Aliwagwag Landscape

Cateel, Davao Oriental

The Aliwagwag Protected Landscape is a protected area that preserves a major drainage catchment in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao in the Davao Region. It contains the headwaters of the Cateel River in the southern Diuata Mountain Range which provides the water source and irrigation for surrounding rice fields and communities in Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley provinces. It was nam ...

ed after the remote rural village in the municipality of Cateel where Aliwagwag Falls, the country's highest waterfall, is located.

Aliwagwag is situated in the Eastern Mindanao Biodiversity Corridor which contains one of the largest remaining blocks of tropical lowland rainforest in the Philippines. It covers an area of 10,491.33 hectares and a buffer zone of 420.6 hectares in the hydrologically rich mountainous interior of the municipalities of Cateel and Boston in Davao Oriental as well as a portion of the municipality of Compostela in Compostela Valley.

The protected landscape is composed of lowland forests, with some areas of montane and mossy forests around the peaks of the mountains. A small Mandaya community who practice slash-and-burn agriculture and plantation farming can also be found in the park's lower slopes.

Aliwagwag is accessible via the new Compostela??"Cateel Road that runs through the park and near the waterfall connecting northern Davao Oriental with Compostela. It is located just 24 km west from the Cateel Poblacion.

Aliwagwag occupies an important bird and biodiversity area in the Upper Cateel River Basin of the Agtuuganon??"Pasian mountains. Its forest is home to the Philippine eagle as well as several other threatened and endemic bird species such as the Mindanao eagle owl, Visayan miniature babbler, little slaty flycatcher and Lina's sunbird. The park also hosts the Philippine hawk-eagle, Philippine dwarf kingfisher, spotted imperial pigeon, giant scops owl, and Hombron's kingfisher. It is also home to the tallest trees in the Philippines, the Philippine rosewood, known locally as toog. In the waters of the upper Cateel River, a rare species of fish can be found called sawugnun by locals which is harvested as a delicacy.  Wiki

Aliwagwag Protected Landscape News

  • DENR Works With Davao City For Integrated Area Development

    THE Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)-Davao Region forged collaboration with the Davao City Government to implement their Sustainable Integrated Area Development Management, which will pilot in Marilog District.

    In a press statement posted Wednesday on their Facebook page, it said DENR-Davao director Ruth Tawantawan met with Davao City Environment and Natural Resources Office head Lisa Madrazo, and they have agreed to coordinate for the project, which seeks to improve the general well-being of the people while sustaining the integrity of the ecosystem.

    "It aims to im ...

  • Davao and Surigao create plan to boost tourism

    Davao and Surigao create plan to boost tourism

    Davao Oriental and Surigao del Sur, which used to be at odds over the drawing of their common boundary, are now jointly developing a program that will boost tourism in both provinces.

    The two provincial governments are now drafting policies within their respective local councils to institutionalize the development of the Davao Oriental-Surigao del Sur Highway Tourism Belt.

    Davao Oriental Governor Corazon N. Malanyaon said the strategy will help both provinces, which settled the boundary row in March this year, in terms of promoting their respective attractions as well as building a conn ...

  • DavOr and Surigao Sur partner to boost tourism

    DavOr and Surigao Sur partner to boost tourism

    Several months after settling boundary disputes, the neighboring provinces of Davao Oriental and Surigao del Sur are now seeking to 'break the borders' as they bid to enhance bilateral cooperation that would boost both their tourism sector.

    Sharing the same tourism highway called Davao Oriental-Surigao del Sur Highway Tourism Belt, officials of both provinces believe that by adopting common actions and by complementing each other's efforts and resources, the aim for tourism growth and competitiveness for both areas can easily be pushed.

    Surigaodel Sur Vice Governor Manuel O. Alameda, Sr. ...

  • The Tale of Two Waterfalls Aliwagwag and Tinuy An Falls

    The Tale of Two Waterfalls Aliwagwag and Tinuy An Falls

    It was during my 3-day motorbike trip from Mati City to Cantilan, Surigao del Sur via the Surigao-Davao Coastal Road that I visited these two waterfalls- Aliwagwag Falls in the town of Cateel and Tinuy-an in Bislig City. I wanted to see them because I was somehow getting used to the view of the ocean as I was staying in my humble kubo in Dahican Beach for weeks before this trip. As a waterbaby, I wanted something new, something different from saltwater, something refreshing but not painful to the eyes like the waterfalls.


    The drive from Mati City to Cateel took me 6 hours ...

  • Agpet mining is a disaster in the making

    Agpet mining is a disaster in the making

    Agusan Petroleum and Mining Corporation (Agpet) mining exploration could destroy the Aliwagwag Protected Landscape (APL), which was declared in 2011 through Presidential Proclamation 139.

    The exploration permit E145 of Agpet was renewed November 2014, according to sources in the MGB. In the original permit, E145 includes areas inside the APL. In the new map posted in the MGB website, the APL area hit by the original E145 permit was erased*.

    However, the exploration allowed in E145 permit which falls outside the APL could also destroy the ecosystem supporting the APL.

    In fact, the excl ...

  • Aliwagwag Falls Ng Davao Pinakamataas Na Waterfalls Sa Pilipinas

    Isa ang Aliwagwag Falls sa isa sa mga dinarayo sa Mindanao tuwing bakasyon dahil dito patuloy na isinasagawang pagpapaganda sa lugar.

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