The first marine mammal to be protected in the Philippines was the dugong, although monitoring this is difficult. Palau has legislated to protect dugongs, although this is not well enforced and poaching persists.

Dugong News

  • Stranded Dugong Calf Is Placed Under Intensive Care In Busuanga

    Stranded Dugong Calf Is Placed Under Intensive Care In Busuanga

    A recently stranded 105-centimeter male dugong (sea cow) calf has been placed under intensive care by environmental authorities in Busuanga town, northern Palawan, in an attempt to save its life.

    Named "Bughaw", the young sea cow was found stranded on April 7 on a beach in Barangay Bogtong, Busuanga, without its mother.

    Reynante Ramilo, program coordinator of C3 Philippines, a Busuanga-based non-government organization (NGO) concentrating on dugong conservation in the province told Palawan News this Saturday that even though an orphaned dugong calf has a minimal-to-zero chance of surviva ...

  • Dugong Watching Tour Now Open In Calauit

    Dugong Watching Tour Now Open In Calauit

    A sea cow (dugong) watching tour is now open to the public in Calauit Island, Busuanga in northern Palawan.

    Fredel Bacones Mued, a representative for the Tagbanua indigenous peoples (IP) in Busuanga town, said Friday that the new attraction is part of the local government?s overall eco-agriculture tourism plan this year

    "Bago tayo nagsimula ng activity na ito, nagpatawag tayo ng stakeholder's meeting [and] interagency meeting. In-invite natin "yong mga concerned agencies about environment and wildlife, "yong Department of Environment and Natural Resources at [iba pang] mga ahensya, mga r ...

  • How Tagbanua Tribesmen Protect The 'Mermaids' Of Palawan

    How Tagbanua Tribesmen Protect The 'Mermaids' Of Palawan

    Wearing fins from recycled plastic containers, tough Tagbanua tribesmen have become the protectors of the dugong, those gentle marine mammals that have become prey to poachers in Northern Palawan.

    The dugong (scientific name: Dugong dugon) is legally protected by Republic Act No. 9147, or the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act, because aside from being occasionally hunted, the mammals often drown after becoming entangled in fishing nets.

    "We're here to safeguard about 30 dugong," said Deave, a Tagbanua tribesman enlisted as both spotter and guard against poachers and ille ...

  • Dugong Released Back To Sea In Brookes Point

    Dugong Released Back To Sea In Brookes Point

    Fishermen in Brooke's Point town released back into the waters of a marine protected area (MPA) in Barangay Maasin a live female "dugong" (sea cow) which got accidentally caught in their fishing net on November 5.

    Richen Mission Bajar, administrative aide of the Office of Municipal Agriculturist of Brooke's Point, said Wednesday on her social media account post that the mammal which weighed around 200 kilos was also released on the same day it was accidentally caught.

    She said it was caught by chance by the fishermen using a beach seine (sinoro) gear.

    "The lucky female sea cow was sec ...

  • Students Vow To Protect Sea Cows

    Students Vow To Protect Sea Cows

    The Philippines have thousands of species that are undeniably incredible, including the largest and only sea-living mammal which grazes on seagrass, the Dugong (Dugong dugon).

    Presently, we have seen the number of dugong in the country slowly diminishing due to man-made and natural threats such as loss or degradation of sea grass habitatdue toactivities that cause water pollution, incidental capture in fishing gears, hunting, chemical pollution, climate change and more.

    Thus, in order to spread the importance of conserving and protecting such important mammal, an Information Education an ...

  • Swimming With The Mermaids In Northern Palawan

    Swimming With The Mermaids In Northern Palawan

    'This gentle marine mammal living the simplest of lives is one of the best caretakers of our seagrass habitats and the animals that live in them,' says dugong conversationist Dr Teri Aquino.

    With underwater photographer Danny Ocampo and expert guides from the Tagbanua tribe, we're finally hoping for some downtime with a dugong.

    Dugongs are legendary sea creatures, having inspired lonely seamen's "sightings" of mermaids (being out at sea for months or years, who can blame them). Their last relatives were Stellar's sea cows (Hydrodamalis gigas), which were wiped out by hunters just 36 year ...