Dinagat Islands

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  • Bitaog Beach Is One Of Dinagat Islands Destinations

    Check out Dinagat Islands white and golden sand beaches. Bitaog Beach is one of Dinagat Islands island hopping destinations. Bitaog Beach is located in an island that is part of the municipality of Basilisa, Dinagat Islands.

    The powdery white sand of Bitaog Beach offers more than just its beautiful shore line. The blue colored water is perfect for snorkeling and other water activities. Aside from the white sand beach, there are also a lot of large rock formations and limestone peaks to see.

    There's not much to write about this spot for now. The rest of the island is yet to be discovered ...

  • Lake Bababu Underwater Cave System

    Located in Brgy. Melgar, Municipality of Basilisa, Province of Dinagat Island, Lake Bababu Underwater Cave is the Philippines' longest underwater cave to date.

    Bababu Lake – the largest of four marine lakes in Basilisa town – is also a unique body of water. Although composed mostly of seawater, it has a 20-foot top layer of rainwater. These two layers of water do not mix because the lake is protected from the wind by towering chalk-white limestone walls draped in riotous foliage. The name of the lake area was derived from the Cebuano words baba sa buwaya or crocodile's mouth, referring ...

  • Newly Paced Dinagat Road Seen To Boost Agri Tourism

    The newly improved 11-kilometer Dinagat-Loreto road in the Province of Dinagat Islands (PDI) is expected to boost tourism and agriculture in the "Mystical Island Province of Love."

    According to officials of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Department of Agriculture (DA) and Department of Tourism (DOT), the road, improved at a cost of P425 million, would facilitate the transportation of produce from farm to the market, and will benefit farmers and rural businessmen.

    It will also give foreign and domestic tourists faster and more comfortable access to various tourist spo ...