Pujada Island

Mati City, Davao Oriental

Pujada Island is located in Mati City, Davao Oriental. It is unspoiled and undeveloped environment with no resorts, bungalows or any kind of refuge built for its visitors.

Pujada Island divides the entrance into Pujada Bay Protected Seascape Marine Reserve. The bay has been declared a marine protected area known as the Pujada Bay Protected Seascape. It covers 21,200 hectares protec ...

ting the bay and its coastal area including its four islands.

Pujada Bay is known for its rich coral reef system and white-sand beaches. It has a small inlet on its northwestern side called Balete Bay. Several rivers and streams flow into the bay, including Catmonan Creek, Dawan Creek, Dilaon Creek, Mati River, Matiao Creek and Guanguan Creek.

Pujada Island News

  • Protected Landscape And Seascape (Part 5 Of 5 Mati Series)

    Protected Landscape And Seascape (Part 5 Of 5 Mati Series)

    Mati City is rich in highlands and islands and these can sure be tapped sustainably to boost the city's tourism industry.

    Two of the emerging spots in the city are Pujada Island and Sleeping Dinosaur Trail. It offers travelers and adventure seekers another reason to explore or rediscover the lone city in Davao Oriental.

    But as these two tourist spots lure more visitors yearly, what are the efforts of the local government and the community living nearby to maintain the set-up of this serene island and green trail destination especially that these two belong to the so-called Pujada Bay Pro ...

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  • Pujada Island Awesome Drone Video

    Pujada Island Mati Awesome Drone Video.

    Mati City, Davao Oriental.

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    Top 12 Must-Visit Tourist Destinations In Davao Oriental

    In the recent years, Davao Oriental has become a tourist favorite owing to the diverse tourist destinations it offers from ridge to reef which include mountain trekking adventure, white-sand beach lined with pampering resorts for various kinds of vacation goers, immense waterfalls, among others.

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  • Pujada Island Paradise Revisited a Decade After

    Pujada Island Paradise Revisited a Decade After

    On a trip to Pujada Island in 2004, I stood on a spot on the shore and unabashedly cried over the sight of a pod of dolphins frolicking in the sea. As a dolphin gaga, that moment was forever etched on my mind.

    I was mesmerized to see dolphins in their natural environment, and the second trip to Pujada made me hopeful that maybe I could see the same scene.

    So there I was, standing on the same spot a decade after and looking out at the sea under the heat of the sun. No dolphins in sight. Instead of being disappointed, I focused instead on the deep clear blue waters of Pujada Bay and the va ...