Davao Butterfly House

Davao City, Davao del Sur

The Davao Butterfly House is located in Davao City, Davao del Sur. The Butterfly House is a large greenhouse, in which plants are not the main attraction. This greenhouse is home to hundreds of colorful butterflies of different species. Visitors, especially children, will surely have fun walking through the spacious grounds.

Davao Butterfly House News

  • Davao Adventure

    Davao Adventure

    The BACKPACKERS' Davao Adventure kicked off on February 14, 2013. The ultimate goal: to scale PH's highest: Mt. Apo! Six BPs, one inductee and three guests joined the expedition. But before the Mt. Apo undertaking, the gang spent the first day roaming around one of Mindanao's busiest cities: Davao City.


    Not included in the itinerary but one of the group's cab driver was in a generous 'tourism' mode when he pointed out the huge structure along the highway to SM Davao as the residence of the controversial Ampatuan clan. He let the lucky passengers get out to tak ...

  • Davao Butterfly House

    Davao Butterfly House

    A wildlife sanctuary, the Davao Butterfly House is a safe shelter and haven for butterflies, flowers, plants, and other exotic animals such as fishes, crickets, tarantulas and scorpions. It is one of the many butterfly conservation facilities in the Philippines. Notable ones are the Boracay Butterfly Farm, Bohol Butterfly Conservation Center, and Jumalon Butterfly House in Cebu.

    The best time to observe butterflies in flight is in the morning with a good sunshine as many species undertake hatching, courtship and mating. During the heat of the day, butterflies take shelter under the leaves ...

  • Davao Crocodile Park Zoo Butterflies and Water Slides

    Davao Crocodile Park Zoo Butterflies and Water Slides

    Davao, 12 August 2009. Davao has always been known for its fruits: the pungent durian, the seedless pomelo and the exotic mangosteen. But over the years, it has gained popularity as one of the country's top destinations for its environment-friendly attractions like Philippine Eagle Center and the Malagos Orchid Farm

    Philippine eagles and orchids are understandable; they are part of Davao's unique locale. But what about Philippine crocodiles Sure, they are found only in the country but today, they are on the verge of extinction.

    In one of the episodes of National Geographic's "Dangerous ...

  • Davao Butterfly House The Butterfly Haven

    Davao Butterfly House The Butterfly Haven

    Three months before finally migrating to Sweden, I committed myself to visiting the Davao Butterfly House located in the Riverfront Complex, along the Davao River in Maa (Davao City, Philippines).

    Butterflies amaze me. They are tiny colorful creatures of nature (there are huge ones, too!) which freely soar into the air, spreading beauty and grace! Who wouldn't be fascinated with them

    Anyway, I went there with my highschool bestfriend on a Saturday afternoon after having our lunch at the Mandarin Tea Garden at NCCC Davao.

    The first thing we've noticed is the pretty landscaped lawn that ...