    "....hinuli ko kasi hindi na kami makapangisda, pero yung mga buwaya naman sa lugar na 'di kami nangingisda, hindi ko pinapakialaman," Mangatong said.

    Mamangkas said he has already captured over 50 crocodiles in Liguasan Marsh. ...