Bohol tarsier

The Bohol tarsier Carlito syrichta fraterculus is a sub species of the Philippine tarsier found in Bohol. The Philippine tarsier's habitat is the second-growth, secondary forest, and primary forest from sea level to 700m. Its habitat also includes tropical rainforest with dense vegetation and trees that offer it protection such as tall grasses, bushes, and bamboo shoots. It prefers dense, low-leve ...

l vegetation in secondary forests, with perching sites averaging 2 m above the ground.

Bohol tarsier Carlito syrichta fraterculus News

  • Discover The Smallest Living Primates In The World

    According to the recorded information about the smallest primate in the world, they say that you can find one in the Philippines. They recognize the smallest primate here as the “Philippine Tarsier” or “Bohol Tarsier” in the beautiful province of Bohol.

    Based on the history, the size of this creature is only about 4-5 inches and weighs about 113-142 grams.

    The scientific name of this primate is Carlito Syrichta is a kind of Tarsier Endemic species and a member of the Tarsiidae family that lived almost 45 million years old now. Besides Bohol, the Philippine Tarsiers also exist in ...

  • How To Get To Chocolate Hills

    The Chocolate Hills are a very strange geological formation, there are more than 1000 cone-shaped hills. It's one of the most famous tourist destination in Philippines, located in the center of Bohol.

    How to get to the Chocolate Hills

    The best way to get there is hire a motor bike, it's 60 km far about 2 hours drive from Alona beach and it s really nice ride to get there. Also on the way back you can stop in Tarsiers conservation area, is considered as the world's smallest primate. Its size is no longer then a hand. Entrance fee 60 pesos.

    If you don't feel drive a motorbike you can jo ...

  • Bohol Philippines Sights And Sounds

    Took a jungle river cruise, visited Chocolate Hills, saw Tarsiers, Whale Sharks, Jackfish, went on a zipline and stayed at Alona Beach.

  • Worlds Smallest Primates

    Tarsiers of Bohol, Philippines stand approx 4" tall, they look like tiny monkeys with big eyes, are close to extinction unless efforts to conserve their natural habitat is funded by acquiring more land for their conservation.

  • Bud Brown In Bohol Part 2 Tarsier Sanctuary

    A sanctuary near the town of Corella, on the Philippine island of Bohol, is having some success restoring tarsier populations. The Philippines Tarsier Foundation (PTFI) has developed a large, semi-wild enclosure known as the Tarsier Research and Development Center. Carlito Pizarras, also known as the "Tarsier man", founded this sanctuary where visitors can observe tarsiers in the wild. As of 2011, the sanctuary was maintained by him and his brother. The trees in the sanctuary are populated with nocturnal insects that make up the tarsier's diet.

  • Tarsiers, Spiders And Sea Turtles The Perks Of Island Life

    From North Luzon we travelled back to Manila, where we stayed again at the hostel with the rooftop lounge. After a cab ride, a flight, another cab ride, a bus ride and a ferry ride, we finally made it to Malapascua Island, just north of Cebu in the evening the next day.


    Malapascua Island is an island about 10km north of Cebu. It is very small, maybe 3km by 1.5km. The island became popular in the 1990s, mainly as a dive destination. There are several local dive sites around the island with coral gardens and coral walls as well as a few dive locations close to Malapascua, ...