The first marine mammal to be protected in the Philippines was the dugong, although monitoring this is difficult. Palau has legislated to protect dugongs, although this is not well enforced and poaching persists.

Dugong News

  • Students To Help Protect Sea Cows

    Students To Help Protect Sea Cows

    Dugongs , also known as "sea cows" once grazed in the thousands on the seabed off the Philippines.

    Presently, only a few can be seen and they can only survive in specially designated areas, where they are guaranteed food and protection from external threats.

    In order to raise awareness on the conservation and protection of Dugong (Dugong dugon), an awareness campaign was conducted at Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College (NIPSC) Concepcion Campus, Concepcion Iloilo, recently.

    This is the first awareness campaign to protect and conserve the species of Dugong in the region. The said ...

  • Marine Wildlife Watch Of The Philippines Formally Joins The DENR As Conservation Partner

    Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines becomes the latest conservation partner of DENR in the protection of Philippine endangered marine life. Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines or MWWP is a non-profit, non-stock organization that aims to foster a better appreciation of the marine environment, its ecological processes and how it affects us all through information dissemination, education, campaigns, training, research, and other related activities. The organization focuses on long-lived marine animals such as dolphins, whales, dugong, sharks, rays and marine turtles: iconic species of ...

  • The Discovery Of Dugong In The Land Of Digong

    The Discovery Of Dugong In The Land Of Digong

    Davao, the land of Mayor Duterte who is known for his toughness and firm execution of laws, is home to the gentle creatures of the sea known as Dugongs.

    Davao is blessed with so many bounties of nature, from the island of Samal to the peak of Mt. Apo. This lush city is teeming with flora and fauna that no other Philippine metropolis can surpass or even match. But what most people do not know is that off its coast, Davao is equally stunning and has kept a wide array of secrets not known to the outside world. One of which, is the existence of these gentle giants of the sea called Dugong tha ...

  • Home To Amazing Creatures Of The Sea

    Home To Amazing Creatures Of The Sea

    Have you ever seen a dolphin or a whale while cruising? If you have by chance, consider yourself lucky.

    These marine mammals are rarely seen nowadays, as their global population has decreased dramatically, mainly because of habitat destruction, pollution, hunting and bycatch, or accidental catching.

    While whales are traditionally hunted for food and medicine, dolphins and sea cow, another threatened marine mammal called dugong in the Philippines, often fall victims of bycatch, as they are trapped in nets.

    As such, watching whales, dolphins or, in very rare cases, sea cows kept in huge ...

  • Wildlife In The Islands Of Palawan

    Wildlife In The Islands Of Palawan

    Dubbed the Philippines' "Last Ecological Frontier," Palawan Islands composed of more than 1,700 islands, abound with natural resources akin to an unexplored wilderness. In 1990, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared the whole province of Palawan, comprising 1,489,600 hectares, a biosphere reserve. The Palawan Biosphere Reserve is a cluster of islands composed of one long main island and smaller groups of islands around it.

    Diverse Array of Wildlife

    The province has a very diverse array of animals and plants in its terrestrial and marine e ...

  • Dive And Dine In Palawan

    Dive And Dine In Palawan

    An archipelagic province of some 1,700 islands, Palawan is a natural playground which goes by a host of monikers, most prominently "The Philippines's Last Frontier" and, most recent, "The World's Best Island" by the prestigious Condé Nast Magazine.

    And having almost one-fourth of the country's total 7,500 islands, the province has an infinite coastline dotted with idyllic islands with powdery sand beaches, and a lush underwater world.

    The northern town of El Nido, a Unesco Man and Nature Biosphere, is host to some 19 exciting dive spots, among them Twin Rocks, Polpokan underwater forest ...