Ramon Magsaysay Park

Davao City, Davao del Sur

Ramon Magsaysay Park is located in Davao City, Davao del Sur. The park remains the favorite of the locals and is frequented by foreign tourists, families and friends alike for an afternoon of leisurely stroll, or simply hanging-out. It is a beautifully landscaped public park that sits on a huge sprawling expanse that faces the clear blue waters of the Gulf of Davao with the Samal Island in the bac ...

kdrop. Magsaysay Park is built in honor of the third President of the Republic of the Philippines ??" Ramon Magsaysay.

Ramon Magsaysay Park News

  • Amazing Filipino Tribal Village Davao City Kadayawan Festival

    This Tribal Village Setup Is Amazing!

    I got overwhelmed with happiness at the Kadayawan Village in Davao City, Mindanao.

    They had this amazing village setup featuring the 11 Tribes of the Region and I had SO MUCH FUN learning more about them. One man was playing the happiest music and it made my day so beautiful! This whole experience was beautiful!

    This is just a raw video of my time exploring and learning. This will be "Part 1".

    Super Apir!

  • I Held A Princess Umbrella For My Filipina Girlfriend Moro Tribes Davao City

    Yes, I held a princess umbrella for my girlfriend in Davao City!

    How did this happen? Well I visited the amazing Kadayawan Village setup at Magsaysay Park. There were 6 houses representing each of the Moro Tribes that can be found in Davao. Each house was just incredible! From the colours, to the music, to the people.

    This is simply a MUST VISIT if you come to Kadayawan Festival!!

    This is just a simple video exploring and learning about Moro Tribes.

  • Maranaos United In Adversity

    Maranaos United In Adversity

    Although 173 kilometers away from their real home, the Maranao tribe in Davao City have brought with them their culture and accessories.

    Deputy Mayor of Maranao tribe, Gapor Usman Al-Haj said that primary quality of the Maranao is the cohesiveness of the tribe.

    There are thirty-three Maranao communities in Davao City and in every community we have leaders we call them president of the community. Every time the city government has a program, the presidents are called who in turn deliver the message to their communities, he said.

    Based on records, Maranaos first settled in Salmonan alon ...

  • Zumba Durian And The Magsaysay Park In Davao

    Zumba Durian And The Magsaysay Park In Davao

    This week we continue with our series on Philippine plazas and parks with a return to Mindanao. We previously featured plazas in the cities of Cagayan de Oro and General Santos. For this and next Saturday we visit Davao City, home of the current President of the Philippines.

    I've been to Davao a number of times, the first time in 1999, to attend its famous Kadayawan Festival. Each visit since, I've noted the rapid urban growth of the city. It is now the anchor of a huge metropolitan agglomeration called Metro Davao that includes Digos, Tagum, Panabo, Samal, Carmen and Santa Cruz.

    Metro ...

  • Magsaysay Park In Davao City

    Magsaysay Park In Davao City

    Magsaysay Park is built in honor of the third President of the Republic of the Philippines ??" Ramon Magsaysay. He was born on August 31, 1907 and died on a plane crash in March 17, 1957 in Mt. Manunggal, Cebu. It is one of the bigger parks found in Davao compared to hero/president-named parks such as Rizal Park, OsmeƱa Park, Quezon Park and Bonifacio Rotunda. It is located in Leon Garcia St., near the Sta. Ana Warf, away from the many parks and attractions near the oldest street in Davao ??" San Pedro Street.

    The statue of President Ramon Magsaysay is put inside a long concrete constructi ...