Bitaog Beach Resort Dinagat Island Surigao Del Norte

This is our 4th day in the island of Dinagat, Surigao del Norte, after our exploration of the Sambunutan watershed in Tubajon. From the highlands of Dinagat, it's time to go and explore the lowlands: the beach and go for an island hopping.

The first on the itinerary for island hopping is the Bitaog beach resort. I was expecting an ordinary beach of an island, however, when we are nearing the Bitaog beach, it just took my breath away, it was really, beautiful.

The shoreline is unspoiled with powdery white sand, super fine accordingly just like the sand of Boracay (I wasn't been there). Build your sand castles from these super fine, white sand, or bury yourself covered with these sand, it won't hurt because its super fine.

I did had a great time swimming in the crystal clear water, exploring through the rock formations and just walking through the powdery white shoreline, with the waves splashing through my feet. It was so relaxing, and I was really grateful that I was able to reach such a lovely place like this. I hope our authorities will have a strong political will to protect the islands of Dinagat from mining and other environmentally destructive activities.

The rock formations are so beautiful, carved by waves for thousands of years. The water is so clear, I really had a great time floating. And the best part is that we had the whole place all to ourselves. We are there on Tuesday, so no other visitors except our team.

There is so much future for the island especially in the industry of tourism. I just hope that before the influx of tourist the authorities are prepared to protect both the welfare of the locals, tourist and our environment. Let us not wait that it will be on the brink of destruction before taking bold actions, just like what happened in Boracay.

The entrance fee is 10 pesos each and the cottage varies in range the smallest is 400 pesos and the largest is 700 pesos. When visiting the island make sure you brought your food and drinks with you, because there no restaurants and food for sale in the area. Bring additional amenities like mats, tents, volleyballs or a hammock. And please bring cash and not cards and your power banks; there is no electricity in the island. Recently, they already have kayaks.

How to get there

You can choose either Cagayan de Oro or Butuan City airport.

From Cagayan de Oro to butuan by bus, the fare is 400. At the bus terminal transfer to another bus bound to Surigao city. The fare is 240 pesos. From Surigao city terminal go to pier dos, the fare is 70 pesos if you are the only passenger and will bring you directly to pier dos. Pier dos is where the ferry's bound to Dinagat island is parked. Choose the ferry bound to San Jose, Dinagat, fare is 120 pesos. At san Jose, coordinate with a boat that will take you to Bitaog.

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