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  • Hawk Eagles Second Life

    By this time Mabikker, a three- year old endangered Philippine pinsker's hawk eagle is flying the open skies and breathes the rich flora and fauna of Mount Apo Natural Park again after released back to the wild on October 14 in Barangay Sibulan, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur.

    Whether the eagle has survived his second life, no one really knows now without a tracker tucked on the eagle's body. But Mabikker's physician, Dr. Roberto "Bo" Puentespina, the only wildlife veterinarian in Davao City has assured Mabikker had shown the parameters for release like an active body, eyesight and wings ...

  • Lumadnong Dula Remembering Tradition And Culture

    Kadayawan is the time of the year when Davao City's tribes enjoy recognition for their beauty, brains, or sportsmanship. And all these revolve around their culture.

    On the sports side, the indigenous people of the city have a chance to flex their muscles and at the same time promote their traditions in the LumadnongDula, or Indigenous Tribal Games, one of the highlights of this year's 30thKadayawansaDabaw Festival.

    The event is significant for it reminds the present generation that homegrown games are here to stay.

    On August 20 at the People's Park, about 300 lumads from five tribes o ...

  • Davao City Mulls Ecotourism And Cultural Plan For Mt. Talomo

    City Mayor Sara Duterte said they are mulling over a comprehensive ecotourism and cultural plan for Mt. Talomo to regulate trekking activities and protect the watershed and the nesting site of the Philippine Eagle.

    This developed after the city government received reports of illegal trekkers who would scale up Mt. Talomo as a jumpoff point to Mt. Apo Natural Park.

    "However, for those who wish to visit the mountain, the public is informed that a comprehensive ecotourism and cultural plan will soon be rolled out. This will cover regulations that will ensure that the watershed area is prote ...

  • Bagobo Klata Lass Is Hiyas Sa Kadayawan

    Twenty two year old Inna Betil Garcia of Bagobo Klata tribe was crowned as this year's Hiyas sa Kadayawan during the grand coronation night held at the Almendras Gym on August 19.

    Garcia, who believes that qualities of successful women are those who have the passion and the heart to understand the situations of others, is actually a first timer to pageants.

    "Successful women should have skills also to help other people," she said.

    In an interview, Garcia said the title will help her promote her advocacy of re-establishing their traditional dress and will also boost the pride of her tr ...

  • Davao City Entry Point Closed To Mt Apo Climbers

    The Watershed Management Council (WMC) of Davao City asserts that the Brgy. Tamayong trail in Calinan district which allegedly leads climbers to Mt. Apo will remain closed and warns the public for con-sequences of unrestricted access.

    "The WMC wants to address the problem of illegal hikers and climbers in Mt. Talomo-Tamayong trail so it issued a resolution supporting PAMB's deci-sion on the continued closure of Tamayong entry point in Mt. Talomo," said Chinkie Peliño Golle, acting director of Interface Development Intervention Inc. (IDIS), who requested to convene the council for an emerg ...

  • 2nd Davao Indigenous Tribal Games Underway

    The 2nd Davao Indigenous Tribal Games get underway today with five tribes led by defending champion Ata Manobo competing and showing their culture and tradition at the People's Park.

    Organized by the City Government of Davao thru the Sports Development Division-City Mayor's Office (SDD-CMO), the one-day activity gives recognition to the city's indigenous people's (IPs) and is one of the highlights of this year's celebration of the 30th Kadayawan Festival.

    Aside from the games, a ritual chanting, dances and cultural presentation from the different competing tribes will spice up the Tribal ...