Dinagat Islands

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  • More Tourists In Dinagat Island This Year

    The number of tourist arrivals in Dinagat Province has increased this year compared to the previous year, an official said.

    Benlen Naval, head of the provincial tourism office in Dinagat Province said there were 45,825 tourists from January to September compared to only 25,966 from January to December last year.

    "This would mean more jobs and opportunities locally," Dinagat Gov. Glenda Ecleo said on Saturday.

    In her State of the Province Address last Wednesday in San Jose town, Ecleo cited that the tourism industry has helped boost the local economy.

    Ecleo quoted a Department of To ...

  • Fisherfolk Cashing In On Lobster

    Don't look now, but small fishermen in Caraga region are cashing in on the Spiny Lobster known in science as Pinalurus ornatus which thrives in the clean coastal waters in the two provinces of Surigao and Dinagat Island.

    Previously, only the moneyed investors could afford to raise the Spiny Lobster, hiring the small fisherfolk to grow the expensive crustacean for them. The reason is that the fingerlings which cost P500 for 50-grammers are simply beyond the reach of the poor fishermen.

    Thanks to a four-year rural development program in Region 12 or Caraga, the small fishermen can now acqu ...

  • Discover The Mystery That Lies In The Stunning Islands Of Dinagat

    These two islands are symbols of the undying love shared by two monarchs.

    Dinagat Islands used to belong to the province of Surigao del Norte until it became a separate province in accordance with the Republic Act No. 9355, signed in December 2, 2006.

    At 1,036.34 square kilometers, it is considered to be one the country's smallest island provinces in terms of land area.

    Dinagat is surrounded by islets with pristine white-sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, and very rich marine life.

    Mr. Danilo Bulabos, Dinagat Islands' Tourism Officer said that much of Dinagat is steeped in my ...