Dinagat Islands

Loreto, Dinagat Islands

The Dinagat Islands is one of the most environmentally-significant provinces in the Philippines where endemism of fauna is unique in its region. Animals that are endemic to the province are the Dinagat Cloudrunner and the Dinagat-Siargao Tarsier. The province is highly forested and is considered as a Key Biodiversity Area because of its unique animals and lush rainforests.

The Dinag ...

at-Caraga tarsier, has no protection. It is known from a small island that is being extremely heavily mined. Thus, it emerges as a new lineage—and a new major conservation urgency." They question of just how many Philippine tarsiers exist has been "left sort of hanging" for 25 years until now, according to the researcher.

The newly discovered Dinagat Island and Caraga Region tarsier was first recognized as possibly distinct by the Filipino biologist Dioscoro Rabor in the 1970s, and now is confirmed by the genetic analysis.

Dinagat Islands News

  • DENR Should Go Beyond Being Regulator Develop Natural Resources For People- Lopez

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources should go beyond its regulatory role and more actively help develop natural resources in a way that benefits more ordinary people, Secretary Gina Lopez said in a forum with local officials where she bared her environmental and economic programs.

    Speaking Friday at the Vice Governors’ League held in San Narciso, Zambales, Lopez claimed only foreign countries benefit from the Philippines’ natural resources, leaving Filipinos, who should be primary beneficiaries of the resources, in abject poverty.

    As an example, she cited mining in D ...

  • Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed Elusive Cloud Rat And Moonrat Caught On Camera

    Video footage provides incredibly rare images of the Critically Endangered Dinagat Bushy-tailed Cloud Rat and Endangered Dinagat Gymnure in their natural habitat within the Philippine island of Dinagat.

    Known for its lush rainforests, Dinagat Island is home to a variety of rare species found nowhere else in the world. The dense foliage provides excellent hiding spots for these secretive creatures– sometimes so well, that a species could be presumed extinct.

    This was the case for the Dinagat Bushy-tailed Cloud Rat, an endemic rodent that was first discovered between 1974 and 1975. Littl ...

  • Renewed Hope For Dinagat Islands

    Environment Secretary Regina Paz L. Lopez has ordered the closure of 23 mining operations and suspended five others for failing mining and environmental standards on February 2.

    According to Lopez, mining has only caused social injustice in many affected communities, as it causes massive environmental destruction and suffering to the people.

    Such happened on Dinagat Islands, the island-province in the Caraga region with a population of 127,152, according to a 2015 census of population. Dinagat Islands is known as the "Mystical Island, Province of Love."

    Rich in natural resources, it w ...

  • Newly Paced Dinagat Road Seen To Boost Agri Tourism

    The newly improved 11-kilometer Dinagat-Loreto road in the Province of Dinagat Islands (PDI) is expected to boost tourism and agriculture in the "Mystical Island Province of Love."

    According to officials of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Department of Agriculture (DA) and Department of Tourism (DOT), the road, improved at a cost of P425 million, would facilitate the transportation of produce from farm to the market, and will benefit farmers and rural businessmen.

    It will also give foreign and domestic tourists faster and more comfortable access to various tourist spo ...

  • Safeguarding The Endangered Rats And Bats Of Dinagat Island

    Composed of a sprawling network of more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines contain lowland tropical rainforest, wetlands, mangroves and thousands of miles of coastline. The astounding variety of habitats makes the country a thriving hotspot for biodiversity with the highest rate of new animal species being discovered, as 15 new mammal species were discovered just in the last 10 years.

    Despite the nation's incredible biodiversity value, many of its natural resources remain unprotected. Smaller islands within the Philippines are rich in rare and endemic species, like Dinagat Island off the n ...

  • DPWH Completes P425-million Road Pavement Project In Dinagat Islands

    Tourist arrivals in the Dinagat Islands province is expected to increase with the completion of a P425-million road pavement project, the public-works department said in a media advisory released on Wednesday.

    Public Works Region 13 Director Danilo E. Versola said the agency recently completed a road-improvement project covering 11 kilometers of the Dinagat-Loreto Road connecting the municipalities Cagdianao, San Jose, Basilisa, Libjo, Tubajon and Loreto in Dinagat Islands.

    "Tourism and socioeconomic development in Dinagat Islands is seen to improve with the recently completed road proje ...