Dahican Beach

Mati City, Davao Oriental

Dahican Beach is located in Mati City, Davao Oriental and is a long extensive sandy beach surrounded by tall coconut trees, clear waters and strong waves that are ideal for surfing. The beach has also been a site for turtle hatchlings on multiple occasions.

Dahican Beach and Turtle Sanctuary News

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    5 Must-visit Beaches That Are Not In Boracay Or La Union Or Siargao

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  • Having Fun In Dahican

    Having Fun In Dahican

    Whoever steps upon the white shores of Dahican in Mati City will have the same appreciation as I. It's a beautiful place to relax and just let oneself be along with its waves pushed forth by hanging amihan.

    Fronting the Pacific Ocean, Dahican beach experience made it all different from the other nearby beach parks in Davao. Huge waves came as often as tourists visit the small community.

    No wonder among the best skim boarders in Asia proudly hails from this city. He goes by the name Sonny Boy Aporbo but everyone knows him as Bayogyog. He already bagged several awards from international co ...

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    Surf Spots In The Philippines

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  • The Search For The Next Boracay: Mati Davao Oriental

    The Search For The Next Boracay: Mati Davao Oriental

    Powdery white sands, uncrowded shores and crystal blue waters greet visitors at Dahican Beach in Mati, Davao Oriental.

    Locals and tourists who have come here would love to keep this 7-kilometer stretch of beach surrounded by coconut trees a secret for as long as they can. But the word is quickly spreading about this hidden gem, drawing weekend crowds from all over mainland Mindanao, Cebu and Manila.

    Popular with surfers, skimboarders and beach bums, Dahican Beach offers a simple, unspoiled slice of paradise with a stunning crescent-shaped coastline.

    With Boracay's closure, locals are ...

  • Dahican Mati Davao Oriental This Is What I Came For

    Dahican Mati Davao Oriental This Is What I Came For

    Wena never liked the idea of traveling by dawn. She was not a morning person never had been! Therefore, the idea of traveling to Dahican, Mati, Davao Oriental at 03:00 AM discombobulated her up to not joining the trip. But, she did.

  • Dahican Again

    Dahican Again

    I dont feel so good about myself, and I dont think my body likes me much. The brain hasn't really been active at night but I'm still fazed how its idleness can still keep me awake at night. I haven't had enough sleep daily for the past month. This isn't new. And usually, when this happens, a quick beach getaway "fixes" everything.