Philippine Eagle Center

Davao City, Davao del Sur

Philippine Eagle Center is located in Davao City, Davao del Sur. The Center is home to 36 Philippine Eagles, 18 of which are captive-bred. It also houses 10 other species of birds, 4 species of mammals and 2 species of reptiles.

Simulating a tropical rain forest environment, the Center offers the visitor a glimpse into the country's forest ecosystem. Although the exhibits are used ...

primarily to help educate the Filipino people on conservation, the facility is also considered a major tourist attraction in Davao City.

Philippine Eagle Center News

  • A Million Feathers More

    A Million Feathers More

    Its no secret that the Wharf Hotels has a love affair with the Philippine eagle. Step into any of the Marco Polo Hotels in Hong Kong, China and the Philippines, and the Niccolo Hotels in China and Hong Kong and chances are theres the mighty raptors image that will catch your attention.

    Why not the panda, someone suggested to Philippe Carreti, Vice President for Operations of Wharf Hotels, since the company is China-based. The good man though opted to focus the groups fundraising efforts to aid in the conservation of the Philippine eagle. Perhaps, he felt the eagle needed more help.

    It w ...

  • Bird Flu A Concern In Fight To Save Philippine Eagle Finance Chief

    Bird Flu A Concern In Fight To Save Philippine Eagle Finance Chief

    Exposing the endangered Philippine Eagle to bird flu is a "big risk," Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez said Tuesday, as the government moved to contain the outbreak in 3 Luzon towns.

    Dominguez hails from Davao City, home to the a conservation center for the monkey-eating raptor. He is also former chairman of the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

    "You know what really my concern is with the bird flu? Its the Philippine Eagle. If the bird flu goes there, we may have to kill all the eagles," Dominguez said.

    Hundreds of thousands of chickens, ducks and other birds have been slaughtered in th ...

  • Philippine Eagle Center Reopens

    The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) in Malagos has reopened its doors to the public yesterday following a temporary closure last Aug. 15 and 16.

    The temporary closure follows a decision to implement biosafety measures in the facility to prevent transmission of the dreaded avian influenza or bird flu, after an outbreak was declared in San Luis, Pampanga last week.

    We are opening the Philippine Eagle Center (PEC), the PEF said in a statement Wednesday.

    However, the facility asked the public to avoid going to other animal facilities before visiting the center.

    The foundation also as ...

  • Philippine Eagle Center Sets Up Measures For Guests Safer Visit Amid Bird Flu Outbreak

    Philippine Eagle Center Sets Up Measures For Guests Safer Visit Amid Bird Flu Outbreak

    Do you plan to visit the Philippine Eagle Center this Kadayawan? Make sure to stay on the foot trails and make the center as your first stop before going to other animal centers in the city.

    This is the ​latest ​Philippine Eagle Center ​advisory as it ​steps up safety measures to protect the endangered Philippine Eagle and other birds endemic in Mindanao​,​ announc​ing​​ ​also ​the opening of the center after the temporary closure due to the threat of the avian flu virus outbreak in Pampanga.

    In a telephone interview Thurs ...

  • Landbank Donates P700 K To Phl Eagle Foundation

    As part of its commitment to take an active role in environmental preservation, Landbank recently donated P700,000 for the conservation and protection of the Philippine Eagle, channeled through the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF).

    The bank's donation will finance the improvement of captive breeding facilities which covers the purchase of a brand new cage, repair of breeding chamber, and construction of partition for existing duplex-type cage.

    The partnership between the two institutions was formalized in a groundbreaking ceremony held last June 9 at the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao ...

  • Saving The Countrys Bird Icon

    Saving The Countrys Bird Icon

    What if the Philippine eagle, our bird icon, is given a chance to speak. What would be his message? A booklet published by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) some years ago came up with these words:

    "I have watched forests disappear, rivers dry up, floods ravage the soil, droughts spawn uncontrolled fires, hundreds of my forest friends vanish forever and men leave the land because it was no longer productive. I am witness to the earth becoming arid. I know all life will eventually suffer and die if this onslaught continues. I am a story teller, and I want you to list ...