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  • Declaration Of Croc Habitat Protected Areas Sought

    Declaration Of Croc Habitat Protected Areas Sought

    Wildlife experts have proposed the identification of areas in southern Palawan that will be declared as critical habitat for crocodiles, to allow for their proper management and minimize the risks faced by local communities.

    The proposal came in the wake of reports of numerous sightings of crocodiles within populated areas in Balabac which experts have attributed to the disturbance of their natural habitats.

    Rainier Manalo, Program Director of Crocodile Research and Conservation Program, Crocodylus Porosus Philippines, said there is a need to conduct a study to determine crocodiles popul ...

  • Croc Sightings Alarm Balabac Residents

    Croc Sightings Alarm Balabac Residents

    Residents of Balabac town have expressed concern over the frequent sightings of crocodiles around Barangay Rabor, as environment officials said the destruction of their mangrove habitats may be causing the disturbance of the animals.

    Repeated sightings of crocodiles were reported near Rabor Elementary School, prompting school officials to seek help from authorities.

    Dionisio Latawan, a public school teacher, told Palawan News, that he saw a crocodile some 200 meters away from school last August 12, Saturday.

    Kasama ko yung co-teacher ko. Nagulat na lang kami may biglang parang humampa ...

  • Buwaya Nahuli Sa Creek

    Nasilo ng mga residente ang isang buwaya na may habang dalawang metro sa isang sapa sa Balliao, Benito Soliven, Isabela kamakalawa.

    Ayon kay Sr. Insp. Joel Bumanglag, hepe ng Benito Soliven Police, ang buwaya ay nahuli ni Edilberto Ortaleza sa isang creek na malapit sa kanyang pag-aaring fishpond.

    Ayon pa kay Bumanglag, nagulat na lamang si Ortaleza nang makita ang buwaya na nalambat sa pamamagitan ng isang pain na para sa baboy ramo.

    Una rito, ipinabatid sa kanilang himpilan ni Mr. Erwin Napole, ang Barangay Nutrition Scholar ng Balliao, Benito Soliven, Isabela, ang pangyayari kaugna ...

  • The Philippine Crocodile Mabuwaya And IUCN Netherlands

    The Philippine Crocodile Mabuwaya And IUCN Netherlands

    Much effort was put into education and awareness campaigns to increase public acceptance of the crocodile. After their confidence was gained, local people and officials became involved in the active protection of the species.

    The Goal

    Changing The Image Of The World's Rarest Crocodile In The Philippines.

    The critically endangered Philippine crocodile is the rarest crocodile in the world. The only two remaining wild populations are in northern Luzon and in southwest Mindanao. The biggest problem the crocodile faces is its negative image. Many local people view them as dangerous, and k ...

  • The Blossoming Puerto Princesa

    The Blossoming Puerto Princesa

    One of the most commendable tourist destinations in the Philippines is Palawan, and its capital, Puerto Princesa, boasts of its modern development but at the same time making sure that it keeps its heritage alive and well. Thousands of travelers flock the busy city for a number of reasons but mainly to visit a cluster of touristy places that are not so far away from each other. Amid the hustle and bustle of the busy streets of Puerto Princesa, there are still those establishments where you and your family can relax and stay comfortably while you plan your tour.

    Hotel Fleuris' upgrade is pr ...

  • Experiencing The Only Tiger Safari In The Philippines

    Experiencing The Only Tiger Safari In The Philippines

    Full of energy from our lunch, we went to our next getaway destination, Zoobic Safari. It was in 2006 when I last visited a safari, the Night Safari in Singapore. I was excited to visit Zoobic Safari because it is the only tiger safari in the Philippines.

    Zoobic Safari is a 25-hectare amusement park that is far from conventional zoo. Zoobic gives an amazing experience to meet animals up close and personal. The safari also promotes awareness and concern for their species.

    I have limited pictures in our escapade because I wanted the experience to me memorable. We arrived at the safari arou ...