Mount Hamiguitan Natural Science Museum

San Isidro, Davao Oriental

Mount Hamiguitan Natural Science Museum showcases the wonders of this beautiful Unesco world heritage site located in San Isidro, Davao Oriental. To advocates for people's participation in the mountain's conservation efforts by introducing them its rich flora and fauna, and what it means for the humanity. The museum's striking white painting is even more highlighted by the canopy of green trees th ...

at serve as its background.

Mount Hamiguitan Natural Science Museum News

  • Exploring Davao City, Davao Oriental, Occidental Elegantly Wasted

    Exploring Davao City, Davao Oriental, Occidental Elegantly Wasted

    When I found myself booking a plane ticket to Davao City, I immediately contacted Sam and told him he had free rein to basically craft an itinerary for me. I was pretty much open to anything, and he indulged. So heres part and parcel of what happened and where we went. We had our private driver (of Sams choosing) who could take us from Davao City to Occidental and back. While it was tiring, it was such a great experience to see how expansive and beautiful Davao is. I hope you enjoy this little blog post about my Davao adventure which took place October 2017.

  • Davao Travel Guide Part 1

    Davao Travel Guide Part 1


    Davao is the gateway to the southern Philippines, a hub of commerce, industry and transportation in the southern Mindanao region. The city is hailed as one of the worlds safest cities and you do not have to fear about going out late at night because it is really safe. Davao is the hometown of current President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte and he has devoted many years to the development in Davao. There are many places of interest that are worth visiting in this city and in this blog entry, I will share about the attractions that we have visited during this four-day ...

  • How To Climb Mt Hamiguitan Without Sweating It Out

    How To Climb Mt Hamiguitan Without Sweating It Out

    Mt. Hamiguitan World Heritage Park lets you experience the mountain without the tiresome trek.

    Mt. Hamiguitan is known for century-old trees and home to different flora and fauna. In July 30, 2004, by virtue of Philippine Republic Act No. 9303, Mt. Hamiguitan Range and Wildlife Sanctuary was declared as a protected area. It is commonly shared by the municipalities of Governor Generoso and San Isidro and the City of Mati.

    In 2014, it was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. It is the only one in Mindanao and the sixth UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Philippines.

    What d ...

  • Ecotourism And Learning

    Ecotourism And Learning

    With the new administration in Davao Oriental vowing to continue what has already been started ??" specifically ecotourism designed to provide the needed economic support for all other endeavors in the province, there is great reason to enjoy the facilities that have been put up in the province.

    In his inaugural speech last Friday, July 1, at the Provincial Capitol, Governor Nelson Dayanghirang praised his predecessor now First District Representative Corazon Malanyaon for the vast improvements the latter has done for the province and vowed to continue with everything that Malanyaon has ini ...

  • Exploring Mt Hamiguitan Museum

    Exploring Mt Hamiguitan Museum

    More than 6,000 hectares of nature's wonder constitute the distinctiveness of Mt. Hamiguitan, a prized gem of this picturesque province that has gained fame with its inscription in the highly-coveted UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014 and lately, as an ASEAN Heritage Park.

    Mt. Hamiguitan ??" shared by Municipalities of San Isidro and Governor Generoso and the City of Mati??" was inscribed in the list for its outstanding universal value, which celebrates "the most important and significant natural habitats for conservation of biological diversity, including those containing threatened specie ...

  • Mt Hamiguitan World Heritage Park

    Mt Hamiguitan World Heritage Park

    Mount Hamiguitan is a mountain located in the province of Davao Oriental, Philippines. It has a height of 1,620 metres (5,315 ft). The mountain and its vicinity has one of the most diverse wildlife populations in the country. Among the wildlife found in the area are Philippine eagles and several species of Nepenthes. Some of the latter, such as the Nepenthes peltata, are endemic to the area. The mountain has a protected forest area of approximately 2,000 hectares. This woodland is noted for its unique pygmy forest of century old trees in ultramafic soil, with many endangered, endemic and rare ...