Mt. Apo Geothermal Project

Bansalan, Davao del Sur

The Mount Apo Geothermal Project, also known as the Mindanao I Geothermal Project, is an undertaking of the Philippine National Oil Company-EnergyDevelopment Corporation (PNOC-EDC), a government-owned corporation mandated to accelerate the development of indigenous energy resources.

The Mt. Apo geothermal project was considered as one of the more controversial development projects i ...

n the Philippines with public concerns focused on three issues: a) legal, b) environmental and c) cultural.

The project is located within a national park and an ASEAN heritage area. Mt. Apo is also considered the ancestral home by indigenous cultural communities who believe that their God lives in the mountain. The sensitivity of the area plus the heightened environmental awareness that began to sweep the country, became the root of many concerns.

Alongside Philippine and international environmental organizations and human rights groups, the Lumads have waged a high-profile campaign against the geothermal project. But while they have garnered substantial domestic and international publicity and support, they have not been able to stop the government from proceeding with the project.

The government has responded to the Lumads' protests by heavily militarizing the area, creating even more problems to local people. Thousands of troops have been deployed into the Mt. Apo area, and serious human rights abuses been committed against individual Lumad leaders and entire Lumad communities.

Mount Apo Geothermal Project News

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  • Mount Apo geothermal power explored

    Mount Apo geothermal power explored

    AboitizPower is bent on pushing for the development of a geothermal power plant in the Mount Apo area, a senior official of said company told reporters here during the regular Club 888 press conference at the Marco Polo Hotel the other day.

    AboitizPower Corporation First Vice President Bobby M. Orig said they are undertaking the Mt. Apo Geothermal Project (MAGP) consistent with the company's strategy of using the right mix of renewable and non-renewable power sources as the most practical and effective way to solve the Mindanao power crisis.

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  • Aboitiz Power sets geothermal exploration

    Aboitiz Power is expanding its geothermal exploration and development niche in Mindanao via the new Geothermal and Renewable Energy Service Contracts (GRESC) awarded to it by the Department of Energy.

    The company, in a press statement, has emphasized that its two new exploration blocks straddle Mt. Apo traversing North Cotabato, Davao del Sur and Davao City.

    Consistent with the work program submitted to the DOE, Aboitiz Power vice president for business development Artemio Magnayon noted that their kick-off point will delve with "project introduction to relevant government units and stak ...

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    Sandugo Solidarity Missions Dumagats Remontado Tumanduk Bagobo

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  • Polluting the Sacred

    Polluting the Sacred

    "How would you feel if we drilled a massive hole through your church, because, say, there was oil underneath?"

    That is the rhetorical question asked by indigenous Opponents of the Philippine government's Mt. Apo geothermal energy project.

    Nearly one half million indigenous People on Mindanao, organized into six ethnic groups collectively known as Lumads, regard Mt. Apo, at 10,300 feet the highest peak in the Philippines, as sacred. They believe that disfiguring the mountain to drill for energy is blasphemous.

    Alongside Philippine and international environmental organizations and human ...