Seventy-eight species of bats inhabit the Philippines, according to the country's wildlife bureau. Bats play an important ecological role in the Philippines by keeping insect populations in check and pollinating agricultural plants such as durian and banana.

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  • Samal Island Samal City Davao Del Norte

    Samal Island Samal City Davao Del Norte

    Samal Island comprises the major part of the Island Garden City of Samal. It is a large island. There are also several small islands around it. Samal Island is blessed with a lot of beautiful destinations. There are a lot of hotels and resorts in the island. There is also a source of electricity and fresh water in Samal. Paved roads connect the different barangays in the island. There are several ports or point of entry to Samal Island. Transportation is not a major concern in the large communities or barangays in Samal because there are a lot of tricycles, jeepneys, bus and multicabs that pli ...

  • Day Tour Exploring Guimaras Island

    Day Tour Exploring Guimaras Island

    Guimaras is among the smallest provinces in the Philippines. The island is in between Iloilo and Negros province.

    Some of the places in the Philippines is known for their products: Baguio for strawberry, Ilocos for empanada, Bicol region for pili nuts, Cebu for danggit, Davao for durian and the list goes on.

    As for Guimaras, it is famous in producing some of the sweetest mangoes in the world. It is an export quality and reportedly serve in Buckingham Palace and White House. Thus, it is known as the Mango Capital of the Philippines.

    Bringing of mango fruits, mango seeds or any mango p ...

  • Saving Bats One Cave At A Time

    Saving Bats One Cave At A Time

    Millions illions of years ago, primitive people dwell on caves, generally defined as large holes formed natural processes??"usually in the side of a cliff or hill, under the ground or underwater??"big enough for humans to enter.

    Caves continue to attract people for different reasons because of the mystifying secrets of their existence, the aesthetic beauty, and the thrills of a new experience and adventure.

    There is more to the fascinating characteristics of rocks, unique shapes, rock formations or the physical features of caves that make them unique, which is of utmost importance, if we ...

  • Langun-Gobingob Cave Calbiga Samar For Three Days And Two Nights Day 1 Upper Gobingob Chamber

    Langun-Gobingob Cave Calbiga Samar For Three Days And Two Nights Day 1 Upper Gobingob Chamber

    The last time I traveled alone for a big adventure was in my teens and as I grow older, I think I've become softer and more cautious. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my first solo adventure as an adult is to spend three days and two nights inside a cave! I am congratulating myself right now for being a brave soul.

    The girls I met during the 14th Spelunking in Calbiga Caves 2016 event were all solo travelers! One of them, Hazel Lagos, braved the Everest Base Camp alone! I laud them for their courage and as I listened to their stories, I realized that I have so many fears inside ...

  • North Palawan Island Hopping From Dimakya Island

    North Palawan Island Hopping From Dimakya Island

    If both Conde Nast and Travel and Leisure call a place the "most beautiful island in the world", you simply have to check it out. Meet Palawan, an island region in the Philippines. I was in the country for TBEX, the world's largest travel blogger conference. And I just couldn't resist taking a side trip for some Palawan island hopping, to see if the rumours about its beauty were true. Spoiler alert: Totally, absolutely and unequivocally true.

    Palawan is huge, and with my three days that I had available, there was no way I could check it all out, I had to pick a small area and make a decisio ...

  • The Multi-chambered Sibud-sibud Cave

    The Multi-chambered Sibud-sibud Cave

    LOCATION: Brgy. Alaoa, Tineg, Abra, Philippines.

    • From Manila: Partas Bus (fare and schedule here) or Dominion Transit Bus bound to Bangued. Approx. trip duration: about 9 hours.
    • From Baguio City: Take a Partas Bus (Php314.00) or a mini bus (Php250.00) bound to Bangued. Approx. trip duration: about 6 hours.
    -Private vehicles: Directions can be easily asked from the friendly Abra locals.
    • Bangued to Tineg transportation cost:
    - Single motor: Around Php1000.00 (negotiable; round trip, with side trips)
    - Jeepney: Around Php3,000.00 (negotiable; round trip, wit ...