Dinagat Islands

Loreto, Dinagat Islands

The Dinagat Islands is one of the most environmentally-significant provinces in the Philippines where endemism of fauna is unique in its region. Animals that are endemic to the province are the Dinagat Cloudrunner and the Dinagat-Siargao Tarsier. The province is highly forested and is considered as a Key Biodiversity Area because of its unique animals and lush rainforests.

The Dinag ...

at-Caraga tarsier, has no protection. It is known from a small island that is being extremely heavily mined. Thus, it emerges as a new lineage??"and a new major conservation urgency." They question of just how many Philippine tarsiers exist has been "left sort of hanging" for 25 years until now, according to the researcher.

The newly discovered Dinagat Island and Caraga Region tarsier was first recognized as possibly distinct by the Filipino biologist Dioscoro Rabor in the 1970s, and now is confirmed by the genetic analysis.

Dinagat Islands News

  • Ridge To Reef At Dinagat Island Philippines

    Ridge To Reef At Dinagat Island Philippines

    My experience at Dinagat Island.

    We headed up to Dinagat Island to explore one of the most pristine areas of the Philippines. From Surigao city we ride a ferry from pier dos going to Tubajon, Dinagat island. The ferry ride took us four hours to reach the port of Tubajon. We are very lucky; the sea is very calm despite the occasional heavy rain.

  • New Species Named After Asean Biodiversity Expert

    New Species Named After Asean Biodiversity Expert

    Medinilla theresae, a new edaphic-endemic species in Dinagat and Mindanao islands, was named after Dr. Theresa Mundita S. Lim, executive director of Asean Centre for Biodiversity.

    "I am truly honored and grateful for this recognition. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our taxonomists, scientists and researchers who continue their hard work in discovering new species. I believe that taxonomy is a vital step in conservation simply because you cannot conserve what you do not know," Lim said.

    "The number of species awaiting discovery far outweigh those that have been studie ...

  • Dinagat Islands Travel Vlog (Canon 80D Zhiyun Crane 2)

    There are places that you go to that will make you realize "why did I not visit this sooner?" One of these is DINAGAT ISLANDS.

    Located at the northeastern part of Surigao, these islands don't get much attention from travellers and tourists alike. So we were very blessed to have explored this underrated paradise before commercialization touches it! From its powder-like sand beaches, inviting crystal blue waters and Palawan-like ridges and rock formations, Dinagat Islands is the next best destination to go to if you want the laidback island experience. A combination of Sohoton and Siargao's m ...

  • Duyos Beach In Basilisa, Dinagat Islands

    Duyos Beach In Basilisa, Dinagat Islands

    Two months ago I wrote about Bitaog Beach, an unspoiled white sand beach in Basilisa, Dinagat Islands. Located on the same island 5-10 minutes away by boat from Bitaog is Duyos Beach, also a white sand beach. Duyos Beach Resort is wider than Bitaog Beach. It has a really nice sandbar and has more cottages, a store, videoke machine, a grilling area and comfort/shower room. Overnight stay and tent pitching are allowed in the resort.

  • Mystical Island Of Dinagat

    The DINAGAT ISLAND are a group of Islands constituting a province in the the caraga region Mindanao. The so- called mystical province.

  • Dinagat Islands Joins Intl Day Of Forest Celebration

    Dinagat Islands Joins Intl Day Of Forest Celebration

    The province of Dinagat Islands joined the world in the celebration of the International Day of Forest through a tree planting activity conducted on March 20, 2018 along Kabisig Highway connecting Mahayahay Junction to Capitol Site in San Jose town.

    This years celebration of the International Day of Forest is anchored on the theme, "Forests for Sustainable Cities, Lets promote a greener, healthier and happier place to live in."

    The Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) initiated the planting of 1,010 seedlings of Agoho tree most commonly known as "Pine Tree" and the ...