Dahican Beach

Mati City, Davao Oriental

Dahican Beach is located in Mati City, Davao Oriental and is a long extensive sandy beach surrounded by tall coconut trees, clear waters and strong waves that are ideal for surfing. The beach has also been a site for turtle hatchlings on multiple occasions.

Dahican Beach and Turtle Sanctuary News

  • Top 6 Must-visit Spots In Davao Oriental

    Top 6 Must-visit Spots In Davao Oriental

    Just in time for the golden anniversary of Davao Oriental, we have prepared a list of the places you must never miss to visit in the province.

    Dahican Beach Mati City

    From someone raised in Mati, Dahican has become our standard for beaches.

    If your beach can't surpass or even just equal its alluring deep blue sea and powdery white sand shore, you better not try convincing us. Promise, this seven-kilometer stretch facing the Pacific Ocean can be anyone's perfect beach getaway. It is known for its inviting powerful waves which made it a surfing and skim-boarding hub in Davao Region. Th ...

  • When In Mati

    When In Mati

    DO: Fly the ultralight plane

    WHEN in Mati, before you hit Dahican's surf do check the waters??"from above ground. There's no better way to do that than taking a ride on an ultralight plane.

    The light plane aerial tour of Mati City by Mindanao Saga Flying Club (MSFC) must be topping the list of must do in Mati. Well, I'm not surprised after I was taken for a ride in one.

    The 15-minute trip gives you an aerial view of Mati's must-visit spots plus more??"the Dahican Cove, Pujada Bay, the Mangrove Forest, Subangan Museum, the coconut and mango plantation, and on a clear day, a fantastic ...

  • Davao Region My First In Mindanao

    Davao Region My First In Mindanao

    I dreamt of visiting Mindanao long before but I have this fear of setting foot in there. Don't get me wrong, media has taken over our lives these days but I came to this point where fear has been part of my life and the only way to deal with the fear is to actually face it.

    What I've learned this past months is the fear of fearing fear itself. It may sound crazy but it is not. In the moment not something that doesn't happened yet.

    Moving forward, I bought a ticket to Davao last November of 2015 and my trip will take place in November 2016. Yep. That long wait is worth it. I did every res ...

  • Skim Boarding Aint Easy Mati

    Skim Boarding Aint Easy Mati

    After our exhilarating experience in Siargao, we set our eyes and headed to Dahican beach in Mati. From Surigao Port, we rode a van heading to Tagum, Davao (550 php). We were lucky because the van was almost full when we arrived at the terminal and we did not have to wait long. Almost all the passengers got off at Butuan so from Butuan to Tagum, we were the only ones left in the van.

    Our van driver kuya Andrew was one of the nicest people I've met in this trip. He had so much to tell and we enjoyed every detail of his stories. I guess that's one of my favorite thing about travelling, the p ...

  • Savoring The Pacific Breeze In Dahican

    Savoring The Pacific Breeze In Dahican

    The heat is on!

    While some raised their brows because of the scorching heat of the sun, most people opted to enjoy the sun's warmth instead as evidenced by the thousands of tourists who filled up the seven-kilometer crescent-shaped coastline of Dahican Beach to spend their summer vacation.

    The untainted beach, facing the Pacific Ocean, has constantly attracted beach worshippers across the globe chasing after its rural setting and unique fusion of pristine white sand, crystal clear water, adventure haven and marine sanctuary that sets it at par with other distinct beaches in the country. ...

  • Catching Waves In Dahican Mati City Davao

    Catching Waves In Dahican Mati City Davao

    Dahican in Mati City is becoming everyone's favorite as it steals the spotlight from common summer destinations in the Davao Region.

    Blessed with the cool blue waters and huge waves, the seven kilometer white sand beach lures tourists, skimboarders, surfers all year round. In fact it already has for the past years and its beauty has been attractive not only to Filipinos but to foreigners as well. Some of them grew closer to the locals as they've been visiting the beach like it's a jeepney-ride away.

    It has staged several skimboarding competitions before; thus, dubbed as the Philippine's ...